Limited Editions: The Glorious Summer Sky

It’s Friday the 13th and, though I’ve never really been fazed by that particular superstition (it’s Monday the 13th that seems like a bad combo to me — I mean, Friday the 13th is still a Friday), I know it might not feel like the friendliest of days*.  But I’ve got a little something that will cheer things up a bit…

When we put together the SpaceCadet’s Mini-Skein Club bundles, it’s usually the Ombre & Gradient Mix that really calls out to me.  But, when we were packing May’s parcels, I found myself falling head over heels for the Multicolour Mix.  Here, see for yourself.

The SpaceCadet's Mini-Skein Club colourways, June 2014

Seriously, as we were packing, I just kept picking the bundles up and staring at them.   It was so hard to send them all away!

But there are three particular colourways that I loved so very much and were so much fun to create, I just knew I had to dye more.  So… I am!


June Limited Editions

SpaceCadet Yarn Limited Editions Colourways, June 2014


For the next seven days, we’re offering three stunning colourways inspired by the glorious summer sky — Nightwatch, Gaze Skyward, and Horizon Fire — as Limited Editions for custom dyeing.  Available from June 13th to 19th only, they’re sure to go quick.  Click here to nab yours!
Nightwatch is the incredible blues and purples of twilight, fading into deep gray-black as night falls.

SpaceCadet Yarn June Limited Editions: Nightwatch
Gaze Skyward is the glorious mid-day sky, so intense directly above and burning out to white along the edges of perception.

SpaceCadet Yarn June Limited Editions: Gaze Skyward
Horizon Fire is all the heat and shadows streaking across the breathtaking summer sky as the sun sinks slowly beneath the horizon.

SpaceCadet Yarn June Limited Editions: Horizon Fire

Aren’t they gorgeous?!?  I just love them, can’t wait to get dyeing them for you!  Want one?  Click here!


*What else? It’s also a full moon. shudder!


The SpaceCadet's SpaceMonster Club is open June 6-22 2014

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