A Christmas Wish

There are so many things going at this time of year that it is easy to get all lost in it all — lost amidst the shopping and the rushing and the spending and the wrapping.  It’s so easy to focus on what we feel we ought to do and we must do that we can lose sight of the best that season brings.

The best part of Christmas is the time we spend with family and friends, and when we open ourselves up enough to treat strangers as friends.  It’s the gifts that come not from our credit cards, but from our hearts.  And it’s the traditions that we keep — the old ones passed down through the generations, that link us to all those who celebrated the season in times before, and the new ones we create with our own families.

Yesterday, we celebrated our traditions.  We baked gingerbread men and decorated our tree, which had been standing patiently and bare until its big moment on Christmas Eve.  We gathered around the table and ate a feast.  We laid out brownies and wee dram for Father Christmas.  And we took some time to stop and remember what the season and holiday is really all about.

And on this bright and snowy Christmas morning, I want to send to all of you my wishes for very happy holidays and for all the best things that the season brings.  Merry Christmas, everyone!

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