A Quick Trip to Hong Kong

If you have ever come and seen us at a show, you probably met my friend Natalie.  And even if you haven’t, you’ve seen her impact at SpaceCadet.  When I started playing around with dyes, she encouraged me to dye more.  When I started selling my yarn on Etsy, she helped me to think big.  And as the business has grown, she has acted as a sounding board, an idea bank, free labour, and some serious moral support.

But if you came to the shows we did these past two weekends, you won’t have seen her.  And enough of you asked about her that I know she was missed, so I wanted to share with you the view Natalie was looking at while we were at the shows.

Daily Peaces 3

At the end of last year, Natalie was promoted at work and her company moved her to Hong Kong.  She is already well experienced in living all around the world (Japan, East Timor, Egypt, and Thailand), so this came as exciting prospect to her.  And sorry as I was personally to see my dear friend go, I know this is such a good thing for her that I couldn’t really be too sad.  I mean, there’s always Skype, right?  Virtual knit night!

But while Skype shows me the inside of her new apartment (so bright and lovely!), that’s not enough for me.  I’m full of curiosity! I want to see Hong Kong!  I want to see where she walks to work, where she gets her groceries, her view from her office, where she goes at the weekends.  I know this is her adventure, but there’s a part of me that really wants to tag along too.

Daily Peaces 1

Before she left, Natalie discussed doing a 365 project — taking a picture of her world every day for a year — and I was super excited to have that chance to travel vicariously through her.  But an international move is huge and overwhelming and, somehow, her 365 project never got started.  I kept asking her about it…  and asking…  and… ok, I admit, I was nagging a little.  But, y’know, I really wanted to see her world!  Don’t you?

Well I am over the moon to tell you that, now that she’s had a little time to settle in, she’s finally started taking her daily pictures.  She’s posting them to social media and asked me to help her set up a photo blog as well.  And even though she’s only three days in, the pictures are just as interesting as I had hoped.

Daily Peaces 2

Want to join me and travel along with her?  Oh yeah!  Go follow her on Instagram, Twitter, or visit her blog, Daily Peaces.  And please leave a comment and show her a little love — and you can help me pay back a little bit of all that wonderful encouragement that she gave me back when SpaceCadet first started.

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