Downloads for Folks on our Mailing List

Whoo-hoo!  You’re on our list!

Thanks for being on the SpaceCadet mailing list.  Here are the download links to our awesome printable knitting project cards.  Just choose the right size for your notebook and printer and click the link below.

For A5 notebooks (such as Leuchtturm1917 and other bullet journals)
• to print on letter-sized paper click here
• to print on A4 paper click here

For Traveller’s Notebooks (and other 1/3rd A4 notebooks)
• to print on letter-sized paper click here
• to print on A4 paper click here


• These printables work best printed on card-stock  (available at most craft or office supply stores)
• Print double-sided.  If your printer already has this as an option, that makes it super easy.  If it doesn’t, print the first page first, then put the paper back in the printer and print the second page on the other side (you might want to do a test run on regular paper first, just to check which way it goes back in)
• Trim along the cutting lines, and fold on the fold line.
• For a Traveller’s Notebook, slide the folded project card into an elastic (mine is right inside the center of my notebook)
• For a bullet journal, tuck the folded project card into the back pocket of your journal

Crocheters, these are for knitters (because I knit more than I crochet) but, don’t worry, yours are in process!  I’ll let you know when they’re done — keep an eye on your Monday Morning Fiber Fix emails for the update. ♥

PS — Are you looking for the SpaceCadet’s Collection of Fabulous Hacks & Tips for Knitting and Crochet from Awesome Indie Designers? Sure! Download your copy here.