New SpaceCadet Fiber Triple Kits!

New SpaceCadet Fiber Triple Kits!

Even though I talk a lot about knitting and crochet, the truth is that I wouldn’t be a dyer if I hadn’t first become a spinner.  It was spinning that really got me hooked on colour, and spinning that led to me meet all the dyers (both here in the States and in the UK) who inspired and influenced me.  So spinning, and thus spinning fiber, are really very dear to my heart.   So you’d think SpaceCadet would dye a lot of fiber, right?  Well, I’ve always wanted to but, to be honest, we’re so busy with all the yarn we dye that we’ve never seemed to have the time.

But then I was talking with a friend of mine when I had an idea…  Instead of one braid, what if we dyed three mini-bumps of fiber in separate coordinating colourways that are designed to work together no matter which way you spin them?  Work them one after another for a dramatic gradient fade,  spin them separately to ply into a barberpole, or use bits from each mixed all together for a soft blend with crazy pops of colour.  The more I thought about it, the more excited I got to start dyeing it…  and so the SpaceCadet® Hand-Dyed Fiber Triple Kit was born!

Flow Trio 580Temper Trio 580


Packaging three separate mini-bumps was a bit of a challenge (how do you keep them together but still tidy?) until I thought of these cool reusable tins.  Your fiber stays clean and neat until you’re ready to spin it.  And — bonus! — you can still love all over the colour even when it’s safely packed away!

Three Fibers, Five Colourway Trios

We chose three types of fiber (to start with, at least…  we may be adding more soon)

  • 100% Fine Superwash Merino — Soft as clouds, a dream to spin.
  • 50% Merino / 50% Bamboo — The merino takes the dye but the bamboo doesn’t, which makes for an incredible sheen as the bamboo “frosts” your yarn with a stunning icy shimmer.
  • 65% Superwash Merino / 35% Silk — There is nothing so special as silk, and this combination of merino and silk creates a yarn just that special.

And these five awesome colourway trios.  Each one is designed to coordinate and still contrast — so much fun to spin!

  • Flow Trio —  A bump of spring greens, a second bump of dusty blue, and a third bump of intriguing blue-violets, tied together with pops of fuchsia and streaks of black.
  • Breeze Trio — A bump of  barely-there blue, a second bump of soft lilac, and a third bump in a gentle lemon with touches of blues and lilac.
  • Fathoms Down Trio  — A bump of smokey blues, a second bump of drizzle grays, and a third bump of turquoise-grays.
  • Temper Trio —  A bump of warm red, a second bump of bold magenta, and a third bump of rich purple, all flecked with spots of black.
  • Thrive Trio — A bump of bright grass green, a second bump of soft aquamarine, and a third bump of electric pink, all with touches of gray, black, and stunning pops of rust.

Breeze Trio 580Thrive Trio 580

Order for Tour de Fleece!

And with Tour de Fleece right around the corner, the timing couldn’t be more perfect!  The Tour de France starts on July 4th and teams of spinners are forming all over Ravelry in preparation to spin along with the cyclists in the Tour de Fleece.  Click here to place your order for in-stock fiber and we’ll get it out straight away — domestic orders go by Priority Mail and should arrive in plenty of time for the start of TdF;  International orders go by first class and, depending on Customs, can be a little more unpredictable.

Look for More Colourways in the Future

It’s been tons of fun to dye this fiber — I forgot how much I enjoy it — so we’ll be adding more colourways (and more fiber too?) in the coming months.  In  the meantime, I’m just so excited to share this with you.  And I can’t wait to see all the creative ways you guys spin up your mini-bumps of fiber!

Fathoms Down Trio  580

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