What Makes You Buy a Pattern?

What Makes You Buy a Pattern?


Moreso than any other time of year, Deepest Winter feels like the time for stranded colourwork (oh, those Scandinavian influenced circular yokes!).  If it’s something that’s always intimidated you, check out Kate Heppell’s Guide to Colourwork, full of great tips and even free patterns to try.

three images of colourwork knitting

A tricky thing about hand-knit and hand-crocheted garments is how to wash them.  Of course, when you’re the person who has put hours into making something, it’s not hard to find the motivation to lovingly hand-wash it.  But if you make a gift for someone else, they might be a little intimidated. I think this article is a great walk-through on how to wash hand-made garments in the washing machine… without destroying them!

Designer Kath Andrews recently released a pattern for a lovely yoked sweater featuring a slip stitch pattern and professionally tech edited in nine sizes.  And it sold only two copies.  She shared it on Twitter and asked, “I’m pondering what makes a pattern popular/sell well… What would encourage you to purchase this sweater pattern?”  Frankly, I wondered that too, so I put together a quick 1-question survey to find out.  If you take a moment to fill it out, your insight would be so helpful — and I’ll be sure to share the results with Kath!


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