Yarn Sets for Lyrical Seas by Corrine Walcher

Yarn Sets for Lyrical Seas by Corrine Walcher

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Sometimes technology works against you…

A few months ago, I decided to move from our old email provider to a new one that is better suited to SpaceCadet’s needs. That’s a pretty big transition, so I’d carefully researched the options, laid the groundwork, and run test emails. And I scheduled the move during the slower season before things start to pick up in the autumn. So far, so good.

When we finally made the transition, I thought it went pretty well. We carried on dyeing orders and sending out clubs and answering emails as they came in. Not that many came in but I wasn’t worried because it was our slower time of year…

A woman at a computer throwing her head back in exasperation

This is not me, but it pretty perfectly depicts how I felt when I realised the tech had failed us.

Friend, I was wrong. Without boring you with the technicalities, I’d clicked a wrong button and filtered half of our incoming emails into a side folder I didn’t know existed. It’s only in the last few weeks that we found them.

What’s more, for two months our club emails — you know, the ones where we send you the shipping information and details of the colourways — were being scheduled but never actually going out.


So, if you’ve written to us and not heard back, please accept my apologies. We weren’t ignoring you, I promise, and we are working our way through the emails that got missed. And if you’re a club member who wondered where the emails were full of lovely pictures of colourful yarn, I’ll be sending something to your inbox soon.

Most of all, my sincere thanks for your patience and understanding.

Sometimes technology works with you…

And just as I was about to curse all technology forever more, it surprised me in the best way.

Designer Corrine Walcher has used SpaceCadet yarn in a gorgeous new design, Lyrical Seas, which is a sport/dk reworking of her fingering weight sweater Celestial Seas. And when she sent us the sample so we could take photos, my assistant Jade and I agreed we wanted to shoot it on against a winter beach scene.

A model sitting on the sand and wearing Lyrical Seas by Corrine Walcher knit in a sweater set from SpaceCadet yarn in SpaceCadet Lyra DK/sport yarn, in Sandbank at the bottom (pink-grey) and Hello Sailor (navy blue) at the top.

Except of course, we live in Pittsburgh… nowhere near the beach.

But I had seen that the photo editing software I use now incorporates AI, and we decided to try something and see if it would work.

So on a warm fall day, we headed down to a local park and walked under huge sycamore trees as they dropped golden-russet leaves all over the path. It felt so Western-Pennsylvania-In-Autumn that I half expected a hayride to suddenly come past us or someone to offer us cups of warm apple cider!

There, in the middle of the park, was a sand-play area. And as Jade sat herself down and adjusted the sweater, I hung an old white curtain as a backdrop behind her.

The photoshoot was quick and fun — even when the wind blow the curtain up and revealed all the autumn leaves on the ground behind it. And then when I got home, I uploaded the images and began to play with the AI…

Could I get AI to replace the white backdrop with a convincing winter beach scene instead?

Four before and after images of a model sitting on sand wearing the Lyrical Seas sweater by Corrine Walcher, knit in a SpaceCadet Lyrical Seas sweater set. In the before images, the sand behind her ends against a backdrop of a white curtain suspended over the sand. In the images on the right, AI has replaced the curtain with a beach scene of the ocean coming up onto the sand, and it is very very convincing.

Wowwwww! I guess the answer is yes… yes indeed.

It’s exactly what we wanted. And it’s really hard to believe this whole beachy photo shoot took place in a leaf-strewn park in Pittsburgh PA!

Technology is officially back in my good books…

…for now. 😉

SpaceCadet Yarn Sets for Lyrical Seas by Corrine Walcher

Lyrical Seas is made for chilly days watching waves roll in and cosy nights next to a bonfire on the beach.

The Lyrical Seas Yarn Sets from SpaceCadet Yarn A model sits on the beach wearing the Lyrical Seas sweater by Corrine Walcher. The sweater is a yoked design with a wave motif in Sandbank pink-grey and Hello Sailor navy blue.

With a design this beautiful, you know we had to do yarn sets for it!

Lyrical Seas by Corrine Walcher is a beautiful colourwork pullover featuring a delightful wave motif designed to bring out the best in SpaceCadet’s colour combos. Worked top down, the simple design is a fabulous introduction to both colourwork and yoked shaping.

And to support the pattern’s release, we’ve created six gorgeous colour pairings: choose from cool sea blues, soft sand shades, fiery sunset colours, or soft naturals. No matter what you go for, your Lyrical Seas is sure to be stunning!

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