I Need Your Help Choosing a Yarn

One of the really fun things about TNNA was just wandering around and looking at all the lovely yarns.  I mean, really.   For someone who loves yarn, who really gets quite giddy around large quantities of it, TNNA was heady stuff!

And the yarns ran the gamut from rustic bulkies to really stunning silk laceweights complete with beads and sequins — everything a fiberista’s heart might desire.  And I really thought I’d be drawn to the finest, most delicate, most beautiful yarns… so when I realised that the one thing that kept jumping out at me was these smooshy, chunky, single-ply yarns, it totally took me by surprise.  But they were wonderful — they looked like clouds, they looked so sheepy… I just wanted stick my face into them and snorgle!

So smooshy!

And, they seemed to be everywhere.  Even though I was trying to look at fingering yarns, my eye kept spotting these chunky single-ply yarns everywhere.  So, I’m tempted to buy some for my autumn/winter dyeing.  And y’know, when I say “tempted”, I kinda really mean “aching”.  As in, I loved them so much, I am aching to get my hands on some and start dyeing!

yarn, knitting, crochet, indie dyer, hand-dyed
Man, I love this yarn...

But there’s a distinct possibility that instead of spotting the emergence of a fabulous new yarn trend, I might be just falling head-over-heels for my own personal preference.  And that you, my fingering-and-laceweight-buying customers, might be reading all this and just going, “Whaaat…???”

knitting, yarn, crochet, indie dyer, hand-dyed
(that's a nickel, by the way, not a dime -- I couldn't find a dime...)

So, tell me, what do you think?  Do these pictures get your heart racing, and your fingers itching to cast on?  Do you want to grab that skein and just smoosh it?  Or does it leave you saying, “Meh…” and happily turning back to the much more delicate yarn of your current project?  Please tell me — leave a comment below, I’d really love to know your thoughts!

10 thoughts on “I Need Your Help Choosing a Yarn

  1. I would love some thicker hand dyed yarn. I love the lace weight but sometimes I have a project that calls for bulkier yarn & I know your hand dyed colors would look wonderful. Go for it! It never hurts to try! Thanks for asking our opinion!

  2. Not a huge fan of single-ply, unfortunately. It’s so squooshy and soft and snorgle-able, but the aforementioned pilling is really, well, a pill.

  3. I love thick yarn because It goes faster when you knit hats or blankets .Thick yarn is also warmer.

  4. Heart is certainly racing here!!!
    Laceweight is wonderful, but sometimes knitting with soft and squishy is what I want.

  5. My few excursions into that type of yarn has resulted in so much pilling on the finished product. Also as I am doing more knitting for a child, I try to stick with things that are easily washed. So while it does look smooshey I probably wouldn’t buy it for my projects.

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