Bamboo, to Shine in the Summer Sun

Are you ready for summer?  Ready for those warm breezes, some long cool drinks, and golden light filtered through the lush green that you missed so much these past months?   Yeah, me too.  I really, really am ready.

And those kinds of days call for a really special yarn.  Something like… bamboo.  Not only because bamboo really does evoke thoughts of those tropical breezes accompanied by tropical drinks but, more importantly, because it has a spectacular sheen that captures the warmth of the sun and reflects it back in way that is everything you want in a summer yarn.

Here’s to those lazy days to come, gentle days bathed in golden sunlight, and lot of glorious, shimmery, summer knitting…

Clockwise from top left: fingering yarn with bamboo in Soliel, Pink Sun, Juicy, Evening Fog, Translucence, and SeaFoam

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