More Sari Cardi Kits Available

Sometimes being wrong turns out to be kinda cool.  Before we launched the kits for Jenise Reid’s Sari Cardi KAL, she and I discussed how many people we thought would likely join in.  Then I dyed up kits for that number, and kept another 33% of undyed yarn in reserve, just in case.  I thought that would probably cover us.

SpaceCadet Kits for the Sari Cardi by Jenise Reid

Well!  I was wrong.

As soon as the kits went live, they started flying out the door!  It was unbelievable.  By 9am, we’d sold out of all the Sage and Sea Emerald kits, so I quickly went in and listed the reserve yarn as additional kits.  By 11.30am, those were completely gone too, as well as almost all of the other colourways: Dark Skies & Honey, and Tickled and How Dare You!  (there is now just one kit of Dark Skies & Honey left in the shop).

SpaceCadet Kits for the Sari Cardi by Jenise Reid

I’ll tell you what, it was a wild morning!  And while no one ever wants to be wrong, that was a pretty darned cool way to be wrong.

But if you missed out on getting your kit, don’t worry —  Jenise and I have decided to give more people the chance to join the KAL.   I’ve placed an order for more yarn, and set the shop to accept your orders for additional Sari Cardi Kits.

SpaceCadet Kits for the Sari Cardi by Jenise Reid

We will dye these additional kits as soon as we receive the new yarn — around the end of April — and we’ll be dyeing them immediately to get them out as quickly as possible.  The additional kits will be available in the shop for the next week or two and, if you place your order now, you should receive your kit in the first half of May (international deliveries may take longer).

Click here to grab your kit!

I am absolutely delighted to see so many of you so excited about this KAL!  I’m just tickled to have the opportunity to offer extra kits so even more of you can join.  Being wrong isn’t really something most people aspire to but you know what?  I gotta say…  if you’re going to be wrong, this has to have been just about the best way to do it!

SpaceCadet Kits for the Sari Cardi by Jenise Reid

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