Yarns for Adventurers

You’re ready to approach colour with confidence and cast on with a sense of adventure, and that makes you our hands-down favourite kind of knitter or crocheter!  When we stand in front of our dyepots and dream up new colourways, we’re imagining those stitches running through your fingers, rich in colour, as you explore your creativity and create the project of your dreams.

Your knitting or crocheting adventure starts with our gorgeous yarn, dyed in stunning colours that we mix by hand from only the primary colours, exploring where the colour takes us and creating over 144 unique new colourways each year (yes, really!) that we turn into Small Batches, new standard colourways and — best of all — exclusive yarns for our club members.

We passionately believe that knitting and crocheting just makes people happier — deep down inside — and nothing does that more than working with our gorgeous, vibrant yarn. And if all this sounds like your definition of happiness too, then come aboard and join us on this exciting colour adventure!