Giveaway! Hunter Hammersen’s New Book, Curls

Some days are just great mail days, aren’t they?  From the sounds of our Yarn Alliance members on the Ravelry forum, they got a great mail day when their parcels began arriving earlier this week.  And if you’re in the SpaceCadet’s Mini-Skein Club, you’ll be getting a great mail day very soon.  As a business owner, most of my mail tends be bills and other (boring) official business, but I had a really fantastic mail day last week…

Curls by Hunter Hammersen

Hunter Hammersen, the author of the Knitter’s Curiosity Cabinet series and designer of some of the most deliciously delicate patterns I’ve ever seen, sent me a copy of her latest book, Curls.  Based on wonderfully curved shapes that drape beautifully around the neck and shoulders, Hunter’s patterns can become a cowl, a scarf, a shawl, or something even more dramatic.  And because they can be knit in any size yarn at any gauge, the creative options are wide open.

I pulled the book out of the packaging and flipped through it quickly.  I was looking for one particular Curl — the one that I knew Hunter had designed in SpaceCadet yarn.  It’s Ianthine and it uses the incredible drape of SpaceCadet Oriana yarn to full effect.  The smoothness of the yarn allows the beautiful lace stitchwork to really open up, and the fantastic hand of Oriana’s 8-ply construction is perfectly suited to the drape and shape of one of Hunter’s Curls.  I can’t tell you how excited I am that she chose this yarn for her beautiful Ianthine!

Ianthine by Hunter Hammersen, designed in SpaceCadet Oriana yarn

But you know what’s even more exciting?  There was a second copy of Curls in the parcel that Hunter sent me.  So now, let me see…   What should I do with that?

Giveaway: A Copy of Curls and a Skein of Oriana!

How about I share it with one of you?  That’s right, let’s give it away to one lucky winner!  And because nothing is more torturous than having a wonderful new pattern but nothing to cast on with, I’m throwing in a skein of Oriana yarn too!  How fun is that?!?

Giveaway! Win a copy of Curls, the new book of patterns by Hunter Hammersen, and a skein of SpaceCadet Oriana yarn!

To enter, just leave a comment on the blog post, telling me the thing that appeals to you the most about Hunter’s designs (be sure to enter before Feb 1, 2015 — see official rules below).

And then, please take the opportunity to pay it forward by sharing this giveaway with your knitting friends on Twitter, Facebook, and Ravelry.  And for every share you make, I promise the Universe will send you a cosmic wave of good luck.  Because, seriously, who doesn’t need a cosmic wave of good luck?!?

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For Facebook: Woot! The SpaceCadet is giving away a copy of Hunter Hammersen’s new book, Curls, and a coordinating skein of SpaceCadet yarn! Click here to enter: #SpaceCadetCurls

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There’s always small print! Official rules: NO PURCHASE NECESSARY. Open to entrants worldwide, age 18 or older. Void where prohibited. Odds of winning depend on number of entries received. Sweepstakes ends 11:59 p.m. EST on January 31, 2015. Official entry is made by commenting on the SpaceCadet blog post titled “Giveaway! Hunter Hammersen’s New Book, Curls” . Limit one entry per person. One prize, consisting of one (1) copy of Curls by Hunter Hammersen, valued at $21.95 and one (1) skein of SpaceCadet Oriana yarn, valued at $28. Total prize value: $49.95. Winner will be selected by random drawing. Prize cannot be redeemed for cash. Prize cannot be substituted. Employees and family of employees of SpaceCadet Inc are ineligible. A list of winners will be available on the SpaceCadet blog on or after Feb 3 2015. Sponsored by SpaceCadet Inc, PO Box 113312, Pittsburgh PA 15241. For full official rules, go to

324 thoughts on “Giveaway! Hunter Hammersen’s New Book, Curls

  1. I like the deceptive simplicity of her designs. The stitch pattern is beautiful, but the overall effect is simple beauty, not at all fussy. I also like the flexibility gauge/yarn/size, etc. – very smart!

  2. I love the flow. I’m trying to knit more things that have unexpected shape and design and think these patterns are just what I’m looking for.

  3. What beautiful patterns! I love the textures and these projects would be awesome to wear with everything my daughter and I have (My daughter tends to sneak my needlework out to dress up her outfits). Being able to knit the projects at any gauge makes these patterns very appealing.

  4. I love how each pattern is unique (patterns in some collections all look the same) and they are all gorgeous.

  5. I enjoy the variety — they are all organic and obviously of a theme, yet all have differences that make them stand out from each other.

  6. I love that the patterns are gauge-agnostic. I almost never achieve the same gauge as what’s listed in the pattern, and I’m often scrambling to find the right needles. Sounds like with these patterns, I won’t have to worry anymore!

  7. I love the variety of textures available in a single collection. They would be perfect for just a few skeins of really beautiful yarn.

  8. I love how natural her patterns are, either in texture or inspiration. They’re always so well done and sooo lovely to look at!

  9. I am intrigued by how the same basic design element unfurls in so many different ways. Each curls looks like a new design.

  10. I just love the delicate and unusual stitches. Plus every design while beautiful is so functional too! Can’t wait to try one!

  11. Hunter has come up with a new way to think about shawls and scarves that makes them fun to create and easier to wear. I am looking forward to working on a couple of the patterns.

  12. This collection looks so interesting, and I am having a hard time not jumping on the Curl bandwagon! They look so much more organic than traditional shapes.

  13. I like that the patterns are not the massive, look-like-you’re-buried scarves and cowls that I’ve seen so many of. I wouldn’t manage to stand wearing any of those for more than about five minutes, before I’d rip it off. These look eminently wearable.

  14. Pick me, pick me! I would like to start at the begining and knit all the patterns! One is not enough! The shape and texture are both flattering and wearable.

  15. These beautiful scarves are like a gorgeous hug wrapped around you. I would love to make one of each for my friends in my knittsters group.

  16. I love the shape of the designs. Many of the designs would complement modern and vintage outfits!

  17. I’ve been in love with this designer’s patterns since I discovered her. What a wonderful giveaway. Her designs are just unique….and so well thought out. There’s nothing like them and that’s what appeals the most.

  18. I just love how classic, yet interesting Hunter Hammersen’s designs are – something for just about anybody’s personal style, for just about any occasion & never a dull knit! I just LOVE the Curls collection!

  19. They are all so beautiful. Hard to choose one over the other, but love that the scarves and shawls are so versatile.

  20. I love that these can be done with different weight yarn. Great way to use up some stash and come away with a beautiful item. I think I will make them as christmas presents.


  21. I love all of Hunter’s books, and I am really intrigued by this shape of wrap. If I don’t happen to win, I will immediately put this on my birthday wishlist!

  22. Love all the varieties and uniqueness of the patterns. One for every day of the week depending on your mood!

  23. I love Hunter’s patterns, they are so unique and I think she has out done herself with “Curls”. I love them all. I can’t wait to knit the cover “curl” it’s my favorite and I want to knit all the others also.

  24. I love the versatility of the projects. It’s a perfect way to find a good use to that special skein of yarn, you know which one, the one that is aouvenir/love at first sight yarn.

  25. These patterns are absolutely gorgeous! They are, as the cover says, very wearable. I thought that even before I saw the cover. I love to knit things that will truly get use, and when they are stunning besides, well that is just a win-win situation! And your yarn… well, its beauty goes without saying.

  26. I have been thinking about trying shawl knitting for the first time. Hunter Hammerson’s patterns are all gorgeous! I especially like like the idea of working in any yarn or gauge.

  27. I like the versatility of the patterns. There is also a good bit of variety, so there is bound to be a pattern for every person’s style. What I also like is that even if a particular project really isn’t necessarily your own style, no one can deny that the pattern is still quite pretty regardless.

  28. I like the different shapes, they all drape so beautifully. I also think they might distract my baby from pulling my hair 😉

  29. I would love to knit any one of Hunter’s wrap designs! They are so different than most patterns I see and have in my pattern stash! I was gifted a skein of Space Cadet yarn recently and am just looking for the right project!

  30. The things I like best are that I could use stash yarn. Any yarn in there!! Plus any of these designs would be great with Space Cadet Yarns!!

  31. I have been wanting to try one of Hunter Hammerson’s patterns AND your yarns. This is a perfect opportunity! Love that there are so many possibilities and permutations in these beautiful wraps and bits of warmth. Thank you!

  32. These designs give me the same feeling as having a good hair day — big, soft, round curls. (Don’t ask about what comes to mind on the much more numerous bad hair days…)

  33. I love her designs in this book! I’ve been watching as the book was released and I think what I love most is how most of these have a certain way they drape naturally from the stitch patterns – I’m forever trying to learn how to drape scarves so they look good. Plus her stitch patterns are so unique 🙂 Thanks for the giveaway!

  34. I love that she manages to have so many different patterns that are distinct and so different, yet similar. They all seem so very wearable. Thanks for the Giveaway!

  35. I thought this was going to be a hard question because I love everything about Hunter’s designs, but then I realized the thing that sets her apart in my mind are her textures…how all of her patterns have a depth that appeals to the sense of touch in addition to the sense of sight.

    Thanks for hosting the giveaway! It’s nice of you to share with us. 🙂

  36. I love how Hunter takes stitch patterns and turns them into unique interesting pieces. I love the curls. Thanks for the giveaway!

  37. Thanks for offering such a generous giveaway! I definitely want to knit Ianthine and a few others… and SpaceCadet yarn would be wonderful to use 🙂

  38. Love all of the designs in this book and the versatility. Knit a cowl, scarf or shawl and to use your yarns closest to heaven you can get…… yummmmmm

  39. any of her beautiful patterns in space cadet yarn would be fabulous ! I especially like the softness of the shapes & the flow of the pieces which is inherent in the designs.
    These are absolutely the type of thing I like to make as my ‘relaxation’ knitting.

  40. I want to make all of the Curls. These shawls look amazing and with your yarn it would be a dream to knit.

  41. I love that the designs are crisp, but flowy – that’s exactly what I like to wear! 🙂 And your yarn is delicious too!

  42. I was watching the pre-release roll out pics and am just blown away all the different patterns. Love!!!

  43. My favorite is the green, less curly, curl scarf/shawl. If I win the book, that’ll be the first one I make. 🙂

  44. oh wow! I’ve been thinking about getting this book! Yes, please!

    Thanks for the great giveaway!

  45. I love the shape of these designs. This is the first I’m seeing of this designer, but I’m still fairly new to the world of knitting so I have a lot to catch up on

  46. I love that Hunter’s designs are elegant, yet practical enough that I could wear them any day of the week.

  47. A perfect marriage showing great stitch definition with your beautiful yarn and Hunter’s patterns

  48. The front cover shawl reminds me of fern fronds, beautifully curling. I am excited to knit from a collection with so many textures and unusual shapes.

  49. I like that there is a wide variety of styles/patterns to suit everyone’s tastes. The “curl” feature of many wraps is so cute too! knittylucia on Ravelry

  50. The thing I love most about Hunter Hammersen’s designs is the intricacy of her stitch patterns.

  51. these look so wearable. so many shawls and shrugs and scarves are beautiful to look at, but hard to wear.

  52. I love that this is one shape and yet each design is unique! Gorgeous attention to detail in every design! 🙂 I have had this in my shopping basket at Rav and have been trying to get through some sweater knits so I can tackle some of these.

  53. I love that the designs are all very fashionable and look like they would be very enjoyable to knit up. Who doesn’t love a entertaining knitting project that turns into a great finished object!

  54. The organic forms of the shawls and the easy repeats really appeal to me. Thanks for the giveaway!

  55. I think the most appealing thing is that they are all classy, but modern. Not in your face modern…does that make sense? I’d love to make each of these shawls!

  56. This book is a rare treat because the patterns are so unique from one another. I especially love the shawls with curly tendrils one one point of the shawl.

  57. I love how wearable all of the curls are. The shape gives them all wonderful drape. Thank you for this opportunity.

  58. Her patterns are very unique looking and look like they would be fun to knit – thanks for having the giveaway 🙂

  59. I love the way Hunter designs her patterns to have the perfect balance of the color of the yarn and the stitch pattern.

  60. The fluidity is amazing. Everything flows and drapes most beautifully. The knowledge that any yarn/any gauge works is something that puts all the designs over the top!

  61. I love that her designs have so much variety, yet at the same time, they all have an air of femininity. All of them are so lovely! The versatility of being able to use any weight of yarn is icing on the cake!

  62. Whether socks or shawls, Hunter’s patterns are true variations on a theme – every pattern is unique and interesting, so while you may get used to (for instance) a construction method, the stitch patterns are so different that you keep coming back for more.

  63. I love most the fact that they are just beautiful knits, the lace, the colors, beautiful patterns.

  64. I love that any gauge works which makes any addicted knitter smile that they can pick up the needles and knit these wonderful shawls

  65. Wow! I’ve knit some of the marvelous socks Hunter has designed and now there are all these wonderful shawls! Must make one of these!

  66. I really like this book because of the beautiful shapes. The yarns used are lovely too. 🙂

  67. What I love most about this collection of patterns is the variety. I find it frustrating when I buy a buy and most of the patterns turn out to be “variations on a theme” and maybe even “too much of a good thing”. But this has lace in Sinopia, a solid texture in Chlorochrous and even cables (I love cables) in Icterine. No way of getting bored here.

    I’m off to share this competition with my local SnB Rav-based group.

  68. I love the uniqueness and elegance of these patterns. Each one will be unique to the knitter as they are able to choose the yarn weight that they prefer. Space Cadet yarn colorways are always unique to the individual skein and they are lovely to work with, making each FO a one of a kind.

  69. I have not knit any of Hunter’s designs before but I am seriously digging the mustard cable-style shawl – pretty sure I could rock that in some of my own hand-dyed fibres.

  70. I love that you can knit them up in different weights and I love how the ends curl around on some of the designs.

  71. I love the intricacy of Hunter’s patterns. They knit up beautifully and are enjoyed each time I wear them. I also love Spacecadet yarns 🙂

  72. i love the way Hunter creates her designs around a consistent theme. Her designs are just lovely.

  73. I love how feminine they are. All of them have a simple beauty that will accent every woman’s loveliness.

  74. I just want a huge cup of coffee, a crackling fire, watch the snowfall, my needles in hand and this giveaway right next to me. What a perfect day.
    This book caught my eye because Hunter uses a basic shape but transforms it by uniting a stitch pattern that showcases the characteristics of the yarn.
    I’m really beginning to understand why certain fibers are blended for yarns and it isn’t about just about color and weight when selecting yarn for a project.
    Thank you for this giveaway and congratulations on your selection for Curves!

  75. I love the variety of stitch patterns and garment shapes. It will be hard to decide which to knit first!

  76. I love the intricacy of the patterns! The curls are beautiful and the versatility of the shawls are amazing!

  77. Hunter’s pattern are just so organic. I think I pretty much own them all. The Curls are so comfortable looking and more fun than straight triangular shawls.

  78. Hunter’s designs use fresh stitch patterns and I love that! Such a difference from the same-old same-old. Thanks for the great giveaway!

  79. The lacey curl on the cover is A*M*A*Z*I*N*G!!!! All her work is stunning, in my opinion.

  80. I have thoroughly enjoyed Hunter’s Knitter’s Curiosity Cabinet books, and Curls looks like it contains the same type of inventive designs. I’m looking forward to exploring the versatility of the Curls!

  81. I love the drape — and the pink one that’s all spiraly reminds me of seashells or something. So pretty!

  82. I love how beautifully they drape, and how different each pattern is from another. Definitely something to fit anyone’s personality and tastes. Thanks for hosting this great giveaway!

  83. I love how they are functional, but oh so gorgeous! No plain scarf these, the show off the stitches even when casual wrapped around your neck.

  84. I love how her patterns are so versatile and you don’t have to spend so much time trying to match the correct yarn with a pattern and could possibly use yarn you already have in your stash. They are all just such beautiful patterns. Thank you for the awesome giveaway.

  85. I really like the different levels of shawls some look fairly easy and some look difficult seems that it would be a great book to work through as I advance my knitting skills.

  86. I really like how the patterns allow for different yarns and gauges and still create awesome finished objects!

  87. I like the variety of stitches, from simple to complex, yet they all give stunning results. KittenWhiplash on Rav. Thanks for the giveaway!

  88. I’ve been seeing this book around the internet a lot lately and would love to win a copy! One of the things that I like most about the designs is that they are customizable to different yarns.

  89. I love the beautiful designs. This book is definitely on my wishlist! I also Love trying yarn I’m unfamiliar with so winning would be fabulous.

  90. What a wonderful giveaway!! I especially love the patterns because they are so feminine and just lovely. Thanks for the opportunity!

  91. These patterns are just lovely! They are so chic, yet simple enough to be worn dressed up or dressed casual. They’re also unique, not your average looking design that some designers just whip up. I would absolutely love to cast on each one othese gorgeous designs!

  92. I love all of Hunter’s designs, and have knitted several of her socks, but these shawls (wraps?) take the cake. Whatever you choose to call them, this is the most beautiful book of patters I have ever seen. I want to knit them all. I plan to knit them all. What a gifted and amazing designer.

  93. I love the “any gauge” part, and the intricacy. There’s nothing more fun than sitting down to work out an elegant lace pattern!

  94. I’m so excited about the variety! Some are dressy, some are casual; some are pointy, some are squarish; some are floaty, some are twirly; it goes on and on! Thanks for letting us know about this must-have book.

  95. I love the organic nature of these designs; to wear one would be like being clothed in ferns and water.

  96. Actually, I’ve been saving up my pennies for this book ever since I saw it a couple of weeks ago. I love the fact that you can make beautiful scarves/shawlettes/wraps (or whatever you want to call them) at any gauge and size. It just seems like such a versatile book!

  97. I really like the new book by Hunter. Nice variety of stitches in the different patterns. Lots of possibilities… 🙂

  98. Thank you for the giveaway! I loooove oriana and that book looks so wonderful to knit the perfect shawl.
    Backtobasics on rav

  99. The picture on the cover just made me squee. I do love a challenge and these shawls and wraps are gorgeous!

  100. I love Curls because it is the first book where more than just a couple designs appeal to me. If I won this I would love to make them all! I don’t know how I would decide which one to start with.

  101. I love these shawl patterns! I think anyone who wore any pattern would feel so special & beautiful & that would show to the outside world too!

  102. The wearability of these shawls is amazing! Each one can be draped dramatically over your shoulders or scrunched up around your neck and will look amazing either way.

  103. Such beautiful versatile patterns! I love the drape and of course, the curls – so fun and yet elegant at the same time!

  104. I adore these patterns. They’re all fantastic and look doable and eye catching. I’m pretty excited to get this book eventually!

  105. Well, if you saw my hair, you’d know the reason!!! Seriously, I was attracted to the maturity of the the designs, the fact that they are different and, as we head into the summer, they seem to be lighter weight and beautiful!

  106. I love the versatility of the collection so many shapes, construction styles… you can be entertained for hours!

  107. I love the designs in Curls! I don’t own the book yet (it’s on my list), but I love the many different ways they can be worn and draped. I can’t wait to make some myself. Thanks for the lovely giveaway! <3

  108. I love the drape and elegance of her shawls and you can’t ask for more flexibility! It’s the perfect go-to book when you are looking to really engage your creativity and come up with something amazing! When you add wonderful yarn to a great pattern, the sky is the limit!

  109. What a great collection – there’s not one I wouldn’t knit. As a previous commenter noted, that’s pretty rare. Love the drape and the variety of the shawls featured, and that they can be done in a variety of weights for different effects. And a skein of Oriana to make one of these fabulous shawls? Who wouldn’t want to win?

  110. I like the unique way she finds to use all of the different stitch patterns in her designs.

  111. I love the elegance and the design of Hunter’s patterns. I also really appreciate the versatility of this collection!

  112. What a collection of gorgeous shawls! It sounds fantastic that they can be made as scarves, cowls, or shawls and with any weight yarn. Of course, a skein of SpaceCadet yarn would be great to use. Thanks for the give-away!


  113. I am a newer knitter (but long time hooker) and Hunter is a new to me designer! I LOVE the variety in this book!!! I usually only go after single patterns because most books only have 1-2 I would really use. This book is fantastic though and even if I’m not chosen by the ‘random gods’ to win, I will seek this one out to purchase!

  114. I love the look of her designs. As a somewhat newbie knitter (August 2014) I’m still learning but the one pattern that she has: Metopsilus porcellus Cowl has captured my interest. I plan to buy this later when funds are available. I will also be sharing this giveaway on Facebook.

  115. i have loved these designs since the first day i saw them, they are just so wearable and look brilliant, so much drape and look so good, the fact they can be made with any gauge yarn is an added bonus thank you for a brilliant give away shared on fb woolytanis on rav x

  116. I love it when I see a pattern and my fingers start to flex, like I have to cast-on immediately. There were at least a half dozen patterns that literally leaped at me from the screen! I would love to win this book…and, of course, the gorgeous yarn that comes with it.

  117. Every single one of the designs is a winner which is very rare indeed. What a great offer (and my daughter who told me about this has a birthday in February so wouldn’t it be fabulous if one of us won!)

  118. I would love to receive a copy of this book and your yarn! the patterns are so beautiful, I want to make them all!

  119. I love all of these patterns because each of them are unique. And each pattern is workable ,they are written so well making each pattern easily accessible for even the most novice knitter.

  120. I love the versatility of the designs. Everyone has that one skein of something gorgeous that you don’t know what to do with, this book solves that problem! Every design is amazing, and is perfect for showing off not only the lacework, cables, etc., but also the beauty of the yarn. IN one word, I would have to say this book is perfect!

  121. These patterns have stunning textures and lovely drape! I would love to knit one up in Space Cadet yarn!!

  122. I think I like all the shawls in Curls! (Seriously – I can’t just pick one or two to mention!)

    Thanks for the giveaway!

  123. Love the shape of these! The curl seems to be perfect for draping around the neck and shoulder without added bulk or having to constantly adjust. Pavonated is my favorite.

  124. Hunter’s designs are so detailed! It’s amazing how much each element fits perfectly into the overall design. I also love that the Curls can be knit at any gauge. What a great way to play with new skeins of yarn!

  125. i really love how the edges of these shawls bias. plus, with curls in my hairs, it might be “meant to be” for me to k it the curl shawls too! 🙂

  126. I have been “dying” for this book since I saw it online a few weeks ago! I love the unique designs and the way each shawl drapes. It is also a bonus that you don’t have to worry about gauge. Thank you!

  127. Wow, how lovely! I adore patterns that don’t require gauge. And I love shawls & cowls & scarves, so versatile and always enjoyable knits, and perfect for the gift box for last minute needs! I’ll have to pick up this book if I don’t win…and maybe a skein or two:)

  128. I love the fact there are so many styles to select. And the type of yarn and needle size is endless. I can pick yarn from stash and start a project right away. Each pattern is beautiful.

  129. I love knitting lace and texture patterns and Hunter’s patterns are beautiful and challenging.

    My ravelryname is : Loves2Dance

    Thanks for the chance to win the giveaway.

  130. I love the fact that her patterns are all very trendy and fashionable looking rather than a scarf that only a mature person would wear. BTW, I am a mother to 5, mature, and like to stay fashionable. These scarves would look great on any age!

  131. Wow Stephanie! Great Giveaway! I had already been anticipating this release — It would be great to win the book and your lovely yarn. Anytime I see a design of HH, you can just sense her commitment to design, intricate, yet appealing and with the feeling of do-ability. I also like that these can be done at any gauge. Thanks for the opportunity.

  132. I love the versatility of the curls patterns. That first one is stunning! I need this book just for that pattern.

  133. The lace on the cover photo is gorgeous and I love how many of the patterns helix around themselves, and for once, it looks good!

  134. That top project is KNIT?! It is stunning – and so out of the ordinary from regular lace shawls. I’m going to have to make one for myself 🙂 (asimplehomestd on Rav)

  135. Hunter is brilliant at pairing textured stitches and lace stitches in new and evocative ways. The combinations she put together in the patterns in Curls are so beautiful and show the yarns to their best advantage! However, the pattern, Curls, is one that is as much art as it is function and I love it best of all the patterns in the book.

  136. I have loved Hunter’s designs in socks, but haven’t ever ventured into them because all of that hard work and detail would be on my feet, where it is hard to show off, I made very excited for these shawls, especially since they are designed to stay on, sometimes that is the hardest part of wearing hand knits. I’m very excited to knit inward of these, even if I don’t win, although we all hope we do: )

  137. I love the wearability of the curved pieces; the way they hug the neck. I am always cold, and love to wear little shawlettes to keep warm – it does not hurt if they are knitted from lovely yarns as well – it’s like wearing warm jewelry 🙂

  138. This book is on my list of definitely buy as soon as I get some money, but how awesome would it be to win it AND a skein of your yarn!

  139. The versatility of using different yarns and gauges is what appeals to me the most. When I buy a book or design I like being able to get the most out of it with the various yarns that catch my eye. Very exciting patterns and the yarn looks yummy!

  140. I love these designs–the thing that stands out to me is that I want to make ALL of them. The designs are so diverse but they are all wearable with so many different things and through all the seasons. Beautiful work!

  141. The designs are unothadox, unusual and fun both for the knitter and the wearer. I’d love to win a copy but in the meantime I’m waiting patiently until May 29th when Amazzon Uk will have it in stock.

  142. Amazing and beautiful designs! I love the shape and the drape and the lace! I will definitely be knitting one of these in my one of a kind Space Cadet yarn. I would love to own a copy of this book! And, of course, a skein of yarn to go with it;-)

  143. A pretty shawl makes a most lovely gift. It can be any size, no fussing with gauge, and like these patterns, can show off wonderful stitches and fantastic yarn. I would enjoy knitting my way through this book

  144. Patterns that are so versatile that you get to choose the gauge AND the needle size?! On top of which, they’re elegant and easy to wear?! Yes please! 🙂

  145. The designs are classic and elegant. I love the yarn selections! I would like to work throughs the entire book. I have not tried your beautiful yarn yet. Dark skies and plume look amazing. Thanks for the chance.

  146. Hunter’s designs are elegant, unique, and always lovely. Some remind me of intricate botanical patterns – I love them all. The yarn is exquisite -what a delightful giveaway. Thank you.

  147. Hunter chose a beautiful design to showcase your yarn. I like the intricacy, the size of her designs, and the way they drape so gracefully. Lovely.

  148. Each pattern is so beautiful. I like every single pattern. That is quite rare. Love this book. Yarn is icing on the cake.

  149. The designs and the yarn paired together …. I don’t think it could get better than that !

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