Giveaway: the Generosity of Knitters & Crocheters

It is a fairly commonly held belief that knitters and crocheters are just really “nice” people.  But I have to admit that, when I hear that, I sometimes find myself cringing a bit.  It seems too simplistic, too stereotyped.  I mean, it’s also a commonly held belief that we’re all little old grannies who knit or crochet because we’ve got nothing better to do — and we all know that’s not true!  So when I hear about this fabled “niceness” of knitters and crocheters, it often feels just as cliched.

Why I Knit -- SpaceCadet Creations

But while I hate the stereotype, I do have faith in the people.  The truth is that knitters and crocheters are simply people, with good days and bad, good points and bad — no different to any other people.  The stereotype is built on silly assumptions, but the truth comes from what they do.  When knitters and crocheters are nice, by gum, they really are nice.   So nice that I find myself taken aback…

#SimplyShare with Mel

Mel from the With Mel podcast

My friend Mel, of the With Mel podcast and the designer of the Mauna Kea sweater, blogged this week about a wonderful way for knitters and crocheters to share a little kindness with someone in need.  Here’s what she says,

“A Medical Team dedicated to helping local community centers in Haiti will be leaving my hometown in a few weeks. They sent out a request for washcloths: “You can grab an old towel and cut it in to small squares for washcloths” it was said. My heart hurt at this request. My community of knitting friends and I can make a washcloth, a clean, fresh washcloth and share something much, much better…”

Each person who comes into the clinic in Haiti can receive a hygiene package, containing soap, shampoo, toothbrush and toothpaste, and a washcloth.  Basic hygiene is so important in areas that are recovering from major disasters, but can we take an opportunity to make this something more than simply basic?

“…I am not saying an old towel ripped up wouldn’t serve a purpose. What I am saying is: I do not want an old towel to take an opportunity away from me to do something kind!…  So please consider the simple washcloth. A square. Knit it in garter with two strands of sturdy cotton held together and you can have it done over a cup of coffee…”

And here is where my faith comes into play.  I know that Mel’s viewers and followers will come through.  I know they will respond from the heart, grab their needles and whip out simple washcloths to send to people who are in need not only of hygiene kits, but perhaps of that personal touch as well.  Want to be a part of it? Click here for all the details.


A Mauna Kea Giveaway!

And here is something that I didn’t expect but that has only served to increase my faith in our community.   Just before the Mauna Kea kits closed earlier this week, an order came in with a note that read, “I just can’t resist [this], but this kit is not for me.  I’d like to sponsor an anonymous giveaway.”

You could have knocked me over with a feather.

How amazing is that?!?  One of your fellow fiber-lovers has been so generous as to buy a Mauna Kea kit simply to give away just so someone else can enjoy the fun on making it!  Here it is, proof positive that when knitters and crocheters are nice, they are really really nice.

It's a Mauna Kea giveaway, from SpaceCadet yarn! 1

So, if you missed out on a Mauna Kea kit, here is your chance to join in on the fun!  You’ll get five skeins of SpaceCadet yarn in the Dark Skies ombre colourway, the Mauna Kea pattern, and membership in the Mauna Kea Knit-Together, with access to an exclusive site with great community support, tutorials, and on-site helps.  How awesome is that?!?

Entering is easy!

Simply leave a comment here on the blog post and tell me what most appeals to you about the Mauna Kea pattern (see official rules below).

And then, please take the opportunity to pay it forward by sharing this giveaway with your knitting friends on Twitter, Facebook, and Ravelry.  I’m not getting anything out of it, the kit sales are already closed — but when one of our community has been this incredibly generous, I think the best way we can show gratitude and share the love is to spread that generosity as far and wide as possible.  Don’t you agree?

Share it!

For Twitter: Woot! The SpaceCadet is giving away a Mauna Kea kit! Click for your chance to win: #MaunaKeaGiveaway

For Facebook: Woot! The SpaceCadet is giving away a Mauna Kea kit! Click for your chance to win: #MaunaKeaGiveaway

For Ravelry: The SpaceCadet is giving away a Mauna Kea kit! Click here to enter:

It's a Mauna Kea giveaway, from SpaceCadet yarn! 2

Yarn Alliance Closes on Monday

Don’t forget, the Yarn Alliance closes to subscriptions this Monday, Sept 22. If you haven’t got your spot, grab it now!

The SpaceCadet's InterStellar Yarn Alliance yarn club, open Sept 9-22 only

There’s always small print — official rules: NO PURCHASE NECESSARY. Open to entrants worldwide, age 5 or older. Void where prohibited. Odds of winning depend on number of entries received. Sweepstakes ends 11:59 p.m. EST on September 25, 2014. Official entry is made by commenting on the SpaceCadet blog post titled “Giveaway: the Generosity of Knitters & Crocheters” . Alternative entry method: send a postcard by September 25 2014, containing full name, address, and email address, with the words “Mauna Kea Giveaway”, to: SpaceCadet, PO Box 113312, Pittsburgh PA 15241.  Limit one entry per person. One prize, consisting of one (1) Mauna Kea kit in Dark Skies, valued at $135. Total prize value: $135. Winner will be selected by random drawing. Prize cannot be redeemed for cash. Prize cannot be substituted. Employees and family of employees of SpaceCadet Inc are ineligible. A list of winners will be available on the SpaceCadet blog on or after September 26, 2014.  Sponsored by SpaceCadet Inc, PO Box 113312, Pittsburgh PA 15241.  For full official rules, go to

237 thoughts on “Giveaway: the Generosity of Knitters & Crocheters

  1. What a lovely, simple sweater. The shaping looks really flattering, and the generosity of the anonymous gifter blows me away!

  2. I have to say I agree with the simplicity and lines of the garment, but mostly I love it’s conservative look. A lot of designers are trying to make farmers for generation X with low cleavage and mid bellied looks. Speaking as a pretty radical, independent, “hipster” 19 year old, this design shows a woman’s beauty without showing everything. It’s subtle, confident and beautiful like every woman should be. That’s what I love about this pattern.

  3. I love how the simplicity of the sweater allows the beautiful yarn to be appreciated, how neither the yarn or the pattern overwhelm the other.

  4. I love the simplicity of this pattern with the beautiful detail on the side. What an incredibly generous gesture! Makes me proud to be a knitter.

  5. It seems as though we are bombarded with negative stories in the news every day. It’s so great to know that kindness and generosity still exist. It might be just a sweater kit to some, but I think it represents much more.

    I love the three-quarter length sleeves of this sweater and the fabric that the yarn creates.

  6. I love the fit of this simple pullover and the stripes are so awesome! I hope to buy a kit one day if I don’t win!

  7. I really love pretty much everything about this sweater. The color schemes of all of the sample sweaters are beautiful, as well as the casual, yet elegant, fit that I feel would compliment almost anyone. I also like the simplicity of it, with the mild interest on the sides and sleeves that keep it from being blasé.

  8. I love the flattering fit and the yarn choice with stripes, who doesn’t love stripes? Thanks so much!

  9. I am a sweater-knitter and have been for over 50 years! This is a great-looking sweater. I love the side shaping.

    How fabulous is this that someone is doing an anonymous giveaway? Unbelievably fabulous!!!

    Thanks for a chance to win

  10. I love love love this sweater. The shape and simplicity is so very flattering and polished, and would look fantastic on just about anyone! I only wish the sizing were a little more generous (I wouldn’t be able to knit this for myself without adjustments, which makes me sad)

  11. I love stripes and this pattern is so neat and forgiving–just look at that shaping!!!! I would love to win this Mauna Kea kit and join the Knit-together.So perfect for the weather in Dubai .
    Thank you Anonymous donor !!!

  12. I enjoy it when a pattern matches its theme, which adds to the whole knitting experience. Mauna Kea is a volcano which goes well with the shape of the sides that match a lava dome!

    1. Really, grannies ??? I am nobody’s granny yet lol.
      And the reason i began crocheting all those summers ago was to make myself something really beautiful to wear. I was eleven.
      Crochet and knitting has grown beyond their rather narrow boundaries of home and community to being a means of communicating and discovering various cultures.
      Hurrah to grannies then !

  13. I love that this sweater has beautiful color, texture and fits a woman’s shape. It looks like an amazing first sweater to knit, both interesting and classy in look and perfect to transition into fall and winter.

  14. I especially like the vented sides. It really gives the sweater a polished look. I would definitely make it for my mother! Great design!

  15. I love the Fervent color way. The way it transitions from cool to gloriously hot. It will be my new favorite sweater this winter. I can tell all ready.

  16. I love this sweater! what a great design

    kmb34me on Ravelry

    Off to read Mels blog . what a great idea. I would love to help

  17. I love the clean lines of this design, especially the waist shaping and the interplay between the horizontal stripes and the vertical ribbing. Beautiful!

  18. What a generous offer from Anonymous! It’s a gorgeous sweater, especially the detailing.
    (Nicewitch on Ravelry)

  19. I love the detail at the sides that makes it fitted. Gorgeous sweater and I was too late to order a kit. Boo hoo. 🙁 But, thanks to the incredible generosity of another knitter, all hope is not lost! 🙂

  20. I really like the reverse stockinette stitching plus vertical ribbing used in the side details.

  21. I love the three-quarter sleeves as I am short and the sleeve length is always an issue. I especially love the colorways created for another one of Mel’s fabulous creations.

  22. I love the way the colors flow in this design and the ribbing detailing. Thank you to the generous person who sponsored this give a away.

  23. I especially love the fit of the Mauna Kea sweater though you can never beat the color ways of the yarn.

  24. I am not a sweater knitter, but as I looked at the details of this sweater, I had to have it. First, the use of the gradient or ombre yarn, but detail that pushed me over the edge was the fit that was cleverly built into the sides of the sweater. This would be really easy to modify if needed. I love it!

  25. I love the self-striping effect it has. I love stripes, so to have them without all the work of switching yarns is awesome!

  26. This sweater is beautiful I love the design with the ribbing. My daughter would love as she has said I would love if you made me a sweater. Big order.

  27. I love the ribbing on this sweater – I saw it a few days ago on Ravelry and thought that the way the sweater is constructed will flatter most frames nicely! I also love the colors – I have many shirts in stormy blues!

  28. Love the colors and the different stitch patterns together! What a generous gesture of the one whom it was not for to offer it to someone else to enjoy.

  29. I love the ribbing and the shaping on the sides of this sweater- would love to knit it! Thanks for the chance to win!

  30. I love the side design. I am always amazed at this designers attention to detail. Just a beautiful design for a beautiful yarn.


  31. This yarn and pattern looks great on the young model, but would look equally beautiful on someone older. Universal appeal!

  32. The color ways were all stunning. I like the reverse stockinette stitch going down the side as a cool design element. The sweater is casual enough for jeans but classy enough to dress up.

  33. I love this pattern!! The striping, length of sleeves, simplicity – it is a beautiful every day sweater. The colors are gorgeous too!!! What a wonderful variety of colors in the kits!!

  34. I love the colorway done in the example and the pattern looks like it will not be either too much of a challenge or too easy. Thank you to the generous donor. Good Luck to everyone!!

  35. What a wonderful, generous person to donate the kit to some lucky winner. Muana Kea is a stunning pattern and the kit will make it so easy to complete. I love the idea of paying it forward and a huge thank you to Anonymous for this opportunity.

  36. I favorited this pattern the moment I saw it – nice fit, very wearable, beautiful colors! I can’t join the KAL at the moment but will definitely make this someday, and someday would come a lot sooner if I were to win! Bless the *generous* soul who made this possible!

  37. This is such a beautiful sweater – the pattern, the yarn colors, a perfect match! I favorited the pattern right away, but can’t join the KAL at this time. I definitely plan to make this someday, and ‘someday’ would be sooner if I were to win! What a *generous* soul that offered this opportunity!!

  38. I love the simplicity of the pattern and the colourway (adding the “u” for you, Stephanie!). It is beautiful and I was unable to join in on the KAL and soooooooooooo appreciate getting a second chance to do this! Such a generous, anonymous donor! And in that spirit, I have shared this on Facebook, as well. Good luck to everyone!

  39. Love the story and that there are some people in our community who are just giving because they can and have a heart to do so.
    Thx for the chance to you and to your annonymous donor.
    This sweater is lovely with the defined sides following the torso shape. Love this and the blues it is shown in. Can wear with jeans, slacks or a skirt!

  40. I love everything about this sweater. The design is clean and stylish. The shaping details are quite interesting. It looks like a fairly easy knit with enough details to keep things interesting. Definitely a go to sweater.

  41. I love the sides and it just looks like it would have a great fit and would be comfortable to wear! How generous for someone to donate a kit for a giveaway! I hope I win…;)

  42. How thoughtful & generous! Thank you for the opportunity.

    I love the neckline, the design on the sides and the shaping.

  43. Your sweater pattern is the perfect mix of comfort and style for me, a stay at home mom, who needs practical as well as a chance to feel good when I look in the mirror! The fact that it would be filled with generous spirit from the donor….priceless!

  44. I love the design of the sweater coupled with the stripes!

    What a wonderful and thoughtful random act of kindness!

  45. I am a sucker for stripes, and I love the variety of stripes in this, but even better is the shaping detail down the sides. Great design!

  46. I love the colors, the stripes and the shape of the sweater.

    I am always amazed at the way a designer can come up with a new idea, you would think all the good ideas were taken by now.

    Good luck to everyone who enters!!

  47. The texture of this sweater is my favorite part – your mystery donor certainly has great taste, as well as a generous heart!

  48. I love the unusual neckline. I can’t wear anything that is tight against my neckline, so I normally have to wear V-Necks. This neck gives the look of a higher collar but still stands away from the neck. Perfect for people like me. The waist shaping is lovely as well.

  49. I love the simplicity if this design. I wear a lot of pullovers and the yarn and pattern combo just makes my heart sing. Thank you anonymous donor for your generosity!

  50. I love the waist shaping on the torso. The ribbing and the reverse stockinette give just the right touch of texture. What a wonderful giveaway!

  51. I love the shaping on the sides. Actually, I love the whole thing, just looks like a really comfy sweater.

  52. I love the 3/4 sleeves, perfect for our “winter” weather here in SoCal. Plus the side gusset is unusual. The colorway is lovely, reminds me of a stormy ocean, which would be perfect to wear while my husband is at sea on his next deployment!

  53. I love how the design of the sweater I’d the perfect complement to the yarn. This also looks like the perfect fall sweater!

  54. I admire the stylish simplicity of the sweater. It would be meditative to knit. And using the colorway Dark Skies, would feel like I was creating calm out of the chaos my life has been lately!

  55. I love the details on this sweater! It looks like a fun project to knit. And, the yarn, I know, is just scrumptious!!

  56. Love all the interesting details on this sweater. Simple clean lines. And, you gotta know that the yarn, is scrumptious!

  57. Such interesting construction and use of yarn! Looks like fun – so generous of the donor. Passing info onto knitting friends….

  58. What appeals to me most about the Mauna Kea sweater is that it looks enjoyable to knit. I haven’t had a lot of sweater successes, and I am working on a black one for my husband right now for his birthday. I am soooooo tired of black stockinette! This amazing sweater would revitalize my knitting mojo by providing a beautiful project to enjoy – varying stripes, interesting pattern, but not tooooooo difficult. And, not black 🙂

  59. I love this sweater! It’s just the kind of thing that I could wear all the time. And I love the stripes without the work of striping! It’s a beautiful pattern with a gorgeous yarn 🙂

  60. Moving more to knit thanks to an arm injury – crocheting is too painful – how wonderful to have such a beautiful kit as my first sweater!

  61. There’s not much that I don’t like! Not in any particular order: three-quarter-length sleeves, raglan sleeves, boat neck, juxtaposition of vertical and horizontal lines, waist shaping. Admittedly, it is for a younger person than I, but I could adapt it 😉

  62. I love the fact that the Mauna Kea Pattern has some interesting elements to knit while still being simple enough to allow the beauty of the stunning hand dyed colors to shine through. It is incredibly generous of someone to sponsor this giveaway. A big thank you to the donor.

  63. What a wonderful giveaway, thank you! I really think that this is a beautiful design, I love the neckline lots.

  64. I like the stripes I love the yarn I have used it many times and I love the designer Mel . What more can I say!

  65. What an amazing and generous thing this person did! I have been kicking myself for missing out. I love striping and color changes in knitting, and the shaping of this sweater is gorgeous. It’s definitely on my list whether I get a kit or not!

  66. Wow!! Many thanks to the sponsor for such a generous gift!
    What appeals most to me about the Mauna Kea pattern is the way the ombre kit is utilized in a completely unexpected and unique way to make those stripes. It is stunning!

  67. I love the shaping at the sides of this sweater. I am only a beginning knitter, and I have never made a sweater, but when I’m ready, it is this type of fit that I would look for.

  68. You had me at top down raglan! Perfect pattern for the yarn – I love the asymmetric nature of the stripes.

  69. I love the simicity of this pattern because the yarn makes this project. I also think the lines under the arms is slimming (and I’m all about things that make me look slimmer).

  70. I love that it is raglan and worked in the round! Also stripes looks fabulous on it! Thank you for the chance to win.
    My Ravelry name: Jessehelen

  71. What an amazing generous knitter.

    I’m really intrigued at the waist details and the ability to choose where to put the stripes

  72. Ribbed sleeves, great side detail, split hem … it’s all great. But as a guy, what I really like the adaptability of the sweater into a man’s garment, I’d just lengthen the sleeves. I also love the yarn – blue is my favorite color, and this a great colorway. Thanks our anonymous donor for a very generous giveaway and an inspiration to go out and do something nice for someone. KittenWhiplash on Rav.

  73. How wonderful! Yes, there is something about working with fiber that connects us. I have been and continue to be inspired by their love and generosity.

    NanaMamah on Rav

  74. I love that the selves match the side panel with ribbing… And the neckline on this sweater is just fantastic! It really is a gorgeous pattern with some gorgeous yarn!

  75. I really love everything about this sweater especially the color. I wear blue jeans a lot and this sweater is perfect to wear with them. I really like the way Mel used the ribbing for detail and the simplicity of the design is right up my alley. I have always preferred simplicity in clothing, it is so elegant.

    I wanted to order a kit so much but I have just gone back to work and didn’t have the extra money to do so right now. Oct 2 would be the earliest that I could order so I would really love to be the winner.

  76. I love they simple yet fashionable design. I could wear this with a flouncy skirt or dress pants or a pair of jeans and still look great.

  77. I love the simple lines of the sweater and the colorway is just so lovely and would go with so much in my wardrobe.

    Thank you anonymous donor and I will follow your good example of kindness in someway today. I know I should do it every day!

  78. This is so generous an offer! Thank you, mystery gifter! What I love most about the pattern is the ribbing on the sides.

  79. How sweet and generous of someone! I like the shaping around the hips. I also really like the yarn and the way it accentuates the model’s body. Thank you!

  80. This resemebles a sweater my late grandmother knit, years ago, but it doesn’t fit me. I learned to knit during the last years of her life as an homage to her and realized all the work that goes into even just a scarf. I’d love to share that story with others after investing the time to knit a whole sweater myself.

  81. I love the style of the sweater. It can be casual and also fit for work and I love the colour changes in the yarn.

  82. I love the look and feel of the sweater – it is simple and classic – the side panel design is like sprinkles on a cupcake – even better!

    What a generous person!

    I love pay-it-forwards and random acts of kindness! renews my faith in humanity!

  83. i think the combination of elbow length sleeves and the open, ribbed neckline is quite lovely! plus the way the ribbing in the body provides overall ease is a plus for all figures.

  84. I love the stripes but I keep getting drawn in by the ribbing, especially on the sides.
    Thank you to the generous donor of this kit. What an amazing gift to the lucky winner!

  85. I fell in love with this pattern the first time I saw it! I’ve always been amazed by the generosity of knitters, it’s often humbling.

  86. What is not to love about this sweater? The side shaping is gorgeous. The yarn and colorways are gorgeous. And on top of all that, it is striped. But, I think my favorite thing about this sweater is the generosity of a fellow knitter to inspire me to pay it forward. What a fantastic tangible reminder!

  87. I love the side seam treatment and the ribbed sleeves. The simplicity of the design really lets the yarn shine.

  88. I love the simplicity of the Mauna Kea design. But it has that little pizzazz from the yarn! This type of sweater design is absolutely the most versatile thing in a wardrobe.

  89. This sweater is fabulous with its styling and use of color! I’d want to wear it every day! Thank you so much for this opportunity and the generosity of the sponsor!

  90. I love the fitted waist and 3/4 length sleeves. Oh, and the stripes are wonderful, too! What a kind offer to donate a kit!

  91. I really love the details down the side of the sweater – all the way to little ‘snip’ at the bottom!

  92. How very generous! Thank you to you, anonymous yarn angel!!!

    This is a difficult question to answer. What DOESN’T appeal to me about this sweater? The yarn looks so cozy, the fit is flattering, the stripes give visual interest, but the stockinette and ribbing make it an easy enough knit that I won’t get frustrated or take forever to finish. And the 1/2 (or is it 3/4?) sleeves mean no worries about making sure the sleeve length is JUST RIGHT, or having to constantly push up the sleeves to get them out of the way of papers, cooking, etc. It’s a perfect sweater! I never win anything, but maybe this is my lucky chance…. Good luck to everyone who is entering this wonderful, generous give-away!

  93. This is a very lovely and useable sweater. I specially love the 3/4 sleves, the neckline and yes its a very appealing design

    Thank’s to sponsors for the change to win this one.

  94. Love the colors, very practical. And the randomness of the stripes. I bet it would knit up fast.

  95. I love the clean elegant lines of this pattern. It’s one that won’t date. The striping yarn makes it unusual and eye catching.
    Thank you to the very generous donor of this kit, it cannot fail to bring joy to whoever knits it.

  96. I love Mel’s patterns. I didn’t have the room in my budget to buy the kit. Whom ever bought the kit thank you

  97. This is truly fantastic! It makes me happy to see the kindness of others. My favorite thing about the sweater is the top down construction. Gotta love being able to get the length perfect on the sweater body!

  98. The serenity of the colors is what appeals to me most. There is something very soothing about the colors.

    Being on a limited income, I had to pass on this when it was available, but if I were lucky enough to win the kit, I’d knit the sweater, enjoying the yarn as I knit, then pass it forward to our local Hospice for someone who needs it to enjoy!

  99. There are still good people in the world!

    I love everything about this sweater: clean lines, ribbed detail, 3/4 sleeves… It’s beautiful!!

  100. This sweater is absolutely gorgeous and would have made the purchase if it was in my budget. Winning this kit would mean so much since it reminds me of beautiful serene ocean waves on the open water. Bravo to the individual that donated this kit. I will find something to pay it forward myself. Starting with the washcloths as mentioned in the post.

  101. The Mauna Kea sweater is beautiful – I really like the shaping and the ribbed 3/4 sleeves. Would look great on my daughter-in-law!

  102. What a nice gesture! Today I will share this on Facebook and do a random act of kindness later in the day somewhere.

  103. This is a really pretty sweater! I have never knit a grown up sweater but I think I may like to knit this one!

  104. I didn’t buy this at the time it was open because I wasn’t sure I had the time with Halloween costumes to knit and of course Christmas gifts. But once it closed I instantly regretted it.

    I really love the combination of the simple shaping with the stripes. Even in the neutral colors like Dark Skies, it just visually grabs you.

  105. This is a gorgeous knit. I love the fact that someone somewhere was so generous. I think that this kit will be knit with love, for both the giver and the person who receives it, who will surely pass on the good karma.

  106. I love the 3/4 sleeves! And I love the style of this sweater. I will be making for my daughter unless it fits me better……hmmmmm 🙂

  107. What a kind and generous offer! I want to thank the sponsor – whether I win or not, it is very kind.

    The think I love about this sweater is that it is both simple in style but has wonderful design details, particularly on the sides. The self striping yarn is an added plus!

  108. What’s not to love? Love the striping, the half length sleeves, the ribbing, the sweater length. I think I found something for my queue. 🙂

  109. When I see this sweater, I think of fantastic weekend relaxing getaway, where you look great of course. The blue is so calming. I am a fairly new knitter, only a year and I have completed socks, scarves, hats and gloves. A sweater is the next project I would like to take the challenge.

  110. I like the neckline, but I love the sleeve length and the shaping detail with the garter triangles at the waist/hips.

  111. I love the lines and shaping of this sweater, and would love the opportunity to work with this yarn.

  112. The shaping is so appealing with the detail work! I posted on Facebook to pass along the giveaway!

  113. Wow, that is incredibly generous! I love the faux seams on the sides of the sweater. It’s a subtle touch, but I’ve never seen the triangular expansion with the reverse stockinette at the side like that and I think it’s very flattering!

  114. Such a handsome sweater, lovely lines, and I love the sleeve length! Makes it wearable even in not-so-cold places (like my home!). It’s a very versatile color way, too. 🙂

  115. The Mauna Kea is simply lovely and doesn’t look like a hard pattern to knit. I would have bought a kit also if we hadn’t hand to spend so much on health care this year. 🙁 I think it would look stunning on my daughter… who is tall and willowy.

  116. I love this pattern. It has simple lines but with some interesting detail that make it special. Would love to knit the pattern in the yarn for which is was designed.

  117. I think the sweater would be flattering on a variety of body types. I love the look of the stripes on the ribbed sleeves. I missed out on the kit sale, so I’d love a chance to make this sweater.

  118. I love the shaping! I’ve only ever (successfully ) made one sweater for myself, and I would love to make this fun looking sweater to double my collection 🙂

  119. I love that it actually has a SLEEVE! I wear a lot of golf shirts, and the women’s ones have sadly had their sleeves transformed from a practical shirt to a cap-sleeved teen junions design. I’m past that.

    And I love the lines at the sides, that swoop in from the bottom.

  120. Wow, what generosity! That sweater designs seems so flattering, and the way the colours flow… *swoon*!

  121. What a great sweater made out of great yarn in great colors, for a great giveaway! Thanks for the opportunity, Steph and the anonymous generous knitter!!
    Debbie4 on Rav

  122. I like the fitted design and I am a sucker for striped and gradient designs. I was too late to get in on the kit when it ws available and would love a “second chance” by winning this kit!

  123. This is wonderful…and I think it does confirm that knitters and crocheters are kind. That washcloth story is the best. I think I’d live in the Mauna Kea sweater; I’d put it on every Saturday morning and not take it off all weekend. The colors, the strips, the style + it is in SpaceCadet yarn – it would just be great to win this. thanks so much to the generous giver.

    I’m a bit behind the times and not on Facebook or twitter, so I’ll gladly post the link on Ravelry! 🙂

  124. I would love to try to make a sweater and what better way than using a pattern that was a gift from someone!

  125. Looks like a sweater that could actually be worn here in Florida. Love the color choices…blue is my all time favorite! Thank you!

  126. What a lovely idea. The sweater is beautiful, starting with the shaping which is flattering and the colours which are like the sky. Pay it forward fellow knitters.

  127. I love the half sleeves, it’s my favorite part of what looks like a cozy sweater. Most sweaters have long sleeves and for fall and spring I find that’s too warm. Thank you generous knitter for this donation. My budget has been so tight lately I have had to skip a lot of my favorite yarny things. What a great way to pay it forward, so thank you again.

  128. Where do I start? I love the shaping, the ribbing, the various color combinations that Stephanie chose, Mel’s creative genius, the chill Hawaii factor… I really had wanted to buy the kit, but couldn’t afford it.

  129. Love the 3/4 sleeves, & side panel details, the neck shaping too … also the gradient or stripe possibility in fact not much that I don’t like about it actually. Gorgeous pattern made for gorgeous yarn 😀

  130. Love this sweater and was really bummed I miss the preorder. 3/4 sleeves and turtlenecks are just my thing so this pattern is perfect, kudos to Mel’s design!

  131. I love the classic lines of this sweater but jazzed up with the side ribbing. And I may be a little bit obsessed with the stripes.

  132. I love the style of this sweater. It is stylish with still maintaining modesty. I can easily see how this sweater would be a go to piece for the fall and winter season.

  133. What a wonderful thing to do!

    Greetings from Scotland 🙂 I love this sweater because the shadings and colours make me think of our wonderful landscapes!

  134. I love the blues and the way the sweater is shaped at the sides. It would be a joy to knit and to wear.

  135. I really love the exquisite ribbing details and the striping! Stunning sweater! I absolutely love it!

  136. Have been a fan of Space Cadet for years. This sweater is just another example of fabulousness!
    AND my favorite color is blue. win, win

  137. I love the color and the simple, classic style of Mauna Kea, but I think what I like the most is the irregular stripe pattern with the ombre color set. And it’s just so cool and touching that someone gave such a wonderful, generous gift!

  138. I love this sweater and I really wanted to buy a kit. I had not have the chance to do it. I love stripes and Mel did a wonderful job designing it. I love the details of the sides. The colour choice. Everything in this design is awesome. That is it 🙂 Good luck everybody!

  139. I love everything about this sweater! Love the beautiful shades of blue…it would be a joy to knit.

    JKnits51 on Ravelry

  140. I really love the neckline of the sweater and of course the beautiful striping of the yarn. The sweater pattern is flattering all around.

  141. I love the opposing lines, between the variegated and the ribbing,and how they are reaching for each other with the Mauna Kea. Simple and very nearly perfect!

  142. I absolutely love the color! And I’ve never made a sweater for myself, so I love that it represents the ability for me to try something new!

  143. There are so many things I love about this sweater! The name, the stripes, the ribbing… And what great, classic lines! I know I’d wear it all the time!

  144. I think what really blows me away with Mauna Kea is the versatility! No matter what yarn it is paired with, you can tell by the pattern it will be stunning. Not only that, but it’s designed in a way that makes it a timeless knit, something you can treasure for years without looking back and regretting your fashion choices.

  145. If I didn’t have so many p r objects going for Xmas I would have bought the kit. Will buy after first of year when I have more time. I really liked the look and the striping colors.

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