SpaceCadet Newsletter: Are You Mad at Me?, She Asked

SpaceCadet Newsletter: Are You Mad at Me?, She Asked

The other day my sister texted me: “Are you mad at me?  I haven’t heard from you in weeks!”  It’s true — we usually talk a couple of times a week but ever since Black Friday, I’ve just been running and running and haven’t stopped once. 

I phoned her.  “No! No, nothing is wrong.  I just… well, I run a retail business and it’s the week before Christmas!”  We talked for maybe a whole five minutes — and it felt like a luxury! — before I had to go… to the studio, to the post office, I can’t remember.  The whole past month is a blur!

But you know what?  I am so grateful that’s a blur, because it’s all for such good reasons.  It feels great to be this busy (well, great.. and exhausting!) and it feels amazing to have so many people choosing our yarn as the gifts they give someone they love or as a treat for themselves.  And though I am seriously ready to spend Christmas just sitting still (I’ve forgotten what that feels like), I am also so grateful for this amazing end to the year, and to our fabulous customers who made it happen.   It is a wonderful reminder that everything we do is because of and for youThank you.

  • In past months, I’ve shared Sherwin-Williams’s and Benjamin Moore’s announcements of their colours of the year, and now it’s time to hear from the true colour authority, Pantone.  And their 2019 Color of the Year is…  Living Coral.  Watch for it to start appearing everywhere: in fashion, home furnishings, decor, and…  maybe yarn.  What do think?  Is Living Coral the colour for you? (Serious question!  Let me know!)
  • You are going to make some great food over the holidays, and this quick guide will help you make it look awesome in your Instagram photos.  And all the same principles can apply to your WIPs and FOs too!
  • The Ugly Christmas Sweater is a staple of the season, but one Finnish newspaper took it up a notch by commissioning a set of sweaters themed around some of the ugliest news events of 2018, to support their series of articles on the issues.  Scroll down to see the video showing their production.  Ugly as they are (and they are), I have to admit I do kind of like the designs.
  • Clara Parkes’s one-woman Instagram campaign to promote wool continues, and this week she voices her opinion of a billboard from PETA featuring a naked Alicia Silverstone and admonishing us to “Leave Wool Behind“.  Clara’s post and the comments are, as always, worth reading.

“But what do you want for Christmas?!?” It can be a hard question but even trickier if the gift-giver doesn’t know fingering from worsted.  What’s a knitter to do?  Fortunately, I’ve put together a collection of awesome gift ideas that make it easy for folks to give you exactly what your yarn-lovin’ heart desires!  Just direct them to this page here (don’t forget to mention your favourite colour!) and it’s all smooth sailing from there.

The SpaceMonster Club opens TODAY at noon!

See that yarn below?  See all the colous it contains?  You really can tell how much love went into it.  That’s because it’s a SpaceMonsters colourway and there’s something really, really special about dyeing for the folks who join our clubs.  They’ve agreed to come on a colour adventure with us and, to me, that’s an amazing honour!

Would you like to join me on this colour adventure?  The SpaceMonster Club is our worsted and bulky weight club, because big squishy yarns are smooshy and soft and so much fun to work with (they’re so quick!).  I mean, they’re what got me started knitting in the first place (you too?).  If you feel the same way I do, and you love colour like I do, set a reminder on your phone now and click here at noon (eastern) TODAY to join us in all this lovely squishy yarny fun!

Last Chance for Holiday Gifts!

And we’ve got amazing gift options in stock right now!

Flickering Light Kits

There’s just a few left!  But we’ve decided to have a little KAL starting Dec 26 — just something relaxed and casual to wind down after the holiday madness — so if you’d like to join in, you’ll want to grab a kit quickly!

And if you want to give one as a gift, be sure to order by 6pm today so we can get it in the post tomorrow.

Permutation Kits

A sweet little kit that makes a perfect gift — not only because the colours are beautiful, but because the pattern offers so many options!  Two different brims, three different bodies, and two different crowns, and you can decide if you’d like a straight or a folded brim — there are dozens of possible combinations!

Bound for Home Shawl Kits

The Bound for Home shawl is knit in sport weight, giving it a smooshiness that’s so comforting, it kind of snugs around you like your own personal blanket. And the colours are so delicious!  A wonderful project to cast on for those endless cold nights after the Christmas festivities, we’ve got a few sets in stock and just enough time to get them in the post!⠀

Plus Lots More Options!

I’ve put together a whole little holiday gift shop!  Click here to see what’s in stock and can be shipped tomorrow.  And if you miss that deadline, don’t worry — there are even a few options that will work right up through Christmas morning (click the “Last Minute!” button to see them)

If Christmas time is about giving, I want to share another opportunity for our community to support one of our own by doing what we do best.

So you remember a few weeks ago, I told you about the designer Heatherly Walker and encouraged you to help her recover from losing everything in the California wildfires by buying her patterns and knitting her designs? Well, at around the same that was happening on the west coast, knit & crochet designer Mary Beth Temple was facing the daunting task of rebuilding her life after Hurricane Florence tore through her townhouse on the east coast.

So I thought, what better way to help her as well than to share her patterns and encourage you to support her by simply buying her beautiful designsHere are three of my favourites:

Acorn Pullover by Mary Beth Temple

The first time I met Mary Beth was at TNNA, the industry trade show.  I spotted her as I was walking across the show floor and, recognising her face from social media, my brain said, “That’s Mary Beth Temple!”

Unfortunately, my mouth followed suit and I exclaimed with some sort of see-it-say-it simplicity, “Hey! You’re Mary Beth Temple!”

Transitions Knit Shawl by Mary Beth Temple

That’s exactly what I said.  Hey! You’re Mary Beth Temple!  And then realising I sounded like an idiot, I added, “But I’m sure you know that. “

To her credit, instead of rolling her eyes, she laughed and was absolutely lovely.  We chatted for awhile — at least until I proved that I was actually capable of speaking like a sensible adult — and then went on our ways.  But before she went, I added, “You know, if you ever forget who you are, just ask me.  I’ll be happy to tell you!”

Trio Knit Cowl by Mary Beth Temple

To this day, every time I run into her at a show, she starts with, “Who am I?!?”  And, always happy to help her out, I immediately reply, “You’re Mary Beth Temple!

images © Mary Beth Temple, used with permission

Ok, I have a TON of stuff to do today, so I’d better get going.  As we head into this busy week, I very sincerely wish you and yours a happy and peaceful holiday season.  And, until next time, all my best!

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  1. No, Living Coral as a color is not for me. I am neither a pink nor orange person, so coral is not a shade I find appealing. Now actual living coral, I’m all for it – looks fantastic on a reef.

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