The SpaceCadet’s Black Friday Weekend One-of-a-Kind Colourways!

Hooray! The Holiday Season has begun!

And to celebrate, we’re doing something we’ve never done before: we’re taking all of our gorgeous One-of-a-Kind colourways that we usually reserve strictly for our shows, and offering them to all of our customers.These stunning yarns are completely unrepeatable and when they’re gone, they’re gone so grab the colours you love before they disappear.  Maybe you’re choosing a gift for a friend, a Secret Santa surprise for someone in your knit group, or…   maybe you’re nabbing a treat for yourself.  No matter why you’re buying, these colours are going to make the holiday season that much brighter

There are so many yarns, that I actually couldn’t fit them all on one page(!), so browse and click any of the images below or…

And all of us here at SpaceCadet wish you a wonderful and yarny start to your holiday season!


PS — oh my stars, I wish I could take pictures that do these yarns justice! Do you see that first picture of the Venus skeins right there below? Not only could I not capture the subtle sparkle in these skeins, but the light pops on all the skeins are a stunning pale sage/teal colour that looks amazing against both the blue and the rust.  But could I do that justice?!?  Noooooo I could not.  Just know that, when you are looking at these yarns, there is a lot of exciting colour going on under the surface, ok?  Wait til you see them in person!