Welcome to Monday! No, Tuesday. No… Wait…

Is it Wednesday already?  Wednesday?!?  Ach!  I meant to blog yesterday!  Errr… I mean Monday.  And do a shop update.  Have I done the shop update?!?

It’s been crazy here the past week.  There are only a few days left before Homespun Yarn Party and we are working like mad to finish the dyeing and get the last of the loose strings tied up (ha ha — no pun intended!).  And, as well, I’ve been putting together the Welcome Packs for the the new members of InterStellar Yarn Alliance.  It’s been so much fun seeing people sign up, that I can’t wait to get started on the first parcels in April!  Busy busy days…  but exciting too.

yarn, knitting, handdyed, hand-dyed, spacecadet, space cadet, sock yarn
Shop Update, clockwise from top left: Celeste yarn in Sincerity, Stella yarn in Heartthrob, Estelle yarn in Avarice, and Lucina yarn in Swollen

HomeSpun Yarn Party

So, if you live in the DC-Baltimore area and you’re looking for something fun to do this weekend, please come see us at the HomeSpun Yarn Party.  It is a fantastic event, a showcase of over 30 indie dyers and spinners, so you know you’ll have a fab time.  And we’d love to meet you!

Homespun Yarn Party
Sunday March 27, 12noon – 5pm
Historic Savage Mill 8600 Foundry Street, Savage, MD 20763

InterStellar Yarn Alliance

Don’t forget, there’s just over a week left to sign up for the SpaceCadet’s InterStellar Yarn Alliance!  It’s been wonderful fun watching people join and introducing themselves in the Yarn Alliance group.  It’s going to be a great yarn club, so if you like the idea of having a parcel full of yarny goodness arrive on your doorstep every other month, come and join us!

And finally, the shop update

yarn, knitting, sock yarn, spacecadet, space cadet, hand-dyed, handdyed
Shop Update, clockwise from top left: Celeste yarn in Cove, Stella yarn in SeaFoam, Estelle yarn in Translucence, and Estelle yarn in Petrolhead

With everything going on, I’ve managed to sneak in a quick update!  Here’s a bit of colour to brighten up your Wednesday.

…Is it Wednesday already?  Wait!  How did that happen?!?

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