Psst… Wanna See the Yarn Alliance Parcel?

I was really nervous when I sent out the InterStellar Yarn Alliance parcels this month.  Really nervous.  I knew I’d taken a risk — I knew it — but I also knew I had dyed the colours that I’d had in my heart, the colours I needed to dye…  And if the dyer follows her heart, that surely must be right.  …Right?

But still, I was nervous.  Because I know a lot of people buy hand-dyed because they love deep, rich, saturated colour, and this colourway was anything but that.  I’d dyed a washed out colourway, of the sort that I’ve fallen head-over-heels for lately, where I gently swirl layer upon layer of colour into the dyebath, and then watch as it settles delicately onto the fibers.  Watching it happen is breath-taking, the yarn it creates is beautiful.  And the result when you cast on and begin to knit is ethereal, sublime  …simply amazing.

Are you ready?  Here it is…

SpaceCadet yarn for the InterStellar Yarn Alliance in "Refresh"
It was exactly what I hoped it would be.  From every angle, I was in love!  I just wanted to grab it and smoosh it and… oh!

I just hoped the Alliance members loved it as much as I did.

SpaceCadet yarn for the InterStellar Yarn Alliance in "Refresh"
In the SpaceCadet’s Log, I explained my inspiration — the colours in my garden as  Spring arrived in sudden rush, then retreated and the cruel cold returned, and then Spring began anew.  And so there are flowers in my garden both dying and blooming, and I wanted to capture the colours of Nature’s confusion.

The SpaceCadet's Log -- Dyer's Notes
And then…!  And then there was the goody, and this I knew would be exciting.  I’d asked Melissa of Melissa Jean Design to create some custom buttons for the InterStellar Yarn Alliance.  And when the parcel containing them arrived, I was so excited, I spent a full five minutes bouncing up and down in my kitchen.  They’re ADORABLE!

Hand-Made SpaceCadet Buttons by Melissa Jean Designs
And what’s more, she did a bunch of different colours!  Mix and match, everyone!

Hand-Made SpaceCadet Buttons by Melissa Jean Design
But the very best bit?  I got to keep all the extra buttons that Melissa made — all her experiments and test runs.  I love them!  And I feel like I should make something wonderfully crafty and clever with them, but I don’t know what.  What would you make?

Leftover Melissa Jean SpaceCadet buttons for meeeeeee!!!!!

Hey, don’t forget: this weekend is the SpaceCadet’s Grand Tour of Cleveland!  If you’re anywhere in the northern Ohio/PA area, come on out and see us.

Friday, May 11 at River Colors Studio
1387 Sloane Avenue
Lakewood, Ohio 44107 (map it!)
(216) 228-9276

Saturday, May 12 at Soft N Sassy
8047 Broadview Rd.
Broadview Hts., OH. 44147 (map it!)
Phone: (440)746-9650

There will be lots of gorgeous yarns, fabulous SpaceCadet tattoos, tons of fun…  and I’d love to meet you!

4 thoughts on “Psst… Wanna See the Yarn Alliance Parcel?

  1. Oh! How stunningly pretty that is! I live in the UK, so my parcel hasn’t arrived yet and Ijust can’t wait now! I am running all sorts of ideas through my head! Will the buttons be suitable for what I want to make so that they will live out their lives alongside the delicious looking yarn…. Oooooooo!

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