Catch a Peek at the SpaceMonster’s August Colourway!

Catch a Peek at the SpaceMonster’s August Colourway!

As the season fades into autumn, it’s all about the turning of the leaves, naturally, but I am still holding onto summer — and I think one of the best things about this time of year is the clear skies.  I simply love sitting outside as the sunlight disappears and watching the stars appear overhead.  Can you see that inspiration in the latest SpaceMonsters’ colourway?

Summer Nights — a Colourway Inspired by the Heavens

Summer Nights 3 580


From the SpaceCadet’s log:

I am not one for hot summer days — the sun is no friend to my skin and the heat makes me wilt. But I love warm summer evenings, when the sun has finally gone to bed and the world is beginning to cool off. I sit on my porch with my knitting and a cup of tea, leaning back to watch the stars come out.
They reveal themselves slowly, as the day’s light thins and fades away. First, the planets — Venus and Jupiter have aligned for most of the summer, shining as a bright pair on the western horizon. And then the brightest stars — Vega and Altair — begin to show themselves in the east, before the sky finally falls into darkness revealing the whole host of stars in the heavens. Some look white, some blue, a few pinkish-purple and some even green. And the sky may be streaked with clouds or clear as crystal. Either way, it is truly a magical time, sitting out in the warmth and watching the Summer Night sky come out in all its glory.
Summer Nights 1 580
For this colourway, I chose Capella, a wonderfully smooshy single-ply worsted that brings a softness to any colour I introduce it to.  I wanted it to really capture the movement of the clouds, the eternalness of the stars.  And I think it’s done that perfectly!
The response to Summer Nights has been overwhelming — so many emails, tweets, and Ravelry posts from club members who just love this colourway, and I can’t say how much that means!  So I was delighted to send out the email yesterday to our club members with the link to order extra skeins.  I can’t wait to see the amazing projects they create with this colourway!
Summer Nights 4 580
Want to Join the Club?
The SpaceMonster Club won’t open again until December but — fear not! — the SpaceCadet’s fingering weight club, the InterStellar Yarn Alliance opens on Sept 4th.  We give first dibs to the folks on the club mailing list, so click here and be the first to grab your space!
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