Finishing the Holiday Weekend with a Bang: Limited Edition Mini-Skein Collections

Finishing the Holiday Weekend with a Bang: Limited Edition Mini-Skein Collections

I had a wonderful weekend filled with good food and lots of family — and I hope your holiday weekend was just as good.  But now that it’s time to go back work and the real world, the transition can be a bit harsh.  So let me see if I can soften the blow with the last of our holiday weekend special offers.  I’m super-excited about these!  Are you ready?  Here we go…

Limited Edition Holiday Mini-Skein Collections


We love what you can do with our adorable Mini-Skeins (we think of them as yarn crayons that you can use to add colour to any project!).  So we dyed some special, never-to-be-repeated colourways and put them together by the half-dozen for a perfect holiday gift.  The perfect introduction to Mini-Skeins or to Spacecadet, these little collections make a wonderful holiday gift — click here to get one.

PLUS — each Mini-Skein Collection includes the Mini-Skein Gathered Cowl pattern, so your gift recipient can cast onto the mini-skein fun straight away!

cowl-2-550(Wait… does it look like I gave Kristen a mustache?!? Oops!)


Four Month Gift Subscription to the SpaceCadet’s Mini-Skein Club


Our Mini-Skein Club is crazy-popular and a ton of fun  …and now you have the chance to give a one-time gift subscription to your favourite knitter or crocheter — or try it yourself!

Working with mini-skeins is like drawing with yarn, and each little bundle of colour becomes a new and exciting addition to your palette! Our Gift Subscription allows you or your gift recipient to join in with our regular club members from January to April 2017.  Available for only a limited timeclick here for all the details.

And Get The Last of These Before They’re Gone!…

Our Holiday Limited Edition Colourways


There are just a few of these left and they are gorgeous, so grab them before they disappear!  Click here to see what’s still available.

limited-edition-collage-horizontal-550(Can I tell you again how much I love the way this photoshoot turned out? I love it I love it I love it!)

Cool SpaceCadet Stuff from our Swag Shop

You know how you have projects you’ve been meaning to do and meaning to do and…  and you just never get around to them?  Opening the SpaceCadet Swag shop was one of those projects for me.  I can’t tell you how many times people ask me if our adorable project bags are available, or if we have more of those nifty circular needle boxes.  And now, I am thrilled to announce, we do!

To see the collection, click here and then click the “Swag” button.  We’ve got custom bags from Knerd, screenprinted project bags and custom notions tins from HipStrings, some excellent circular needle boxes, and mugs from Pawley studios.  All with our SpaceCadet grinning away!

Our Black Friday One-of-a-Kind Sweater Kits


There are a few gorgeous colour combos left — click here to check them out.  I think my favourite is #39…  what’s yours?

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