You Guys Just Blew Me Away

Sometimes, good things rise up out of bad.  Sometimes, sad events spur us onto something beyond the ordinary.  And when that happens, it is a wonderful thing to see.  Heartwarming.  Hope-restoring.   The knitting community did exactly that last week.

A Colourway For Karrie

When my friend and colleague Karrie Steinmetz of the KnitPurlGurl podcast passed away suddenly on Nov 26, her husband asked me to create a colourway in her honour.  I knew that the loss of a wife and mother, so suddenly and unexpectedly, would send any family reeling in practical ways as well as emotional, so I decided to use this colourway as a way for the knitting and crochet community to help Karrie’s family through this time.  I decided to dye her yarn in Aurora and called it “A Colourway for Karrie”, and offered it for pre-orders with 50% of the sales price going to Karrie’s family.  Not know what sort a demand there might be, I limited it to an initial run of 24 skeins.

They sold out within 90 minutes.  And I suddenly began getting tons of emails and Rav messages asking for more.  So I ran over to the studio to see if I had any more Aurora in stock…  10 skeins.  I put them up and they sold out almost immediately.

A Colourway For Karrie

And that was it — that was all the yarn I had.  But the emails and messages kept coming — some offering straight donations –and I realised, by limiting the run, I was also limiting how much we could raise for Karrie’s family.  So I opened it up for a second run to be delivered somewhere in January and, this time, I put no limit on the number of orders before the deadline.

The response was phenomenal.  Phenomenal.  And as the orders came flying in and the responses were being posted on Ravelry, I realised what you all are made of.  You are made of compassion, of kindness, and of generosity.  You are made of love for a fellow knitter and crocheter, and of genuine concern for her husband and children.  I watched the orders coming in and I was blown away.

$1598 raised!

Ninety-four skeins sold.  One thousand, five hundred, and ninety-eight dollars raised.  I am deeply thrilled to write this cheque for Karrie’s family.  And humbled because, though it is my name at the bottom, it is all of you who made this happen.  Thank you all so very much.

Yarn Update

The first run is all dyed up and currently drying.  If you nabbed one of those 34 skeins, expect your yarn to go in the post sometime next week!  And for those of you who got in on the second run, your yarn is being spun at the moment and is still looking good for a mid-January delivery.

The SpaceMonster Club Closes in Three Days!

And, hey, don’t  forget that there are only three days left to grab a subscription to the SpaceCadet’s newest yarn club, the SpaceMonster Mega Yarn Club!  If you love the fabulous smooshiness of big yarns (not to mention the quick knits they produce!), then this is the club for you.  It’s all worsted, chunky, and bulky — and exclusive colourways designed to bring out the best in them.  But subscriptions close on Sun Dec 16, so — quick! — click here to find out more.

 The SpaceMonster Mega Yarn Club from SpaceCadet Creations

The SpaceCadet’s Mini-Skein Club Reviewed

Last month, we launched the SpaceCadet’s Mini-Skein Club, as you know, and I was super excited about it.  I so enjoyed choosing the colourways, tying the little bundles up…  and when I sent the parcels off, I hoped — hoped — that all the club members were as excited about the yarns they received as I was.

I was nervous as the feedback started to come through on Ravelry but, to my delight, most everyone was absolutely tickled with the parcels.  I am so pleased!  And, where there suggestions were made, they were really great suggestions that I’m going to use to  improve the club in the months to club.

But if I was anxious about what the members thought, that was only compounded when I spotted that Abigail of TAAT Designs and Karrie of KnitPurlGurl had post their reviews of the Mini-Skein Club on their websites.  These were real reviews — I had no idea whether Abigail or Karrie would like what they found in their parcels, and I knew they’d both be very honest with their followers.

A little nervously, I clicked on the links to see, and…  Well, do you want to see for yourself what they had to say?

Abigail of TAAT Designs reviews the SpaceCadet's Mini-Skein Yarn ClubFirst, here’s Abigail’s review.  She includes some really photos of the yarns, showing how the parcels were packaged as well as the colourways, and a list of her thoughts for anyone thinking of joining the club.

KnitPurlGurl Reviews the SpaceCadet's Mini-Skein Yarn ClubAnd here is Episode 20 of the KnitPurlGurl Podcast, which contains her review of the Mini-Skein Club.  If you’ve been wondering about joining the club, Karrie’s review is extensive:  she discusses the whole parcel, goes into detail about each yarn, and even the way it’s packaged — everything you’d need to know.  The rest of KnitPurlGurl Postcast is absolutely packed full of fibery-goodness (just check out the incredibly extensive show notes!) and well worth watching.  But if you’d like to jump to ahead to her review of the SpaceCadet’s Mini-Skein Club, then check out this excerpt

Thank you to everyone who has joined the SpaceCadet’s Mini-Skein Club. I am having an absolute blast choosing your colourways and putting these little bundles together!  And I’m so grateful for your feedback, because your input means this club will just get better and better!

Orbiting the Fiber Universe, 16 Nov 2011

Some of you may have seen me post and tweeting about sending out a package of 40 pounds — that’s right, forty pounds — of yarn that we recently sent off to fibre space in Alexandria VA.  fibre space is one of the coolest LYSs in the country, and I am deeply honoured to have SpaceCadet yarn in their collection.

fibre space in Alexandria VA is the newest LYS to carry SpaceCadet Creations knitting yarnsBut I didn’t get a chance to tell you about the super cool write-up they did to introduce SpaceCadet Creations to fibre space’s customers.  It was a lot of fun being interviewed by Veronica for it!  Click here to check it out.

And then I thought of all the other great stuff that ‘s been coming through on my Twitter feed lately, and thought I’d share some of it with you here.  So here’s a quick wrap-up of the stuff that caught my eye…


I loved this piece of advice from designer @GlennaKnits: “Is there a knitting pattern you’ve really enjoyed? Consider sending the designer positive feedback! It helps us to know what knitters love.”

Carrie Keplinger designs knitting and crochet patternsAnd speaking of designers, the very lovely Carrie Keplinger, who is right this minute editing my ebook (so exciting! watch this space!), has put her entire Like Clochework Collection of adorable crocheted hats on sale for $14.99 until November 26. Go, quick, get a copy!

You know it and I know it and every knitter and crocheter in town knows it, but now the New York Times has cottoned on: Capes and Wraps are Hot!

You only work on one project at a time, right?  No?!? Ok then, you might enjoy this post, where Stacey Trock of Fresh Stitches does a quick run-through of some basic storage options for WIPs.

KnitPurlGurl's videos for beginning knittersThis one is just for my sister, who has gone crazy for knitting — as in, garter stitch only — but has yet to learn to cast on, purl, or bind off….   Karrie at has done some quick videos that explain the very basics of knitting for beginners.  Got a friend who keeps asking you to knit for her?  Smile sweetly, and send her here!

And finally, did you see this?  A crocheted spare tire coverFantastic!!!  Wear your crafting with pride!