An MKAL to Give You Joy!

An MKAL to Give You Joy!

Family events mean there’s no newsletter this week, and instead I have something I am super-excited to share with you… Are you ready?

The Bubbles of Joy MKAL by Kristina Vilimaite!

What will bring you joy in 2019, what things are on your happiness list? Have you planned for some simple pleasures, for example, a meeting with a friend or an occasional hour of knitting with abandon? This shawl is one of the “moment catchers”, so you can knit some memories of joyful moments “into the fabric”, and when the shawl is worn it will be almost a magical object that will attract joyful experiences for you.

When Kristina contacted me to discuss doing kits for her beautiful MKAL, I was thrilled to work with her. And when I saw the design (shhhhhh…! I’m not giving anything away!), I knew you guys would be thrilled too. We quickly set to work combining colours for kits to make joining the MKAL super-easy for you.

With Beautiful SpaceCadet Kits!

To do it, we took all of our colourways — every single one — and laid them out together on a big sheet to mix and matching them until we found the perfect combinations. And with eight colours in each set, aren’t you intrigued to see what they create?!?

Each Bubbles of Joy kit contains 340g of Oriana (that’s over three full skeins!) and is dyed in one of three colour options:

  • the Serenity set is two 100g skeins in Crisp as the main colour with a bundle of seven 20g (approx) Mini-Skeins in the colourways Vortex, Gobsmack, Plume, Breathless, Frigia, Feather, and Solstice Sky
  • the Comfort set is two 100g skeins in Feather as the main colour with a bundle of seven 20g (approx) Mini-Skeins in the colourwaysHoney, Wilt, Time Traveller, Sage, Crisp, Stroppy, and Longing
  • the Passion set is two 100g skeins in Dark Skies as the main colour with a bundle of seven 20g (approx) Mini-Skeins in the colourwaysThrive, Honey, Blood Moon, Headstrong, Tantrum, Oxblood, and Troublemaker

And the Pattern is on Sale!

The pattern is 20% off till January 31. (EST timezone, no code required)
You can join this Mystery Knit-A-Long by purchasing the Bubbles of Joy pattern individually or you can get it as a bonus at no extra cost with the purchase of the Moment Catchers e-book.

Extra offer: Purchase the Moment Catchers e-book by January 31, and in addition to the Bubbles of Joy MKAL pattern you will get a gift: I’m Not Who You Think I Am cowl pattern.

All the MKAL Details…

To join in the MKAL, click here to go to Kristina’s group on Ravelry!

MKAL Release schedule
The pattern is first released as a Mystery Knit-A-Long (MKAL) in five parts:
January 15 — the first three pages of the pattern containing general information about the shawl are released.
February 4 — Clue 1
February 11 — Clue 2
February 18 — Clue 3
February 25 — Clue 4
The full pattern will be released on March 6, 2019

Shape of the shawl
Asymmetric triangle.

Main stitches and techniques used
Garter, slipped stitches, lace.

Looking forward to seeing fill your February with Bubbles of Joy!

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