So What Do I Make With It?!? Projects in SpaceCadet Yarn

I know I’ve said it before, but one of my favourite things about this job is seeing what you guys make with SpaceCadet yarn.  So often, the way the colourways look in the skein is completely different from how they look in the finished object — and I just love seeing that transformation!

Many of you are kind enough to share pictures of your projects in the SpaceCadet group on Ravelry.  And quite a few of you email pictures of your projects to me personally (I love that! Thank you!).

And I want to share my favourites with you here.  I think you’ll find it just as fascinating as I do to see how the colourway in the skeins translates in the finished projects!

The first one I’ve chosen is this incredibly cool, slouchy hat made by Stacey Trock.  She’s the designer of crochet amigurumi at and author of Cuddly Crochet and Crocheted Softies, and for this project she chose SpaceCadet Estelle yarn in a colourway called City Park — a lovely green that gently washes into hints of blues and yellows.  Here’s what the yarn looks like in the skein…

SpaceCadet Creations Estelle yarn for knitting or crochet, in City Park

And here’s what Stacey created with it!  The pattern is the Rocka Beanie by MayaB.  And I just love the way the stockinette and simple shaping let the colours shine through!

Stacey Trock of Fresh Stitches shows off her fabulous Rocka Beanie knitted in SpaceCadet Creations Estelle yarn in City Park

There are so many fabulous projects out there in SpaceCadet yarn that I am going to turn this into an ongoing series.  I’m looking for great projects in luscious colours, shown off with really beautiful photography.  Know of a project like that that I ought to see?  Please, tell me about it!

Oooh, two more quick things:

If you’re a fan of Stacey’s work and you’d like to meet her in person, she’ll be at Pittsburgh Knit & Crochet this weekend, teaching classes and selling her books and kits in booth 51.  And she’ll be coming to the Ravelry meet-up on Friday night.  Stacey’s an absolute doll — if you come and meet her, you’ll love her!

And if you’re coming to Pittsburgh Knit & Crochet, please please wear your SpaceCadet project.  Not only would I be thrilled to see it, but if we’re not too crowded, I’d love grab a couple of pictures of it, maybe for a future blog post.  So, please do wear your SpaceCadet project!


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