Understanding Colour, Examples for 6Bits Podcast Listeners

Welcome! If you’re a 6 Bits podcast listener and you’ve got your exclusive download, here are some images that really illustrate what Stephanie and Melissa are talking about…


This image illustrates the variations of depth of colour in hand-dyed yarn.  Where the colour distribution was uneven in the dyebath, it produces beautifually uneven results in the final yarn.

Three Semi-Solids  --  Tickled, Gobsmack, and Drizzle


Two examples of tonal colourways, and an illustration of tones vs hues.

Headstrong --  a great tonal colourwayTwisted and Tickled -- a good example of tone on tone

Gently Variegated

SpaceCadet’s “Time Traveller” colourway is a great example of a Gently Variegated, where the colours are low contrast and flow into each other.

SpaceCadet's Time TravellerSpaceCadet's Time Traveller Knitted


Wildly Variegated

SpaceCadet’s “Molten Cool” features high contrast colours that hit spots all over the colour wheel.

SpaceCadet's Molten CoolSpaceCadet's Molten Cool Knitted


The Impact of the Length of the Colour Repeats

Here is a great example of a colourway with very high contrast — everything from purples and maroons to aqua, lime greens, and even yellows — that doesn’t look all that wild at all.  Because the main colour is consistant and the colour repeats of the contrasting colours are short, the overall effect is actually fairly gentle — proof that a wildly variegated yarn doesn’t have to be that wild after all.

A Wildly Variegated colourway looks gentle thanks to short colour repeatsA Wildly Variegated colourway looks gentle thanks to short colour repeats (2)

The Importance of Your Monitor’s Settings

Click here on both a phone and desktop/laptop to compare side-by-side the impact of screen settings on the colours you see.