I Couldn’t Help Myself! Project Bags from CristineCreates

I’m mad busy at the moment getting ready for TNNA this weekend.  If you don’t know what that is, it’s The National Needlearts Association’s Summer Show, and it’s one of the most fiber-fantastic (and fiberista-fantastic) events of the entire year.  We’ll be shopping for new yarns, so we can do a major revamp and extension of the SpaceCadet line-up later in the season.  Exciting or what?!?  Stay tuned for updates.

So today, I was packing my bags and — as any self-respecting knitter does — choosing my knitting projects.  And as I lined my current WIPs up on the bed, I realised they were all in the lovely new project bags that I’ve totally fallen in love with.  And I suddenly thought, hey, I ought to share them with you…

Project Bags for knitting or crochet by CristineCreates


I love the gorgeous vibrant patterns — I mean, who wants to hide her knitting away?  A busy floral on the outside and, inside, stripes or polka dots to balance.   I’m kind of a sucker for dots — they make me happy! — so I turned this one inside out.

Project Bags for knitting or crochet by CristineCreates


Yep, they’re fully reversible!  And with a drawstring that I’ve tied in a loop so I can knit with the bag over my arm.

Project Bags for knitting or crochet by CristineCreates


I got them from CristineCreates on Etsy.  I meant to only get one…  but I kinda couldn’t help myself.  You know what I mean… right?

Project Bag for knitting and crochet by CristineCreates

Y’know, I…  I couldn’t just have my projects sitting there naked, could I?

Two Rhinebeck Discoveries and a Shop Update

Last weekend was Rhinebeck, otherwise known as the New York Sheep and Wool Festival and one of the best and most exciting fiber festivals in the country.  Or…  so I’d been told.  I’d never been to it before, but this year the stars aligned and I got my chance!

The Ravelry Meet-up at Rhinebeck Sheep & Wool Festival

Rhinebeck was everything I hoped for.  Sheep, alpaca, llamas, kangaroos (seriously!), fair food, fine food, wine, spinning wheels, spindles, fiber, and yarn yarn yarnyarnyarn.  At the Ravelry meet-up (above), I got the chance to meet Laura Nelkin, a designer I’ve featured here before and whose work I’ve admired a long time.  I also ran into the delightful Ariane of Falling Stitches, my friend Julia of Knitterly Things, my friend Gwen of GwenErin Natural Fibers, and Ravelry’s own Mary-Heather and Sarah (wearing a fast-asleep Carlton).

But never mind all that, because I discovered two people whose products I loved so much that I really thought you’d want to meet them!

First is Melissa Tompkins-Stahl, whom I liked right from the moment I met her but — more importantly for you — who also makes absolutely lovely ceramic buttons.   Seriously, they are like candy for knitters.  My friend Kristen introduced us and pointed out how beautifully the colours of Melissa’s buttons and colours of SpaceCadet yarns go together.  Kristen put several buttons against a cowl she’d spun with SpaceCadet fiber and she was right.  Melissa and I clearly share a colour connection, and if you’re ever looking for buttons for a project you’ve made with SpaceCadet yarn, it’s worth looking at her website

Melissa Jean handmade ceramic buttons for knitters and crocheters


And the other person is Leah LaFera of Ulster Soaps.  I knew I needed to check out Leah’s stall even before I saw it — the smell of her soaps was tugging at me!  And when I got there and met Leah, I knew I wanted to tell you about her.  I’ve always wanted to try soapmaking (don’t you?), so I asked her a whole bunch of questions, and she answered them all so enthusiastically.  It’s clear she loves what she does!  I chose some soaps: Peppermint Delight, Lavender Dream, and Lemon Poppy Seed (nom nom nom!) and I knew I wanted to share them (and her!) with you too.

Ulster Soaps, handmade soaps by Leah LaFera

And of course, there was all that yarn — so much fun to look at it, to smoosh it, to pet it!  And it inspired me to do a shop update…

Clockwise from top left: Fingering yarn containing Bamboo in a Dept of Rocket Science colourway, Celeste in Cove, Estelle in a Dept of Rocket Science colourway, BFL yarn in Algae, Celeste in Cove, BFL yarn in Salmon.Shop Update of SpaceCadet Creations yarns for knitting and crochet

Shop Update: Snorkel, Sailor’s Warning, Beguile, and Rescue

The ebook has been sent to the editor, the shop has been restocked  after PLY, there’s a website revamp underway (now, there’s a mix of joy and pain!), and the Super Secret Thing is almost ready to go…  It’s been a good week.  …A busy week!

Oh, and there’s been dyeing.  Lots of dyeing.  Some of it has been that fantastic experimental stuff that I love to do — that’s going into the Yarn Adventurers’ newsletter that will go out later today.  If you’re on the Yarn Adventurers’ mailing list, keep your eyes open for it.  And if you’re not on the list, get on it!

And there’s some wonderful stuff that’s gone into the shop…  A wonderfully vibrant colourway called Snorkel (not for the faint of heart, that one!);  the warm and tropical Sailor’s Warning (see it knitted up as a sock);  the absolutely stunning greens of Rescue (and there’s four skeins of it, enough for a cardi); and then there’s one of my most favourite colourways ever ever ever, Beguile (three skeins, enough for a bigger project).  The skeins of Rescue and of Beguile are both split over different dyelots, but they are all so close that you can feel confident buying across the dyelots if you do want to do a larger project.

Hand dyed yarn for knitting and crochet by indie dyer SpaceCadet Creations

And Now With Less Added Confusion…


I’ve discovered that apparently when I decide to write blog posts/emails while I’m all knackered out right after doing a yarn show…  well, what I write is pretty darned confusing!  The previous blog post in a case in point.  So now I’ve had some coffee, let me see if I can clarify.

I talked about two mailing lists in my previous post:

If you want to find out about the upcoming ebook, the Super Secret Thing, and all sorts of SpaceCadet news and shop updates, make sure you’re on the main SpaceCadet Mailing List.    Emails go out about twice a week, and they’re full of good things.  Click here to sign up.

The second mailing list is members-only for the InterStellar Yarn AllianceIf you joined the Alliance in March, you need to get on the Alliance Mailing List by letting me know it’s ok for me to sign you up.  If you’re already a member of the Alliance, go ahead and shoot me a quick email with  “PUT ME ON THE ISYA MAILING LIST!” and so I can get you signed up.

And if you’re not a member of the InterStellar Yarn Alliance?  The Alliance is currently open for subscriptions, but only for another four days, so come and join us now!

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Phew! Ok, I think that’s a bit better.  Lesson learnt: I must never blog or email before coffee!

The Super Secret Thing and Other Exciting Stuff

The PLY Party was seriously crazy!  There were so many people that, at moments, I hardly knew where to stand.  It’s so much fun when it gets like that… when everyone’s starting to get a bit high on the fiber!

But, before I tell you all about it, I just want to let you know that there are only FOUR DAYS LEFT to join the InterStellar Yarn Alliance.  This is the SpaceCadet’s Cosmic Yarn Club and it is a BLAST!  Click here to read more about it, or just click on the button below to join now…

click here to join the interstellar yarn alliance, interstellar yarn alliance, yarn club, knitting, crochet, hand dyed, indie dyer

Ok, back to the PLY Party…  First, yeah, it was crazy, and then when it calmed down a little… well, that was really nice too, because I got to chat with some really great people.  A couple of them were members of the InterStellar Yarn Alliance: one I’d met before in person (and who had such nice things to say about the Alliance that she actually made me blush!) and one whom I’d known only through the forums — what a lovely surprise to get to meet her in person!

Yarns at the PLY Party, knitting, crochet, sock yarns, yarn, space cadet, spacecadet, lovelyarns

I also ended up in a conversation with a brand-new crocheter and showed her a couple of exciting patterns on Ravelry, so (I hope) I helped to get her even more excited about new yarny adventures.  And I had a wonderful conversation about England with a lady who’d lived there for years.  Really joyed meeting everyone!

But after a show…  exhaustion.  And yet, there’s so much to do!  First, I have to fill the shop back up after emptying it for the show.  That was supposed to happen Tuesday — I’m hoping to get it done today.  Check in throughout the day to see if I manage to do it…!

But more exciting than that are some great things on the horizon…

First, I’m working on an ebook: a short introduction to using hand-dyed yarns and choosing patterns that will bring out their best.  I know hand-dyeds can be a little daunting to some knitters and crocheters — all those crazy colours! — so this will be a quick guide on how to understand them and get started without fear.   It should be done in the next month or so, so if that sounds like what you’re looking for, be sure you’re signed up the newsletter to get first dibs!

yarns at the PLY Party, yarn, sock yarn, knitting, crocet, space cadet, spacecadet, lovelyarns, indie dyer, hand dyed

Speaking of newsletters, I’m about to send out the first InterStellar Yarn Alliance newsletter with exclusive offers just for members.  This is a new feature for the Yarn Alliance, so if you’re already a member, please make sure you’ve told me it’s ok to sign you up to the mailing list so you don’t miss out on the offers. (We value your privacy, so of course we will never put you on a mailing list that you haven’t requested to join.  Just fire an email to me with  “PUT ME ON THE ISYA MAILING LIST!” and I’ll get you on it straight away!).

And… there’s another Super Secret Thing in the works.  I can’t say any more about it, but I am so excited, I’m ready to burst!   All puffed up and ready to burst!    (…That was a hint.  Did you get it?)  The Super Secret Thing will be ready nearer the end of September — again, make sure you’re on the mailing list to hear about it first.

So, lots of exciting stuff going on.  And, also… the post-show exhaustion.  It’s sooooo not a good combination.  sigh…  Could someone please grab me a coffee?

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