A Collection of Patterns Designed for SpaceCadet Yarn

A designer got in touch with me the other day to share with me a new pattern she was developing in SpaceCadet yarn.  I have to tell you, it thrills me down to the ground every time that happens.  I absolutely love working with designers and seeing the amazing things they create with my colourways.

So after I finished squeeing over the news of this latest design, my mind began thinking over all the other fabulous patterns that have been created with SpaceCadet yarn…  There have been some really spectacular designs.  And then I realised, I should gather the whole collection in one easy place, shouldn’t I?

Fabulous Patterns designed in SpaceCadet yarn

Yes, I bloomin’ well should!

And you know what?  As I put them all together on one page, I was kind of blown away by them all over again.

Acai a 276x329

They are all so different and yet each so beautiful in its own way.  There are cardigans and jumpers, hats, gloves, scarves.  And even one of the most stunning pieces I’ve ever seen: a stunning dress that is both knit and crocheted — and totally show-stopping.

Bayeux A 276x329

I haven’t even got all the patterns up on the page yet — there are another dozen or so yet to go — but I have so enjoyed the process.  I know I say it all the time, but it’s absolutely true:  nothing thrills me more than seeing what people make with SpaceCadet yarn.  I always have an inkling what the colourways will look like when they’re knitted or crocheted up, but it’s not until someone shares their project that I really know.

Juego 275x329

And to see them used in something completely new and original?  Oh!   Even though I had no part in the clever design work (or the all-important number crunching), I can’t help but be thrilled to know that my colours — what I saw in my head and laid down onto the yarn — ended up playing a part in creating something so stunning!

Happy dyer indeed.

Drizzle hat by MSkiKnits in SpaceCadet Lyra yarn

Designers, want to work with SpaceCadet yarn?  Click here for details of how we can support your new designs.

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