Hana Hou: A Giveaway!

Is someone giving you roses today?  Maybe a huge box of chocolate?  Valentine’s Day can be a wonderful bright spot in the depths of winter but if, like me, you aren’t likely to get something from a sweetheart, then let me step in and give you a sweet little treat of my own…

Hana Hou 2 480

My friend Mel of Singlehanded Knits has just released Hana Hou, a gorgeous new cardigan design that I just love, absolutely love.  Knit in sport weight yarn and perfect for SpaceCadet Lyra, it features an asymmetrical style with a really beautiful border detail on the placket and cuffs.  It’s just the kind of knit you find yourself itching to get on the needles…

Hana Hou 1 480

But there’s something more about Hana Hou that knocked my socks off.  Rather than simply put together a regular pattern, Mel has turned Hana Hou into a stunning look book, each page filled with the most incredibly luscious photography alongside the pattern instructions.  Every image makes you feel like you are falling right into the page and changes Hana Hou from a simple pattern into something that feels more like an escape to the islands.  I can’t stop scrolling through it on my iPad…

Hana Hou 4 480

Win a Copy of the Hana Hou Pattern & Look Book!

So how about a copy of your own?  You got it! Mel has very generously given me seven copies of Hana Hou to give away to seven lucky winners!

All you have to do is:

  1. go to Ravelry (click here) and add Hana Hou to either your favourites or your queue
  2. and then leave a comment here on the blog telling me which Lyra colourway you’d choose for your Hana Hou (don’t forget to mention your Ravelry name)

That’s it!  Once that’s done, you’re in with a chance to win your own copy of the gorgeous Hana Hou pattern look book!  But hurry — the giveaway closes on Monday Feb 17 at 11.59pm EST, and I’ll announce the winner on the blog on Tuesday.

Hana Hou 3 480

But hey, what if you just can’t wait to get your hands on Hana Hou?  Yeah, we’ve got you covered — click here to join the Singlehanded Knits mailing list, and Mel will send you a $2 discount code for an instant download.

Pssst!  The Yarn Alliance Is Opening Soon!

Available to new subscribers only twice a year, the InterStellar Yarn Alliance — the SpaceCadet’s premiere yarn club, known for fabulous fingering yarns, gorgeous colourways, and awesome gifts — will be opening again in March for two weeks only.  If you want to be the first to know when it does, click here and get on the Yarn Alliance mailing list!

 Click to Learn More!

There’s always small print — official rules: NO PURCHASE NECESSARY. Open to entrants worldwide, age 5 or older. Void where prohibited. Odds of winning depend on number of entries received. Sweepstakes ends 11:59 p.m. EST on February 17, 2014. Official entry is made by commenting on the SpaceCadet blog post titled “Hana Hou: A Giveaway!” and by favouriting and/or queuing Hana Hou on Ravelry. Limit one entry per person. Sponsored by Singlehanded Knits and SpaceCadet Inc, PO Box 113312, Pittsburgh PA 15241. Seven (7) prizes, each consisting of one (1) copy of the Hana Hou pattern and look book, valued at $7. Total prize value: $49. Winner will be selected by random drawing. Prize cannot be redeemed for cash. Prize cannot be substituted. Employees and family of employees of SpaceCadet Inc and/or Singlehanded Knits are ineligible. A list of winners will be available on the SpaceCadet blog on or after February 18, 2014. For full official rules, visit https://spacecadetyarn.com/2014/02/14/hana-hou-a-giveaway

177 thoughts on “Hana Hou: A Giveaway!

  1. Years later and there is someone out there at would like to obtain the pattern to the Hana Hou sweater design. I have looked and looked and have met with dead ends at every turn. Could you help me? I purchased some beautiful alpaca yarn at a craft fair for this very design and would love to see it finished, but I have to find the pattern first.

  2. I think Plume would be the color I would love to make in this sweater.Thanks for the beautiful colors. I am veneidig on ravelry.

  3. Hi I would knit this gorgeous sweater in honey! It’s just dripping with sweetness! 🙂

    I am MrsZimm13 on Ravelry.

    Thank you,

  4. Fizz is my first choice as it’s my favorite color – but I keep going back to Dark Skies – that sweater would look fantastic in a dark gray!!!

  5. What a lovely pattern and matched with your yarn it is perfect. I would make it in Dark Skies. Hard to pick just one color though I might have to make a second one in a bright color!

  6. Denalicats here! Seeing as I can’t decide between Sage and How Dare You, I think I just might have to do it twice! Thanks for the chance!

  7. I love this pattern! I’m not sure which colourway I will make it in… I’ve narrowed it down to Ares, Dark Skies, or Mars or Drizzle… I can’t decide.

    maur4563 🙂

  8. Oooh, part of me really wants to say Dark Skies, because it’s dark and moody and mysterious, but I already have so many grey cardigans. Maybe Feather, because it’s neutral enough to go with lots of things, but the slightly green blue is something I don’t have a lot of in my wardrobe.

  9. Mel has done it again – this is a gorgeous cardigan! It is so hard to choose a colorway but depending on the construction I would make this in Drizzle or Oxblood.
    Rav ID: stitchalong

  10. Scottlaw9-after knitting Pau Hana in the crush ombré, I suppose I should look at another color way (although oxblood does call my name). I love feather and dark skies! Thank you for this generous opportunity!!

  11. I rarely knit sweaters – but Hana Hou is an exception. I would love to knit it up in Usui. I could wear it year round here in Southern California. My Ravelry name is H20paws.

  12. The cardigan is gorgeous! Choosing a color is difficult, as there are 4 or 5 I. Immediately gravitate to for various reasons. Selecting one, though, I would choose Beguile. My Ravelry name is tlspinka.

  13. I would love to knit this for myself and I would absolutely love it in Cove. Just enough mixture of green and blue. It just makes me sigh in contentment!

  14. I think I’d use “Drizzle.” It looks like such a cozy sweater, yet elegant with the textured trim. Lovely!
    holity on Ravelry

  15. I love this design from Mel. I want this to be my first sweater project! I think I would do it in Sage or maybe Dark Skies. Really can’t decide. I am sure it would look beautiful in any color. billandsmoke on Rav.

  16. Dark skies for certain! I love the idea of knitting this in a dark grey so I can wear it with every outfit!
    ForKnitsSake on rav

  17. Lovely pattern! And crazy beautiful yarn! I think I would choose Drizzle or Dark Skies….but it sure is difficult to choose!

    I’m Candlefun on Ravelry

  18. I would knit it in either Gentle or sage. What a pretty sweater and I would live to try to knit a cardigan. My ravelry name is runner66.

  19. I love drizzle or dark skies…I live in CA and we are in sorely needed rain…so maybe I am wishfully thinking…and thinking I would ever win anything at all! This is such a lovely pattern too!

  20. I’d go with Honey. It would be the only thing in that colour family in my wardrobe…I don’t usually seek out yellows and golds but Honey has such texture. I think it would really flatter this beautiful pattern.

    Thanks for organizing the giveaway! I’m looking forward to seeing what everyone makes!
    Rav ID: hwlrmnky

  21. I love Mel’s designs! I was on Kauai in April and loved every minute of it, so when I watch her videos for her KALS it takes me back to such a beautiful and tranquil island, hard to believe it’s part of the U.S. I would pick your Honey color because it makes me happy and my Golden Retriever’s hair would blend right in!;)

  22. I am currently on a huge kick of wanting to knit cardigans & this one look so comfy and beautiful. I would probably choose Dark Skies but Headstrong is beautiful. I just don’t tend to pick such bold colors for a big piece. My rav name is knittertoo

  23. Oh, I could not decide between Cove and Moana, so if I win the look book, I will just have to toss a coin to decide! Thanks for the chance!

  24. Love all Mel’s pattern, she is a wonderful designer. I would choose Dark Moana or maybe Dark Skies. All the colors are beautiful & it’s a hard choice between them all.
    Thanks for this opportunity. My Rav name is skwhite.

  25. What a lovely pattern! I’d choose Feather; it’s light enough to really show off the texture pattern, but still full of saturated, happy color. And my Ravelry name is Butterpie.

  26. What a lovely pattern! I’d choose Feather; it’s light enough to really show off the texture pattern, but still full of saturated, happy color.

  27. Oh, I think this sweater would just sing in the Plume colorway – I love the details that are in the pattern… thanks for highlighting it!

    quiltbaker on Ravelry

  28. Beautiful pattern! Added to my favorites. I would probably do this in your color Dark Skies. That being a neutral would go with just about anything!

    My Ravelry name is cherlooms.

  29. I think I would like the color Fizz. It matches my car! Thanks for the chance. Put in my favorites. Knitsensei on Ravelry.

  30. This is a lovely pattern! I’d knit it using the Dark Moana colorway….I’m Suzieknittingmama on Ravelry:-)

  31. What a lovely pattern! I think that I would like to do it in the “Fizz” colorway! This is turning in to such a long, cold winter that the brightness of fizz would really brighten things up!

  32. My initial impulse would be to choose Cove because I look best in greens, but Dark Moana is a very close second!

    My Ravelry name is dustyrose1973.

  33. This is a tough choice! I like Fizz and Moana both. =) My Ravelry name is AnastasiaR. Thank you for this opportunity! =)

  34. Great giveaway op, thanx 😉 Plume is the colour way I would choose, tho I’m sure any would look wonderful !

  35. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this pattern and know that I will love the book, as well! The Lyra colourway I would choose first is, FIZZ! Fizz it is! Then, I would make it in Moana, and then… maybe Drizzle – I am going through a “gray” phase (probably an attempt to match my salt & pepper hair)which gives me great humor as I have never, ever cared for the color gray until this funny point in my life…. Thank you for posting this great book giveaway!

  36. I want to say that I would be brave enough to choose “Fizz”, but with my dark blonde hair, freckles and pale complexion I simply cannot pull off that color. I would more likely choose “Dark Skies” or “Honey” or “Feathers”. My RavID is jaydawnrn

  37. Love the sweater! So flattering in all sizes too. I would pick either drizzle or sage, love the soft colorways.
    Rav ID: bdgrammy

  38. I would have to decide between Gentle, which reminds me of the tradewinds and the Plumeria blossoms, or Feather, which looks like the incredible color of the ocean in Hawaii! My rav name is patgilmer

    Thanks for the contest!

  39. This design by Melissa is stunning! She has such an eye for design! The sweater would be great for snuggling in during a snow storm which we have 18″ now here in PA! The color I would use Of Lyra (sport) is Plume. Lavender is so pretty for spring! Thank you for this give away!

  40. I really love the pattern. I have not knitted a sweater before. But I think I could knit this one. I would choose Dark Skies so I could wear it to the office or the mall. Love the clean lines and pretty details. Ravelery name DLSC

  41. I would either use Dark Skies or Gentle – it’s a hard decision! The pattern is perfect:) My Rav name is gerib242

  42. This is stunning. I would make it in Dark Skies, probably. Or Crush. Or Drizzle. Or Sage. Or maybe Feather. But possibly Dark Moana. Indecisive Laura is indecisive (but because I want them all!). Rav name = tastefldiversns

  43. I would live to knit this lovely sweater in Drizzle. Wouldn’t that be a great layering piece? I think so! Thanks HollyCJ

  44. 🙂 Hmm tough call…Pretty sweater, pretty yarn! I think I’d choose Dark Skies for the Hana Hou. Thanks for the chance! Happy Valentines Day to you and Singlehanded Knits. (Rav: GinaBina)

  45. I love this sweater! It looks so warm and cozy. You’re making it difficult to decide on a color way with so many gorgeous choices! I would go with Usui
    (derica on ravelry)

  46. Hi. I’m Talicat on Ravelry. This lovely pattern would be a pleasure to knit in Plume, which reminds me of delicate lilacs or the soft lavender blossoms in the fields of a lavender farm I visited in Oregon.

  47. I’m drooling and I can’t stop! Love the jacket, love, love everything about it. She really out did herself with this design. I can’t wait to cast on!! I’m carefully planning my attack on this project even as I type this out (and stayed up till 1am looking at yarn). If I had to choose Lyra, which is gorgeous, I really like cove, dark skies, honey or drizzle. Its hard to decide!!! I think its so stunning! I would love the chance to win the pattern!!
    Ravelry user: Luvlythreads

  48. Beautiful pattern and your colorways are gorgeous. It’s hard to decide but I think I would choose “dark skies”. My ravelry name is Sandylynn.

  49. I need sunshine! I would pick your colourway Honey or the soft gentle colour Sage. I love the pattern, I favorited it the moment Mel posted it on her site, gorgeous.


  50. I love the pattern. I would use Feather because it is a beautiful color that I have always wanted to use for a big project. My user name is swatchpal.

  51. This sweater is beautiful. I think this sweater would look beautiful in any colorway of Lyra but if I had to choose one I’d knit it in Feather.


  52. So many beautiful choices to knit this gorgeous sweater. If I had to choose one, it’s Moana but then again I also love Ke Aloha!

  53. Such a cozy and gorgeous cardigan. The bits of texture really add to the pattern. I would love to knit this in Dark Skies.
    Ravelry: autumnfog

  54. I love greens, so I would go for Fizz or Cove, I”m not sure as they both are beautiful!
    Thanks for the giveway.
    CecileinIndiana on Raverly

  55. The Hana Huo is gorgeous, having to pick one of your colors is always a challenge, this would be great year round sweater and since i love blue (and it reminds me of Hawaii where i grew up i have to pick up Moana (another fond reminder) all of the colors would be amazing but it was a toss up between Moana and Usi but Moana wins for me. another beautiful pattern with your yarns

  56. How can anyone chose just one colorway? My four favorites are Moana, Usui, Feather, and Plume and I can’t pick between them. Could you surprise me if I won?

    rav ID: srado

  57. Love the cardi! Looks cozy and easy to wear…..Just love gray! Color of sweater is wonderful, thats my choice! Not sure if which color it is is ? The Graphite?
    Thank you
    @Ravelry. I’m Lottieda

  58. This is such a beautiful sweater. For me it’s a toss up between Feather and Dark Skies. Maybe one of each.

    mamaleelee on Ravelry.

  59. I’d looove to make this using your Dark Skies colorway. Hm. Or maybe headstrong. I would wear it everyday for sure… My ravelry name is catonplace.

  60. The colors in moana remind me of the lush colors of the sea and the green of the forests, and grass. I’d chose moana! angelmum3 on Ravelry

  61. My ravelry name is pookiemonk and I love the color cove! It makes me think of cool exe Inge wrapped on wooly warmth! Love the clash details on the lovely cardigan!

  62. This is a beautiful pattern. And I know Mel has made a great pattern. I would make this in Feather and my user name is YAYB.

  63. I just favorited Hana Hou on Ravelry. I’ve been on the prowl for a new sweater pattern to knit that strikes my fancy, and I love this! It would be gorgeous knit up in Sage!

  64. I had already added it to my favorites and my queue! Would love this in Dark Skies, or even Drizzle. Both would look terrific in this pattern.

  65. Even before I got the newsletter, Hana Hou was in my favorites! Plume would be my choice; I love purple, and a colorway like that would coordinate with my entire wardrobe.

    chocokat518 on Ravelry!

  66. LindasLoft (Rav ID) here. I NEED this sweater in Feather. Here in Houston, it would become my winter coat!!! Usually not much of a jacket is needed here, so this would be PERFECT. Hope everyone in the east is staying warm.

  67. I would choose Usui. Such a gorgeous color way! I have never made a sweater so this would give me incentive to finally try!

    My Ravelry name is Chelleinstitches.


  68. Love this cardigan. It definitely has a place in my wardrobe. And sport weight is my favorite yarn weight to work with. I can’t decide between Gentle, Honey, and Dark Skies!

    Rav name is LaurainATL.

  69. Hi Stephanie,
    You are right the pattern Hana Hou is gorgeous and since I like zing, I would love to make it in Lyra in the Fizz colorway. My name in Ravelry is Aurita.

    Tahnk you


  70. Lovely pattern and just what I’ve been looking to knit. I would choose “Usui” as it promises the Spring to come or “Fizz” because I just like the color. Congratulations to the winner!

  71. Thank you, Stephanie & Mel! Happy Valentine’s Day to you!
    Thank you for the opportunity to win this beautiful pattern book. Wow, Mel, you really raised the bar on pattern releases!! And I love the design. So different.
    So, the Honey color way jumped out at me when I first opened the page, but plumb, feather… Oh, sage… They are all lovely! But I’ll stick with my first choice… Honey.
    Thanks again!

  72. Oh I am at work sneaking this in and forgot to add my yarn choice. I do love them all but I would do it in moana since that is my fav color


    cbrirish is my ravelry name

    thanks Cathy

  73. I love this sweater and hope I win!! I also am addicted to ravelry so I will hop right over there and add Hana to my favs. I love love to try some of the lyra space cadet yarn.

  74. Love this pattern! Added it to my ravelry favorites yesterday! (blssdmumof3)
    If I were to win, the Lyra colorway I would choose is Sage. Gorgeous!
    Thanks for the giveaway!

  75. I love Hana Hou so much, it’s both a Favorite and in Queue!
    And I would knit it either in Gentle, Honey and Dark Moana (one for me, one for my sister and one for my mom, so the 3 of us can swap and share)
    My Rav handle is pebblescruz

  76. LaurelFaye /Raverly name
    beautiful pattern ! I would have to make more than one so it’s hard to pick just one Lyra colorway . Three colors stood out to my palette ; Cove, Usui and Feather .

  77. I love this cardigan and think it would look great on a lot of body shapes. I would choose the colorway drizzle. It reminds me of my favorite sweatshirt I have had for years.

  78. I love, love, love this cardigan. I would choose the colorway Ke Aloha because it reminds me of my trip to Hawaii years ago and I wish I was there right now instead of in 16″ of snow and cold weather :).

  79. Just posted Hana Hou to my favorites on Ravelry..Just love the pattern and could so totally invision it in Dark Mauona. My ravelry name is momompop21. Can’t wait to see it…

  80. I would knit this sweater out of Dark Skies. My daughter in law has been wanting me to make her a gray sweater. She would love this sweater. (valsue-ravID)

  81. So many to choose from. Well I guess dark skies would be the color I would knit it in (the first time!) My rav name is mama michels

  82. What a great giveaway — many thanks! I love the Hana Hou pattern. I would knit it in Moana or Drizzle. I am heathwitch on Ravelry. Thanks again and have a great weekend 🙂 x

  83. PeacockRose on Ravelry: is love to do the Hana Hau in the Ke Aloha colorway. It’s a beautiful yarn for a great looking garment

  84. I would love to knit Hana Hou in Lyra colourway “Honey” it absolutely drips with warmth. That would be a dream come true, like sunshine I can wrap myself in at any time of year!

    1. I would love to knit Hana Hou in Lyra colourway “Honey” it absolutely drips with warmth. That would be a dream come true, like sunshine I can wrap myself in at any time of year!

  85. Gorgeous pattern – I’d go bold and knit this in Crush! Love the color and will be looking for some at the Pittsburgh Knit & Crochet Festival! My Ravelry id is KeriJean.

  86. I’ve been waiting to buy the pattern until I’m ready to knit it up. I would love to win a copy. It was hard to chose the color but I decided it would look great in dark skies. My second favorite was honey.

  87. Sage would be perfect because it is a subtle but yummy colour that could take a supporting actor role while this pattern just oozes leading character qualities that could really come out with a great supporting case like SAGE.

  88. Very lovely. I would knit this in Dark Moana. This color way reminds me of the ocean at dusk. I am karakoolkitty on Ravelry and I live in Hawaii.

  89. I love this sweater especially in Sage or Drizzle or Honey or all of them! Thank you for sharing with us! Ravelry name: scgiL2.

  90. Lovely and fun sweater. It would look amazing in Ke Aloha. Take me right to the islands. Here is crossing my fingers.

    ericahb on Ravelry.

  91. Happy Valentines Day!
    Beautiful details. It is hard to choose a color but I think Feather would be great. My ravelry name is dvorag.

  92. What a beautiful sweater. I like the color Plume… although they are all wonderful shades! Thanks for the giveaway.

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