Forgetting Everything, Except This..

There is a mountain of laundry in the family room waiting to be sorted — seriously, a mountain.  And a mountain of dirty dishes collecting in the sink.  I suspect there are a few bills I’ve forgotten to pay too…    Real life has come to a complete halt while I get ready for the upcoming Pittsburgh Knit & Crochet show, and there are a lot of things that are getting pushed to one side — or getting forgotten altogether! — while that happens.


Yarn Drying in the Studio

But while I’ve been dyeing at rate to make my head spin, you’ll be pleased to hear that one thing I haven’t forgotten is…   to grab some of that yarn and put it in the shop for you guys!


Stella Fingering Weight Yarn in SeaFoam


Stella Fingering Weight Yarn in WinterBerries


Stella Fingering Weight Yarn in Plumberry


And just because it’s flippin’ FREEZING out there, I’ve included some Astrid DK too, which is incredibly soft and smooshy — perfect for lovely warm hats and gloves.  Stay warm, everybody!


Astrid DK Yarn in WinterBerries


Astrid DK Yarn in the Dept of Rocket Science

7 thoughts on “Forgetting Everything, Except This..

  1. Wait…PITTSBURGH!?!? WILL YOU BE AT THE PITTSBURGH KNIT AND CROCHET SHOW IN FEB?!?!?!?!!? I shall be there with Unplanned Peacock and my jewelry as well. SQUEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Hi. I’m going to (non creepily) stalk you now….ya know…stalk you in a “Here is my hard earned money, please take it” kind of way…. 🙂

    1. Ha ha! Thank you for putting the biggest grin on my face. By all means, stalk away (Etsy stalkers are the best), and I’ll see you at Pgh Knit&Crochet!

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