The Reason You Won’t See Me on Facebook

Facebook is an amazing resource — a way for everyone to keep up with their friends’ news, family photos, hear about upcoming events…  and maybe even look up an old boyfriend or two.

And it’s a great way for me to keep in contact with you.  Not only can I share with you what we’re up to at the SpaceCadet studio (or just what I’m up to on a Saturday morning) but, unlike many other channels, Facebook gives you and me a wonderful opportunity to interact — to ask and answer questions, to have a conversation, for everyone to share thoughts as a community.



Where has SpaceCadet gone?

But maybe you haven’t seen so much of SpaceCadet in your Facebook stream lately?  Maybe you think I’ve gone quiet?  Maybe we’re not up to much lately?


Nope, the real reason you don’t see much of SpaceCadet any more is that Facebook recently changed its policies for business pages like ours.  Whereas in the past, our posts used to show up in the news feed of everyone who liked our page, Facebook now shows our posts to only a tiny fraction of the folks who follow us.

Let me show you what I mean.  The SpaceCadet page has over 1200 followers, but look at the number who got to see these recent posts:

Collage, how many people reached

200?  100?!?  Sometimes it’s been as low as only 50!  That’s hardly any of our followers, and it’s really disappointing when I want to share stuff with you guys but I know that only a few people are going to get to see it.

Now, the reason Facebook is doing this is that they want me to pay to “boost” my posts and to be honest, as a business person, I’m ok with Facebook wanting to make money.  SpaceCadet has an advertising budget and I’m happy to spend it, but paying Facebook to “boost” every single thing I post is not really the best use of that budget, so I don’t do it very often.

Besides, if Facebook is a community, it feels a bit creepy to turn every comment I make into some kind of a paid advertisement.   A lot of times, I’m just sharing cool stuff with you guys.

Saturday office

There’s an Easy (and Free) Solution!

BUT there is an better way for you to receive SpaceCadet posts again.  I can’t increase the number of posts you see without paying for “boosting”, but YOU can pull our posts back into your news feed easily — and for free!  All you have to do is start clicking “like” on our Facebook posts (or, even better, leave a comment or share the post).  The more you interact with our posts, the more of our posts Facebook will share with you.  That’s all you have to do — just start clicking “like”.

And it’s not just your timeline you’ll be affecting.  When you click “like” and “share” or comment on a SpaceCadet post, everyone else gets to see more of what we’re up to as well.  Want to see how powerful it is?  Check this out…

The Power of Likes on Facebook

When you click “like” or share and comment on my posts, you’ll begin getting all the latest SpaceCadet news in your timeline again (along with behind-the-scenes pictures from the studio and some random shots of my lunch or my WIPs…).  And, y’know, I’ll be so excited to see you again!  I love sharing all the cool stuff we’re working on each day — and I love it even more when I get to hear back from you about what I’ve posted.

So here, hop over to our Facebook page right now and just click “like” on a bunch of posts (or please, leave us a comment or share a couple of posts).  And before you know it, SpaceCadet will be back on your Facebook radar again!


Mauna Kea

PS –I really do love the interaction that happens on Facebook, and so I’d love for SpaceCadet to have more followers.  If you think something I’ve posted would interest your knit-friends on FB, I’d be really grateful if you’d share it with them by clicking “share” as well as “like”.  Thank you for spreading the SpaceCadet love!

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24 thoughts on “The Reason You Won’t See Me on Facebook

  1. It irks me that Facebook does this. I have no problem with them selling advertising, but if I like a page, it means I WANT to see their posts. The page shouldn’t be forced to pay for me to actually see the free stuff I’ve already asked to see. Yet, my newsfeed is constantly clogged up with advertising I DON”T want to see. Ugh.

  2. Thanks so much for writing about this. I have a page for my Etsy stitch marker shop, Knitter’s Serendipity. I’ve wondered at times why so few people are reached by my posts, even though my membership is growing. Now I know. Great explanation!

  3. WOW! thanks for the enlightenment and clear graphic illustrations! i had no idea this was how it worked, or that people liking and commenting would help turn up the volume. now let me go do some liking and commenting on my page to REALLY say thanks!

  4. I LOVE that you mention that you are okay with Facebooks paid ads. There are so many people out there acting like the great people at Facebook are criminals for trying to make money. Facebook is still an amazing tool for business that literally didn’t exist just a few years ago. With that being said- it is SO excited to see organic reach on our posts triple with just a few comments or likes!

  5. Lol. Your reach is actually pretty good! For 1200 fans, reaching 120 people is 10% of your audience. Most pages only reach 3-5%. I know this doesn’t seem acceptable to most of us, but also you should feel free to believe that number on each post is off and not accurate either. Check out this post from Jon Loomer about reach numbers and why they’re false.

    You can also go through your FB Likes and make sure none of them are fakes. Removing them will increase your reach. Good luck!

  6. I’ve also seen quite a drop in views for my SbJL facebook page – I don’t like to pay to boost, either because it feels like I’m forcing myself into someones FB stream and my inner introvert cringes at the thought.

    That being said, I’ll be sharing your post on my SbJL FB page in a few minutes, hopefully more than five people will see it! ;o)

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