Using your New, Smooshier Mini-Skein Bundles!

The SpaceCadet crew was so taken with the lovely smooshy mini-mini-skein bundles we created for our Tiny Moons sets, that we wanted to do the same with our Mini-Skein Club bundles as well.

And when we asked our club members, so many replied with equal excitement about the idea that we decided to go for it!

We love the way the new bundle blends the colour so you can see instantly how they’ll look knit or crocheted together.

A Guide to your Smooshiest Mini-Skein Bundle!


It’s the same five adorable Mini-Skeins, each tagged individually as always, but I know it might seem a little strange when you first see them in their new smooshy bundle, so we’ve created a couple of quick guides, in the images below and the video above.

Want to Twist Your Skeins Up Individually?

No problem! We’ve created another quick video to show you how.