Sweater Kits and KALs

When we went to our Spring shows this year, we brought a huge pile of Sweater Kits.  They were something of an experiment — I hadn’t really announced them or talked about them ahead of time — but they were a big hit!  I loved watching customers digging through all the Sweater Kits to find the one that was just right.  And tons of you emailed and tweeted to ask, would the Sweater Kits be available in the shop?  Could you get them even if you can’t get to the shows?   The answer is yes, but in the rush of all the stuff that was going on after the shows (including this!), I never got the chance to put the kits in the shop after we got home.

The SpaceCadet's Sweater Kits


Sweater Kits for the Hana Hou KAL

But then I realised the other day that KAL for Singlehanded Knit’s fabulous Hana Hou is starting in just a few days — remember that lovely slouchy cardi that you knew you’d wear for just forever?  Yeah, I suddenly realised I should make those Sweater Kits available for anyone who’d still like to join the KAL.  We’ll have more kits in the works soon, but if you want to get in on the KAL, click here quick and grab one of the ones we’ve got in stock!

Hana Hou Sweater Kits
(And if you fancy knitting in it an Ombre or Gradient colourway, there’s a few of those left too.)


Sari Cardi KAL Starts, More Kits on the Way!

And May 1st sees the start of the KAL for Jenise Reid’s gorgeous Sari Cardi.  The Sari Cardi is knit in Thebe, our wonderfully airy Silk-Linen 2-play, and is an intriguing knit that incorporates unique shaping to create its beautiful sari-like draping.  Now you know that we sold out of the Sari Cardi Kits super fast, but we have more stock coming in and will be dyeing up additional kits to send out as soon as possible.  If you’d like to get on the waiting list for a kit and join the KAL when they’re ready, click here to order your Sari Cardi Kit!

The SpaceCadet's kit for the Sari Cardi


More Sari Cardi Kits Available

Sometimes being wrong turns out to be kinda cool.  Before we launched the kits for Jenise Reid’s Sari Cardi KAL, she and I discussed how many people we thought would likely join in.  Then I dyed up kits for that number, and kept another 33% of undyed yarn in reserve, just in case.  I thought that would probably cover us.

SpaceCadet Kits for the Sari Cardi by Jenise Reid

Well!  I was wrong.

As soon as the kits went live, they started flying out the door!  It was unbelievable.  By 9am, we’d sold out of all the Sage and Sea Emerald kits, so I quickly went in and listed the reserve yarn as additional kits.  By 11.30am, those were completely gone too, as well as almost all of the other colourways: Dark Skies & Honey, and Tickled and How Dare You!  (there is now just one kit of Dark Skies & Honey left in the shop).

SpaceCadet Kits for the Sari Cardi by Jenise Reid

I’ll tell you what, it was a wild morning!  And while no one ever wants to be wrong, that was a pretty darned cool way to be wrong.

But if you missed out on getting your kit, don’t worry —  Jenise and I have decided to give more people the chance to join the KAL.   I’ve placed an order for more yarn, and set the shop to accept your orders for additional Sari Cardi Kits.

SpaceCadet Kits for the Sari Cardi by Jenise Reid

We will dye these additional kits as soon as we receive the new yarn — around the end of April — and we’ll be dyeing them immediately to get them out as quickly as possible.  The additional kits will be available in the shop for the next week or two and, if you place your order now, you should receive your kit in the first half of May (international deliveries may take longer).

Click here to grab your kit!

I am absolutely delighted to see so many of you so excited about this KAL!  I’m just tickled to have the opportunity to offer extra kits so even more of you can join.  Being wrong isn’t really something most people aspire to but you know what?  I gotta say…  if you’re going to be wrong, this has to have been just about the best way to do it!

SpaceCadet Kits for the Sari Cardi by Jenise Reid

The Sari Cardi KAL and a SpaceCadet Dyeing Class

You know that phrase, “The best things come to those who wait”?  Well sometimes the waiting is pretty darned hard!  For the past couple of months, I’ve been working on two new projects that are just so exciting, I thought I’d burst.  And at last I get to share them with you!

Sari Cardi pattern and KAL with Jenise Reid

The wonderfully talented Jenise Reid (you know her from her gorgeous Persian Dreams blanket) has chosen SpaceCadet Thebe for her new design, the Sari Cardi.  Created in paired coordinating colours, the Sari Cardi has a versatile draped construction, beautiful texturing, and intriguing shaping.  Knit at a loose gauge in Thebe, the SpaceCadet’s (very!) heavy laceweight in 65% silk and 35% linen, it gets softer and more beautiful the more its worn.

SpaceCadet Kits for the Sari Cardi by Jenise Reid

The pattern is released on April 15, the KAL kicks off on May 1 and, when Jenise told me about it, I knew we just had to put together some kits to support it!  Each kit contains three skeins of Thebe — two in the main colour and one in the coordinating colour — and a download code for a FREE copy of the Sari Cardi pattern.  They are available in limited quantities, so click here to grab one quick and come knit the Sari Cardi along with us!

SpaceCadet Kits for the Sari Cardi by Jenise Reid


SpaceCadet Dyeing Class at Camp Aloha Friends

Today was the first day all year that it felt like summer might actually be on its way and, when it does, I’m going to summer camp!  Mel of Singlehanded Knits has asked me to be a camp counselor at Camp Aloha Friends, her super-fun packed-with-crafty-stuff summer camp.  Want to come?

The SpaceCadet teaches a dyeing class at Camp Aloha Friends!

I’ll be teaching a class that has me super excited, because I’ll be walking you through the exact same steps I took when I first started experimenting with fiber and colour: learning with dye with drink mixes.  It’s crazy fun, because it’s easy to learn, the colours are vibrant, and the results are quick.  I can’t wait show you guys!

The SpaceCadet teaches a dyeing class at Camp Aloha Friends!

And I’m just one of a whole bucket load of teachers at Camp Aloha Friends!  There are classes in all sorts of crafty pursuits: sewing, tatting, crochet, bead making, weaving… and the list goes on and on.  In fact, click here to watch a fab video taking you through everything you’ll get to do.

Exciting stuff, right?  I know I can’t wait to get started — and I so hope you’ll be joining me too!