SpaceCadet Blues

The SpaceCadet Has Got the Blues…    …in the best possible way!

Blue such a soothing colour — it’s the clear sky on crisp autumn day, the icy edges of a frozen pond, the rolling waves breaking on a tropical beach, the hottest flame of a cosy winter fire.  Blue is a colour we’ve been longing to explore more deeply so we’ve created a collection of blues that I just love and am simply delighted to share with you.  Here are our six gorgeous, new shades of blue that work beautifully together and also blend into the other blues in the SpaceCadet palette.

Click here to order the Blue Collection colourways on any of our yarns.

Colour note for Zoot: Zoot is an electric turquoise so incredibly intense that it is literally off the scale of what a camera can capture so, while the image you see here is not true to the colour at all, it’s not one to be missed!