SpaceCadet Kits & Sets

Pixelated Trees Cowl
Pixelated Trees Cowl by Tanis Gray
A fun and intriguing colourwork knit!
Celestial Seas Kits
Celestial Seas by Corrine Walcher
A beautifully light sweater option
Rey's Cardigan Sets
Bespeckle Hat by Hunter Hammersen
Kits for this fun and innovative design
Briochearrow by Simone Kereit
Easy colour combos kitted for stunning colour play!
A Secret Friend
Sets for A Secret Friend MKAL
A stunning, colour-rich shawl designed by Kristina Vilimaite
Gradient Sweater Sets
Our Gradient Sweater Sets
Flow Easily from One Colour to the Next
Circle Dance
Sets for Circle Dance
A whimsical, retro sweater with beautiful fit and fun details
Bubbles of Joy Kits
Bubbles of Joy MKAL by Kristina Vilimaite
We make it so easy to choose your colours!
Prism Break Sweater Sets
Prism Break Sweater Sets
You like rainbows... but you also like grey, right?
Bound For Home
Bound For Home by Jessica Anderson
A seriously beautiful, cosy, smooshy shawl
Flickering Light
Flickering Light by Lisa Ross
A truly luxurious cashmere-rich shawl
Lollipop Forest Socks
Lollipop Forest Socks by Emily Connell
Smooshy, cosy, & quick-knit brioche socks!