Creating Stunning Gradient Colour Combos!

Creating Stunning Gradient Colour Combos!

A few weeks ago, on a very snowy day, we put together the latest Gradient Explorers colourways and brainstormed some fabulous colour combos to help get our club members’ creative juices flowing.

First, we laid out the colour flow for the last six months, just to see them all together.

And then we pulled out the skeins from November to January (below) to build our colour combos around…
Six Months of Gradient Explorers

Below, the Gradient Explorers flow, from l-r: Skating Pond (Jan), Plum Wine (Dec), Winter Berries (Nov), Treat Bag (Oct), Sweater Weather (Sept), Bird of Paradise (Aug), Golden Hour (July)

Look how painterly and pretty!!!!!

But the real fun of the Gradient Explorers is in using it as base to create new and exciting colour combos, by mixing it with our standard colourways. So we jumped right in!

Start with Cools

When it’s this snowy and cold, it makes sense to start with cool colours, right? First some gorgeous icy purples — just look how they melt right in!. And then some luscious greens — who’d have guessed they’d blend with those fuchsias so well?!?

Below, from left to right: Breathless, Skating Pond (Jan), Faded Desire, Plum Wine (Dec), Plume, Winter Berries (Nov)

Below, from left to right: Breeze, Skating Pond (Jan), Flow, Plum Wine (Dec), Vortex, Winter Berries (Nov),
Heat Things Up!

Heat Things Up!

By now, my assistant Jade’s fingers were getting a bit cold, so we decided to raise the temperature with colours from the warm side of the spectrum.

Below, from l-r: Skating Pond (Jan), Troublemaker, Plum Wine (Dec), Mars, Winter Berries (Nov), Oxblood

Below, from l-r: Skating Pond (Jan), Gobsmack, Plum Wine (Dec), Tantrum, Winter Berries (Nov), Troublemaker

Let’s Blend with Variegateds

For the Gradient Explorers, we looove to dye beautifully painterly colourways. So it makes sense to pull them together with other variegateds that will keep that painterly feel flowing. I think this combination is just amazing!

Below, from l-r: Flow, Skating Pond (Jan), Molten Cool, Plum Wine (Dec), Windswept, Winter Berries (Nov)
Go Graphic with Neutrals

Go Graphic with Neutrals

One of my absolute favourite things to do is to break up our Gradient Explorers colourways with semi-solids in neutrals to make things go pop! And this combo really does not disappoint!

Below, from l-r: Sliver, Skating Pond (Jan), Drizzle, Plum Wine (Dec), Dark Skies, Winter Berries (Nov), Dark Matter

Truthfully, we only scratched the surface — there are bazillions of gorgeous colour combos and I’m sure you’ll come up with one even more lovely than ours!

(We were getting cold so it was time to get moving. But first, Jade couldn’t resist grabbing an armful of skeins and taking them on a wild sledge ride down a snowy hill!)

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