A Cowl in Colours to Inspire!

“I’m inspired!” Heather said after reading Pattern Roll-Call: Something Gorgeous Around Your Shoulders, and she ordered a skein of Celeste in Red Brick.  Last week, she showed me what she made with it.  It’s a gorgeous, lacy cowl — I don’t think she could have picked a nicer pattern.   And I thought you might like to see too…


The pattern is Eclipse by Jacquelyn Ridzy — so simple and really lovely.


It always amazes me how the colours in yarns totally transform when it’s knitted up.  Look at the way the red flows into the purple!  And those little flecks of gold really pop.


And it’s got this sweet little garter-stitch border.  I love it!


I can’t tell you how much I love it when people share their projects with me.  Thanks, Heather — your cowl is gorgeous!

Under the Influence: Your Opinion Please!

A couple of weeks ago, I changed the theme of my blog (the “theme”, for anyone who is not familiar, is the template that creates the layout of a blog, the way it looks visually).  Previously, I’d been using a theme called Vigilance, which I chose for its clean lines, minimalist style and simple appearance.  I liked it a lot, but I was never happy about the sidebar — I always felt it was hard to see where one item ended and the next began.

So a couple of weeks ago, I went hunting for a new theme and found one I just loved — it’s called Under the Influence and I think it looks great!  It has the same clean lines and simple style that the blog had before, plus a few really cool features like the nifty footer at the bottom of the page (You hadn’t see the footer?  Ooh, quick!… scroll down and have a look!  I’ll wait for you here).  And I’m really happy with the new sidebar — much, much better.

But then, about four days after I installed the new theme, I realised it had one drawback: it’s really hard to see where to leave a comment.  It’s in the small print and it’s just doesn’t stand out that much.

And that’s a huge drawback, because a blog is a two-way conversation, and the comments are the lifeblood of that conversation.  I love hearing from you,  reading your comments, and getting your feedback.  And if it’s hard for you to see where to leave a comment, then all that is going to grind to a halt pretty quickly.

When I first realised, I thought about going back to the old theme  …or maybe looking for yet another one.  But I really like this theme in every other way besides the comment issue, and I’d really like to stay with it.

And I probably will, but I thought I’d ask you guys as well.  Do you think the new theme makes it difficult to leave a comment?  To read others’ comments?  Do you find it confusing  …or did you not even notice the change?  Please leave a comment and let me know.  Just click where it says “Leave a Comment”  (or shows the number of comments) right at the end of this post.

Right there…  No, it’s right there. See it?  Down a bit, and over.  Small type, in red. See it?  There you go!