SpaceMonster Mega Yarn Club: the Latest Parcel and Open for Subscriptions!

SPOILER ALERT: If you’re in the SpaceMonster Club and you don’t want to see the contents of the latest parcel, stop reading now!

A hat from the SpaceMonsters' first every yarn

Do you know how excited I get on club shipment day?  Nope, I bet you don’t but let me tell you, seeing all those parcels bundled up and waiting for the postman… all of them filled with yummy yarny goodness…    Oh, I love it!  I think of all the excitement that those parcels will bring to our club members, how they’ll arrive on doorsteps and then burst open to reveal smooshiness and colour and gifts and joy.  Mmmmm…  I do love club shipment day.!

I am so excited to show you guys the SpaceMonster Mega-Yarn Club parcels that went out this week.  First there was the yarn: it’s Cressida, a fantastic 4-ply worseted, in a colourway called “Chill”.   I love this yarn, because it’s a really nice round and smooshy yarn that’s combined with a slightly tighter twist, so it’s a great for garments such as cardis or jumpers that might need a bit more durability — the best of both worlds!

Chill, the latest yarn from the SpaceMonster Mega-Yarn Club

And why is it called “Chill”?  Because while I was dyeing it, it suddenly became unseasonably hot and all I could think about was finding someplace I could cooooool down.  So I dyed the colours I was seeing in head: chilled blues, greens, and a touch of purple — all flowing into one another like a pool of cool water.  I love the combination, don’t you?

And there’s an extra surprise in this parcel…  Every third parcel in the SpaceMonster Mega-Yarn Club contains a special gift, and this parcel contained this fabulous project tote-bag!  Made especially for us by Ana from Wren & Rita, it’s quilted and roomy, with nicely squared corners, an extra pocket inside, and big enough to carry a whole sweater-project.  I am just over the moon to be able to share these with SpaceMonsters!

The Wren & Rita SpaceMonster tote bag: the latest gift in the SpaceMonster Mega-Yarn Club

And here’s some more exciting news: The SpaceMonster Mega-Yarn club opens today for new subscriptions.  If you love the smooshiness of big yarns and working up quick projects, this is the club for you — and we’d love to have you!

What to know more?  Click here for all the detailsBut hurry, because subscriptions  are available for two weeks only, from June 7 to June 22.

Ready to join now?

Click on one of the buttons below to grab your spot in the SpaceMonsters Mega Yarn Club

Click Here to grab a 6 Month Subscription to the SpaceMonsters MegaYarn ClubClick Here to grab a 12 Month Subscription to the SpaceMonsters MegaYarn Club

Very Important: if you are giving this as a gift, please remember to include the recipient’s postal and email addresses in the notes when you check out. We gotta have that to send the recipient their parcels!

Six month subscriptions include 3 parcels; twelve month subscriptions include 6 parcels. Parcels will be sent out on or near the first of February, April, June, August, October, and December. Shipping within the United States is included in the price; extra charges apply for shipping outside the US..
Normal subscription openings/renewals will be available in June and December of each year.
Any other questions? Ask us! info (at)
spacecadetcreations (dot) com


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