The SpaceCadet’s Gradient Explorers Opens Today!

The SpaceCadet’s Gradient Explorers Opens Today!

I can’t believe that today is the day!  Ever since we had the idea of creating the Gradient Explorers, I’ve been itching to get started on it and could hardly wait to share it with you.

We open the spaces at noon today and, as you know, there are only 25 spots available.  I’ll be sending an email out at midday with the link to sign-up page so be sure you’re on the mailing list and then have a look at the details now so you’re ready to grab your spot right at noon!

When the Gradient flows from hue to hue,

where will the colour take you next?


Gradients are all about adventure …and Gradient Sweater Sets

are that same adventure on a grand scale for a big impact!


So we’re taking the same idea from our super-popular Mini-Skein Club and applying it to full skeins for sweater-sized fun! Each month we dye a stunning colourway that flows into the next month’s colour… and into the next month’s colour …and into the next. See how cool this is? So come with us and explore the gradient that never ends!


Plus our Gradient Explorers colourways work with our standard colourways, so you can use the Never Ending Gradient on its own or mix in yarns from your SpaceCadet stash to build up your sweater set even faster! Each month, we tell you which colourways your new skein coordinates with best, so it’s all awesome surprise and no guesswork.


And, just for fun, we’ll occasionally dye special yarns in coordinating variegated colourways exclusively for our Gradient Explorers, that you can use to blend into your Gradient or use separately to create fun, coordinating accessories. Super cool!


First, you choose your subscription level:

Single: one skein of your chosen yarn
Double: two skeins of your chosen yarn (both dyed in the same colourway)

Then, choose your yarn:

Select the yarn you want to work in and we’ll dye your Never Ending Gradient onto that same yarn each month, so your skeins will always work together. You can choose from:

  • Celeste (fingering): With a generous 490yds/100g, our super light fingering in 100% superwash merino works up on larger needles to create a light and airy fabric that’s perfect for warmer weather sweaters and cardigans
  • Aurora (fingering): our super-soft cashmere-blend that’s just dreamy to work with. Constructed of 70% superwash merino, 20% cashmere, and 10% nylon, and with 350yds/100g, it has double the cashmere softness of most MCNs and that makes allll the difference!
  • Lyra (sport): spun into a wonderful cabled 8-ply that gives incredible stitch definition, this 100% superwash merino yarn has 270yds/100g and is a beautifully sproingy yarn that is a joy to work with.
  • Vega (worsted): this is the sister yarn to Lyra (above), in the same 100% superwash merino cabled 8-ply construction that gives such beautiful stitch definition, but in a quick knitting worsted with 210yds/100g.

Membership numbers in the Gradient Explorers are strictly limited so, each month, we’ll announce in the SpaceCadet newsletter how many spaces are available and when we’ll open them up (click here to get on our mailing list so you don’t miss your chance). And once you’re in, you’re totally in control of your subscription: stay in as long as you like and then you can cancel your subscription when you have enough Never Ending Gradient skeins for your project. (But just between us, can you ever get enough gradient? )



Gradient Explorers FAQs

I love this idea, but what do I make with Gradient Explorers yarns?!?

The possibilities are endless! Any sweater or cardigan designed in stripes or a gradient with work. For ideas, start by checking out the SpaceCadet’s Gradient Explorers Ideas board on Pinterest (click here). There you’ll find tons of patterns designed specifically for Gradient sweater sets that you are going to love!

And if you’re an experienced knitter or crocheter with the skills to calculate your own colour changes, then you can use any pattern for gradient skeins. Simply decided whether you want sharp colour breaks where you join in a new yarn or softer colour morphing by alternating skeins, then calculate where you’ll place the colour changes and cast on!

How do I make the Never Ending™ Gradient work? Can I start in any month and join that yarn to any other month’s yarn?

Each month’s yarn is designed to work with the yarn from the month before it and the month after it, so you’ll want to keep your yarns in order to maintain the gradient. Of course, if you’d like to create contrasting stripes, you can ignore the month-order and work the yarns any way you like!

I’m trying to join but it says it’s sold out. How do I get in?

Membership numbers in the Gradient Explorers are strictly limited so, each month, we’ll announce in the SpaceCadet newsletter how many spaces are available and when we’re opening them (the exact dates and times vary to give our customers across timezones a chance to get in, so click here to get on our mailing list so you don’t miss your chance). Once those spaces are gone, the club will show as “sold out” until we open spaces again.

If I end my subscription, can I rejoin again whenever I like?

Once you’re in the Gradient Explorers, you’re for as long as you’d like to keep your subscription (woot!). But if you leave, you’ll need to wait for us to open up spaces again to grab a spot.

What sorts of colourways can I expect in my parcel?

(or: does the gradient just go in rainbow order? I like rainbows but I’m not sure I want to wear rainbows.)

The best gradients combine colours you might not expect(!) so, while we occasionally work our way through analogous colours (hues that sit next to each other on the colour wheel, such as green-blue-purple) or fades of one hue, we also move around the colour wheel in unexpected ways (for example, purple-grey-yellow). The whole idea is have an adventure, so we never know where the colour will take us!

When will payment be taken? And when will my parcel arrive?

Your payment will be processed on the day you subscribe, and will automatically repeat on the same day each month of your membership.

All parcels go out near the end of the month: domestic deliveries are sent by Priority Mail, which usually takes about 2-3 days. International deliveries are sent by USPS First Class mail. You’ll get an email each month letting you know when your parcel has shipped.

Hey! My second payment has come out but I haven’t received my yarn yet!

Because each skein is dyed by hand and our membership numbers change every month, we need enough time to get everyone’s parcel dyed and ready. That usually takes between three to six weeks, depending on when you sign up and whether we are travelling to special events that month. When you join, your first parcel will be the following month’s parcel, and will go out at the end of the month (for example, if you join on January 20, your first shipment will be February’s parcel and will go out at the end of February). Because of this, you may end up making two payments before your first parcel arrives (in the example above, your payments would come out on Jan 20 and again on Feb 20, and if your first parcel ships on February 25, you will see two payments go out before your first parcel arrives). Although it is not ideal to have that happen, we can’t figure out a good way to avoid it, so we always track everyone’s payments carefully to ensure you receive all of your parcels.

When does my subscription end?

You can end your subscription whenever you have collected enough skeins for your project (or, any time you like).

What if I don’t like the colours? Can I return or exchange a skein?

So much of the fun of being in a subscription service like this is the excitement of discovering new yarns and exclusive colourways! Joining the Gradient Explorers with a sense of adventure means you’ll come along as we explore new worlds of colour together, and that is key to really getting the most of your club experience.

Because of the nature of the subscription set-up, we can accept returns or exchanges of shipments for faulty yarns only. However, if one of your skeins really isn’t working for you, you can always sell or destash it on Ravelry, in the SpaceCadet’s For Sale or Wanted thread (click here to go to it). Even if a colourway isn’t your cup of tea, it’s almost guaranteed that there’s another SpaceCadet fan who will be excited to snap it up!

Anything else I should know?

When you join, you’ll be added to the Gradient Explorers mailing list, which we use to share project ideas, subscription information, and to easily let you know of any changes to the service in the future.

And once you’ve joined, please do come over to the SpaceCadet Creations group on Ravelry and tell us all about the project you’re making or planning to make. We’d love to hear about it and see your progress!

So now you have all the details, you’re ready to jump aboard as soon as it opens.  If this looks as much fun to you as it does to me, be sure you’re on the mailing list and then keep your eye open for that email at noon today, and grab your spot before it goes!


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