Loop: Super-Quick, Super-Easy Cowl Pattern

Introducing Loop, our Super-Quick and Super-Easy Cowl Pattern

You’re short on time, I get that, so I am delighted to introduce Loop, a wonderful new design by my assistants Jade and Sara (pictured) to create an eye-catching cowl in mere minutes. It’s a really easily memorisable pattern (“open skein, wrap around neck“) that I’m sure you’ll never tire of. You can see how delighted they are with their new FOs!⁣

Jade chose to work hers in our super smooshy single-ply worsted, Capella, while Sara went for a lighter feel with our fingering Oriana. Both are against-your-skin soft and feel great in your hands as you (spend thirty seconds to) work the project.

I don’t want you to get the idea that this new pattern is foolproof. It does require some consideration when it comes to styling.

And there are just so many options for how to wear it that you’ll want to take time to seriously contemplate how to style your finished project. You can tell from their faces how serious it is.

The pattern will, of course, include a styling guide. I think that’s essential, don’t you?

I feel I wouldn’t be doing this new pattern justice if I don’t mention there’s a fiber option that’s perfect for the coldest of winter days.

It takes a little longer to for us to prep the materials (I mean, sheep don’t just get shorn right into those lovely chain-linked bumps, y’know!) and, just like the previous version, I know you’ll want to put a little thought into the styling options. But I think the finished object is really worth the extra trouble, don’t you?


On a More Serious Note

They had so much fun as we took these photos!  Not just because we were all laughing at the idea of this new “pattern” they’d come up with  but also because they’re good friends.⁣ ⁠

It’s great to work with great people. And I’m grateful that I get to do that. ❤️⁠