Newsletter: Introducing Loop

Newsletter: Introducing Loop

Before we start, I just want to thank everyone who reached out to me last week after reading about my software-meltdown saga to offer commiserations and kind words.  I so appreciated hearing I am not alone in getting caught up in a software nightmare like that, and I loved reading your emails — and, most of all, knowing that I am surrounded by a wonderful, supportive community of club members, customers, and fiber friends.  You all brought a smile to my face during a pretty stressful week!

Speaking of having a smile on my face, did you see that my assistants Jade and Sara are prepping to release a beautiful new pattern called Loop?  It’s a wonderful new design with a unique construction that creates an eye-catching cowl in mere minutes. It’s a really easily memorisable pattern (“open skein, wrap around neck“) that I’m sure you’ll never tire of. You can see how delighted they are with their new FOs!⁣

You can see more photos, read all the details, and get yarn suggestions (heh!) by clicking here.  The best part was how much fun we had as we took these photos! Not just because we were all laughing at the idea of this new “pattern” they’d come up with but also because they’re both good friends.⁣

I⁠t’s great to work with great people. And I’m so grateful that I get to do that.


The Long-Tail Cast-On is one of the most commonly used but I have to admit it drives me nuts because I’ve always got too much (or worse, too little!) yarn left over when I get to the end of the required number of stitches. I was pleased to come across this article which gives four handy methods for measuring out your long tail to ensure that doesn’t happen.  I’m not sure they’ll turn me into a convert, but I’m willing to try.  (And if you’ve got a different method that you think is useful, please let me know!)

It’s always entertaining (and educational!) to take a behind-the-scenes look at any industry and this conversation on Twitter is no exception: knit and crochet designers discuss the most ridiculous reason someone has used to ask for a refund or free pattern

Architectural Digest has declared that bouclé is a hot trend to watch for.  There’s a retro feel to the textured fabric knit or woven with yarns that feature exposed loops of fibers and it certainly makes for an eye-catching look.  It might be fun to add a couple of bouclé cushions to my couch or perhaps even cast on a bouclé scarf.  What do you think, do you like the look of bouclé yarn?  Do you see it as a trend worth following?

If you’re a knitter who has held back from embracing crochet because you’re a little nervous about how to stitch crochet pieces together, this handy tutorial shows you how to use mattress stitch to do just that.  Just like in knitting, it really does create a beautiful seam!

Upcoming Shows

Trunk Show at A Good Yarn in Sarasota FL — the weekend of Feb 21 – 23

If you live in the central Florida area and would love to smoosh SpaceCadet yarn in person, get yourself to A Good Yarn in Sarasota!  We’ll be sending a ton of beautiful colourways, including full sets ready to make the stunning Rey’s Cardigan (below).  Don’t miss it!

The Pittsburgh Creative Arts Festival in Pittsburgh (Greentree) PA — March 20, 21, & 22

Homespun Yarn Party in Savage MD — March 22

Rough Sea by Julia-Maria Hegenbart

image ©Julia-Maria Hegenbart, used with permission

When I first saw this pattern, I clicked the link so hard I’m sure I nearly broke something.  But I just had to look at it up close — ohhhhh that texture…  And I love the line that the designer uses to open her description: “If you had made the sea, would you have made it calm?”  Nope, not if a rough sea looks this gorgeous!  Designed in fingering, this is a perfect candidate for Ester, which is lovely and soft to the touch but easily has a enough oomph to keep the sea as looking as rough as you like.  Try it in Drizzle, Fathoms Down, or Time Traveller for some gently undulating blues, greys, and greens.

Sarma Hat by Inese Sang

image ©Inese Sang, used with permission

Here’s another texture option that absolutely jumps off the page!  With an fascinating constrution that combines a fingering yarn with a laceweight held together to form a DK and then worked separately for the bobbles, it’s sure to be one of the most intriguing designs on your needles.  Knit this hat with the coordinating mittens and you’ll have an absolute showstopper set!

Edison Gradient Pullover by Kristina Smiley

image ©Expression Fiber Arts, used with permission

The thing I love most about this simple design is the delightfully subtle beauty of the yoke increases.  Usually those increases are hidden in some intricate texture or colourwork but, here, they are left unadorned and I think there is something gorgeously compelling in their simple symmetry.  Available for free for a limited time, the pattern is designed in sport and specifically for gradients, so it’s a beautiful option for stash-busting.  Lay your yarns out to find several that flow together and go chain on!

Ok, my cup of tea is empty so it’s time to get the workday started. We’re packing up club parcels today and dyeing some wonderful colours for our upcoming shows.  I hope you’ve got a great day planned with at least two scheduled-in knitting/crochet breaks (it’s important!).  And, until next time, all my best!

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