Eggs is Eggs!

Every day I sneak a quick peak out the window, hiding behind the curtain so as not to frighten our Mama Robin and, every day, I see either just her tail feathers where she’s happily settled down, or catch her warily eyeing me back.

Today when I peeped out, she’d just flown away for a moment, so I quickly dashed out to check the progress…

Still eggs!

(And she’s back on the nest as I type.)

An Announcement (Yes, THAT Kind of Announcement!)

One of the best things in life must surely be spending a breezy summer afternoon sitting on the back porch, with a nice glass of wine, listening to the birds and spinning wool into yarn.  Absolutely magical!


Except today I am on the front porch instead of the back, and this is why…


Last week, while I was away for a couple of days, a couple of plucky robins decided to build a nest on top of our back porch light, right next to the back door.  And every time we go in and out, or even just sit out there, they get so nervous that they leave the nest and fly to the apple tree, screaching for us to leave.  And I really want them to feel secure and comfortable, because this is what’s inside that nest…

That’s right, folks!  We’re having babies!!!

…And hanging out on the front porch for the time being.