Busy-ness and Brain Freeze

Things are crazy-busy here at the moment!  I am dyeing like mad for the first show of the season, the Pittsburgh Knit and Crochet festival on Feb 10-11-12.  Our booth position had to be changed only two days ago (we’re now booth #43, please come find us!), which prompted a redesign of our entire layout at the last minute.  The mini-skeins for February will have to go out the same weekend, so we’re busy getting those all ready too.  The InterStellar Yarn Alliance parcels will go out only two weeks later, so the yarn for them needs to be dyed and the goodies finished up too.  Oh, and my last shipment of yarn to dye for the festival was delayed, so it will arrive on Thursday — and then I’ll try to get 25lbs of yarn all dyed and dried and ready to go in less than a week.

The crazy-busies?  Yeah, I haz ’em!

I was supposed to write a blog post on Monday, but when I sat down at my computer…  my brain froze, froze right up solid.  I tried again last night and, again… nothing.  Too much to do, and not enough brain cells left.  So, instead, I went back to boxing up the orders that had to go out today.

And as I was wrapping up the yarns and placing them in each box, I realised I was smiling.   Because as much as I love dyeing — and, oh I do loooove dyeing — that’s only half of the picture.  As lovely as the yarns are when they come out of the dyepots, it’s not until someone takes them home and knits them up into something beautiful that they’ve lived up to their potential.

I love sending my yarns out to my customers.  And, as crazy as show-prep is, I love doing yarn festivals.  So many yarns, going home with so many happy customers, ready to be made into so many wonderful new projects…  And I get to sit and talk about them with every one of you.

Seriously, I think I have the best job in the world!  Thanks to you guys, choosing SpaceCadet yarns and making all this possible.  And really, what could be better to blog about than that?

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