Sneak Peek: the Latest Yarn Alliance Parcel

A couple of weeks ago, we sent out the final parcel of the last Yarn Alliance subscription period, and I was so excited about this colourway that I just have to share it with you!!!  The inspiration struck me like lightening, and I knew not only the colours to dye, but also the perfect yarn to put them on.

(Spoiler Alert! If you are a Yarn Alliance member* and you haven’t yet received your parcel, look away now if you don’t want to ruin the surprise! In fact, here’s a neutral image to act as a buffer…)

Yarn Alliance packing day!

Ok, you still with me?  Great! Let me introduce you to…

Storm Clouds, the Yarn Alliance Colourway for Sept 2014

There may be no relief so welcome as that of a thunderstorm that rolls in, fresh and forceful, to push away the heavy heat of summer and replace it with that delightfully cool that always carries the delicious smell of wet earth. Inspired by turbulent summer weather, Storm Clouds captures the majesty of the storm as the clouds move in fast, tumbling over one another – gray and blue and tinged with purple — and the light behind making them almost glow.

But how to capture that amazing glow? I realised it would come from the yarn itself – from Maia, the SpaceCadet’s new 80% bamboo, 20% superwash merino yarn — and from the way the light seems to almost float around and through that glorious sheen.

Storm Clouds

Do you love it as much as I do?  I was over the moon with the result — exactly what I’d hoped for.  Now I just have to see if I can snag a skein for myself before all the extra skeins are sold out!  Mmmmm…   what to make?  What to make?


The Yarn Alliance closes TONIGHT

We’ve got a few spaces left in the SpaceCadet’s InterStellar Yarn Alliance, but the subscription period closes tonight at midnight PST.  We have a ton of fun in this club so if you’ve been thinking about joining but haven’t reserved your spot yet, click here and grab it quick!

The SpaceCadet's InterStellar Yarn Alliance closes for subscriptions tonight 580

And don’t forget the Mauna Kea Giveaway!

Thanks to the incredible generosity of a member of the SpaceCadet community (who purchased a Mauna Kea kit specifically for us to give away!), you’ve got an awesome chance to win your spot in the Mauna Kea Knit-Together.

To enter, simply click here and leave a comment on last Friday’s post, telling us what you like best about the Mauna Kea design.  Entries close on Thursday, and we’ll announce the winner here on the blog.


It's a Mauna Kea giveaway, from SpaceCadet yarn! 2

And then once you’ve done that, won’t you please pay it forward by sharing this giveaway on social media?  When one of our community has been this incredibly generous, I think the best way we can show gratitude and share the love is to spread that generosity as far and wide as possible.  Don’t you agree?

Share it!

For Twitter: Woot! The SpaceCadet is giving away a Mauna Kea kit! Click for your chance to win: #MaunaKeaGiveaway

For Facebook: Woot! The SpaceCadet is giving away a Mauna Kea kit! Click for your chance to win: #MaunaKeaGiveaway

For Ravelry: The SpaceCadet is giving away a Mauna Kea kit! Click here to enter:

 It's a Mauna Kea giveaway, from SpaceCadet yarn! 1

*This can be confusing, I know, so just to clarify: this yarn shown here was the last yarn for existing members of the Yarn Alliance, before the current subscription period opened on Sept 9.  If you have just joined (between Sept 9-22), your first parcel will be in November — and while it won’t be this colourway, I promise, it’ll be seriously awesome too!

Giveaway: the Generosity of Knitters & Crocheters

It is a fairly commonly held belief that knitters and crocheters are just really “nice” people.  But I have to admit that, when I hear that, I sometimes find myself cringing a bit.  It seems too simplistic, too stereotyped.  I mean, it’s also a commonly held belief that we’re all little old grannies who knit or crochet because we’ve got nothing better to do — and we all know that’s not true!  So when I hear about this fabled “niceness” of knitters and crocheters, it often feels just as cliched.

Why I Knit -- SpaceCadet Creations

But while I hate the stereotype, I do have faith in the people.  The truth is that knitters and crocheters are simply people, with good days and bad, good points and bad — no different to any other people.  The stereotype is built on silly assumptions, but the truth comes from what they do.  When knitters and crocheters are nice, by gum, they really are nice.   So nice that I find myself taken aback…

#SimplyShare with Mel

Mel from the With Mel podcast

My friend Mel, of the With Mel podcast and the designer of the Mauna Kea sweater, blogged this week about a wonderful way for knitters and crocheters to share a little kindness with someone in need.  Here’s what she says,

“A Medical Team dedicated to helping local community centers in Haiti will be leaving my hometown in a few weeks. They sent out a request for washcloths: “You can grab an old towel and cut it in to small squares for washcloths” it was said. My heart hurt at this request. My community of knitting friends and I can make a washcloth, a clean, fresh washcloth and share something much, much better…”

Each person who comes into the clinic in Haiti can receive a hygiene package, containing soap, shampoo, toothbrush and toothpaste, and a washcloth.  Basic hygiene is so important in areas that are recovering from major disasters, but can we take an opportunity to make this something more than simply basic?

“…I am not saying an old towel ripped up wouldn’t serve a purpose. What I am saying is: I do not want an old towel to take an opportunity away from me to do something kind!…  So please consider the simple washcloth. A square. Knit it in garter with two strands of sturdy cotton held together and you can have it done over a cup of coffee…”

And here is where my faith comes into play.  I know that Mel’s viewers and followers will come through.  I know they will respond from the heart, grab their needles and whip out simple washcloths to send to people who are in need not only of hygiene kits, but perhaps of that personal touch as well.  Want to be a part of it? Click here for all the details.


A Mauna Kea Giveaway!

And here is something that I didn’t expect but that has only served to increase my faith in our community.   Just before the Mauna Kea kits closed earlier this week, an order came in with a note that read, “I just can’t resist [this], but this kit is not for me.  I’d like to sponsor an anonymous giveaway.”

You could have knocked me over with a feather.

How amazing is that?!?  One of your fellow fiber-lovers has been so generous as to buy a Mauna Kea kit simply to give away just so someone else can enjoy the fun on making it!  Here it is, proof positive that when knitters and crocheters are nice, they are really really nice.

It's a Mauna Kea giveaway, from SpaceCadet yarn! 1

So, if you missed out on a Mauna Kea kit, here is your chance to join in on the fun!  You’ll get five skeins of SpaceCadet yarn in the Dark Skies ombre colourway, the Mauna Kea pattern, and membership in the Mauna Kea Knit-Together, with access to an exclusive site with great community support, tutorials, and on-site helps.  How awesome is that?!?

Entering is easy!

Simply leave a comment here on the blog post and tell me what most appeals to you about the Mauna Kea pattern (see official rules below).

And then, please take the opportunity to pay it forward by sharing this giveaway with your knitting friends on Twitter, Facebook, and Ravelry.  I’m not getting anything out of it, the kit sales are already closed — but when one of our community has been this incredibly generous, I think the best way we can show gratitude and share the love is to spread that generosity as far and wide as possible.  Don’t you agree?

Share it!

For Twitter: Woot! The SpaceCadet is giving away a Mauna Kea kit! Click for your chance to win: #MaunaKeaGiveaway

For Facebook: Woot! The SpaceCadet is giving away a Mauna Kea kit! Click for your chance to win: #MaunaKeaGiveaway

For Ravelry: The SpaceCadet is giving away a Mauna Kea kit! Click here to enter:

It's a Mauna Kea giveaway, from SpaceCadet yarn! 2

Yarn Alliance Closes on Monday

Don’t forget, the Yarn Alliance closes to subscriptions this Monday, Sept 22. If you haven’t got your spot, grab it now!

The SpaceCadet's InterStellar Yarn Alliance yarn club, open Sept 9-22 only

There’s always small print — official rules: NO PURCHASE NECESSARY. Open to entrants worldwide, age 5 or older. Void where prohibited. Odds of winning depend on number of entries received. Sweepstakes ends 11:59 p.m. EST on September 25, 2014. Official entry is made by commenting on the SpaceCadet blog post titled “Giveaway: the Generosity of Knitters & Crocheters” . Alternative entry method: send a postcard by September 25 2014, containing full name, address, and email address, with the words “Mauna Kea Giveaway”, to: SpaceCadet, PO Box 113312, Pittsburgh PA 15241.  Limit one entry per person. One prize, consisting of one (1) Mauna Kea kit in Dark Skies, valued at $135. Total prize value: $135. Winner will be selected by random drawing. Prize cannot be redeemed for cash. Prize cannot be substituted. Employees and family of employees of SpaceCadet Inc are ineligible. A list of winners will be available on the SpaceCadet blog on or after September 26, 2014.  Sponsored by SpaceCadet Inc, PO Box 113312, Pittsburgh PA 15241.  For full official rules, go to

Variegated Yarns: Fabulous Resources for Pattern Ideas

This weekend, I’ll be doing a trunk show at KNOTS in Chardon Ohio and, along with a huge pile of yarn, Mini-Skeins, and Ombre Kits, I’ll also be taking a stash of some really amazing one-of-a-kind colourways.  They are the result of several weeks of pure colour-play, experimenting with the dyes and seeing what happens when I just follow where the colour takes me.  Some are moody, some are intense, some are wild — all  of them are stunning.

One of a Kind yarn from SpaceCadet

But when I take yarns like this to shows — yarns that resulted organically rather than by careful design — I always find a few customers who pick them up and are completely stumped.  They turn the yarn over in their hands and, especially if it’s highly variegated, look at it in frustration and say, “But what would I make with it?”

The key to using a wildly multicoloured skein is to find a pattern that manipulates the yarn to use those colour shifts to their best advantage.  Sometimes a colourway is so beautiful that straight stockinette can do that, but more often, a pattern that uses slipped stitches, dropped stitches, or other techniques that move the colour vertically as well as horizontally will create amazing results.  And multicolour yarns also really shine paired with a semi-solid yarn in a pattern that alternates between the two.

Fabulous Pattern Idea Resources for Wildly Variegated Yarns, from SpaceCadet

We are such a fans of variegated yarns here at SpaceCadet, and of all the possibilities they hold (so many awesome possibilities!), that we decided to create two wonderful resources for our customers who need inspiration for those amazing multicoloured yarns they’ve just fallen in love with.

The SpaceCadet Variegated Yarn Project Ideas Board on Pinterest

We’ve curated a wonderful collection of variegate pattern ideas to wander through.  The idea here is not so much to choose a pattern (although you might find the perfect one — just click on the pattern’s image to find it on Ravelry) as to immerse yourself in possibilities.  Scroll through interesting stitch patterns, new techniques, and innovative ideas that you can try with that beautiful new colourway you’ve bought.  Here, why not grab a nice cup of tea and click here to wander through it yourself?

The Variegated Yarn Pattern Suggestions Thread on Ravelry

What’s better than a Pinterest board full of stunning project images?  A collection of pattern ideas that YOU can help create!  Our Variegated Yarn Pattern Suggestions thread on Ravelry is put together by our fans and customers — people who love SpaceCadet yarn and know what works beautifully with it.

The ideas our group shares are fantastic and the rules are simple: (1) every pattern suggestion has to include an image and (2) chatting is encouraged but when you post a reply to the thread, you have to include a new pattern and image as well.  The result?  A fun, interactive lookbook of variegated project ideas.  Click here and come join in!

The SpaceCadet's Variegated Yarn Pattern Suggestion Thread on Ravelry

Last Few Days to Order a Mauna Kea Kit!

Don’t forget this weekend is your last chance to order a Mauna Kea Kit and get in on the KnitTogether fun!  Worked in either stripes or a gradient fade, Mauna Kea features raglan shaping, 3/4 sleeves, and incredibly flattering rib detailing down each side.

The KnitTogether starts Oct 31st, and orders close on Monday Sept 15.  Click here to grab your kit!

Mauna Kea Kits from SpaceCadet

The SpaceCadet's InterStellar Yarn Alliance yarn club, open Sept 9-22 only

Mauna Kea: Pattern, Kits, & Knit-Together

Sometimes I find it hard to wait. When I think of an exciting new idea, I want to dive into it right NOW (hence my stash of 15 million started-but-never-finished knitting projects).  When my friend Mel (of the With Mel podcast, formerly Singlehanded Knits) showed me her design ideas for the gorgeous Mauna Kea, I was dying to share it with you guys, but the timing wasn’t right.  Do you have any idea how hard it was to keep quiet about such a stunning pattern?!?  It was SO hard!

But some things are worth waiting for.  Take a look at this…

Mauna Kea by Mel of the With Mel podcast, knit in SpaceCadet Lyra yarn

Knit top down with raglan shaping, Mauna Kea features laid-back styling and ribbed 3/4 sleeves. But my favourite thing is the shape, created by some incredibly flattering rib detailing down each side.

Choose to make it in stripes using a SpaceCadet Ombre Kit (as shown here) for a sublime monochrome effect.  Or pick a Gradient Kit for eye-catching stripes with real impact!  And if stripes aren’t your thing?  Skip them, and use any of the Ombre & Gradient Kits in order to create a sweater with colours that gently morph from top to bottom.

Mauna Kea by Mel of the With Mel podcast, knit in SpaceCadet Lyra yarn

The Mauna Kea Knit-Together!

What’s even better than a fabulous new pattern?  A Mauna Kea Knit-Together!  Join Mel for a lively and fun knit-together from Oct 31 to Dec 5.  There will be a support forum on Ravelry, video help for knitters, and lots of great camaraderie!

Important: The Mauna Kea Kits listed here are available for pre-order and will be dyed once the orders close on Sept 15.  Delivery will be in mid-October, in plenty of time for the Knit-Together cast on day.

Mauna Kea by Mel of the With Mel podcast, knit in SpaceCadet Lyra yarn


You can see why I was struggling to keep it a secret, right?  It’s one of those designs that make you just itch to get started!

Kits are available until Sept 15th only — click here to order yours!

SpaceCadet Mauna Kea Kit in South China Sea

 All the Important Details

The Yarn

Lyra is a beautifully spoingy yarn that’s a joy to use, with a cabled 8-ply construction gives it strength and durability.

Fiber Content:100% Superwash Merino; 8-ply
Weight: Each skein is approximately 3.5oz/100g, and the yarn contains approximately 270 yards per 100g

The Kits

Each kit includes five skeins of Lyra and a download code for a FREE copy of the Mauna Kea pattern (the code arrives in the parcel with your yarn).

A lively knit together begins on Halloween for Mauna Kea, with a support forum and video helps for knitters!

SpaceCadet Mauna Kea Kit in Fervent

The Colourways

There are five colourways available:

  • Dark Skies Ombre — grays to create the perfect monochrome effect
  • South China Seas Ombre — sublime blues for the ultimate in laid-back casual
  • Gobsmack Ombre — from deep purple to the softest lilac
  • Fervent Start-Anywhere Gradient — this gradient morphs from deep gray > rich eggplant > stunning fuscia > bright orange > brick red > back to gray. Designed so you can Start Anywhere, it works perfectly as either a gradient or for stripes.
  • Zing Gradient Ombre — this gradient morphs from dark gray > vibrant purple > cobalt blue > zesty lime > back to gray. Designed so you can Start Anywhere, it works perfectly as either a gradient or for stripes.

SpaceCadet Mauna Kea Gradient Kit in Zing!


For striping sweaters:

For sizes S/M/L: use 1 kit
For sizes XL/XXL: use 2 kits (due to the way the stripes use the colours)

For ombre/gradient fading sweaters:

For all sizes: use 1 kit


Kits will be dyed after the ordering period closes on Sept 15 and parcels will be sent out mid-October, in plenty of time for the Knit-Together cast on date of Oct 31.

Ready to join in?  Click here to get your Mauna Kea kit!

SpaceCadet Mauna Kea kit in Gobsmack