How to Give the EASIEST Holiday Gift

How to Give the EASIEST Holiday Gift

I am a terrible holiday gift shopper. Lots of other people write out lists, get to the shops weeks ahead, and have everything bought, wrapped, ready to go with plenty of time to spare. Not me. I always seem to let the holidays sneak up on me. Then I’m trying to think of the perfect gift way too late… panic… run out to the shops and get scared by the long lines (or even fail to find a place to park!), come home and try again online, realise it’s too late for shipping, run back out to the shops, panic again and compromise on the concept of “perfect”, then stand in line for ages, fight the traffic home, and finally… collapse onto the couch with a good-enough gift and a slight sinking feeling in my heart.

Been there? I have a better solution for you. If you’ve got a knitter or crocheter on your list, I know a way to make them super-happy this holiday season, with a gift that will deliver yarny goodness all year long. And one that is easy to buy, stress free, with no worries about shipping or parking or long lines. In fact, even better than the fact that it is so easy to give, I think it is the perfect holiday gift. Are you ready?…

It's SpaceMonster Time!Whether it’s for a fiber-loving friend or (who are we kidding?) even for yourself, the SpaceMonster Mega Yarn Club is an awesome gift that keeps giving for months on end. It’s all about big, smooshy worsted and bulkies — because there is nothing like a skein of lovely, thick yarn to make you want to pick it up, squish it, press it against your cheek, and… dive right into it! And when you cast on, they always work up so fast! Big yarns are gorgeous.

Yarn Collage


Here’s what you’re getting…

…big smooshy yarns, gorgeous new colourways
that no one else can get their hands on,
and a seriously fab gift!

There is nothing in the whole world like a skein of lovely, smooshy, thick yarn to make you want to pick it up, squish it… dive right into it! Big, bulky yarns call out to you, beg you to pick them up and press them against your cheek. And when you cast on, they always work up so fast! Big yarns are gorgeous.

As a member of the SpaceMonsters Mega Club, you receive:

  • a fantastic parcel delivered to their door every other month, containing a beautiful skein of SpaceCadet® yarn in worsted or bulky weight, hand-dyed in an exclusive colourway* created to bring out the best in thicker yarns.
  • The SpaceCadet’s Log exploring the inspiration for each colourway.
  • A fantastic SpaceMonsters gift tucked into every third parcel. We’re known for the great gifts we include in our club parcels — and for this club, we’re seriously upping the fab. You’re going love it!
*guaranteed not to be offered on the SpaceCadet® website for at least 6 months

But bigger yarns mean bigger projects, right?

Don’t you worry — in this club, you can buy extra skeins! For a whole month after you receive your parcel, you’ll have an exclusive opportunity to order more skeins custom-dyed in the latest club colourway. You’ll receive an email with all the details about a week after your parcel goes out — and then all you have to do is pick your project!

And the price is pretty exciting too!
  • a 6 month subscription (3 parcels) is only $99
  • a 12 month subscription (6 parcels) is just $194
  • Plus, now you can choose a double subscription for two skeins in each parcel, or a triple for three, giving you the option to cast on your project as soon as you open the box.

But subscriptions are open for only two weeks and spaces are limited… so grab your space now!


Ready? Let’s do this!

SpaceMonsters 12m button

Membership Level (# of skeins):

SpaceMonsters 6m button

Membership Level (# of skeins):

Very Important: if you are giving a subscription as a gift, please remember to include the recipient’s postal and email addresses in the notes when you check out. We gotta have that to send the recipient their parcels!

Six month subscriptions include 3 parcels; twelve month subscriptions include 6 parcels. Parcels will be sent out in early February, April, June, August, October, and December. Shipping within the United States is included in the price; extra charges apply for shipping outside the US. Normal subscription openings/renewals will be available in June and December of each year. All club members are automatically subscribed to the club mailing list to receive email notification of club updates, special offers for extra skeins, and similar stuff. We never, ever sell or share your email with anyone. Because of the nature of the club set-up, we can accept returns or exchanges of club shipments for faulty yarns only. By joining the club, you are agreeing to these terms and conditions. Any other questions? We’re here to help!

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