SpaceCadet Virtual Show

Show Special
A beautiful combination of faded golds and greens over the softest greys, it's washy and layered and absolutely stunning!
Small Batch
When we play with colour in small batches, the results are amazing!
Fades & Sets
They take extra time and are always a little rare, but they are so worth it!
Project Pairs
The perfect amount of yarn for quick cold-weather projects
The Yarn Alliance is Open Now!
The Yarn Alliance is Open Now!
Open to New Members
The Yarn Alliance is open to adventurous new members, but only until Monday. Click now to learn more!
Phone Measures
Phone Measures
Right on your phone, it's the measuring tool that you'll never lose!
Gauge Cards
Gauge Cards
Our awesome gauge cards will get all your swatches organised at last!
Bespeckle Hat Kits
A kit that's just so much fun! Customise your speckles and your pom-pom