Coming to a LYS Near You…

When we did our first show earlier this year, the Pittsburgh Knit and Crochet Festival, I wasn’t sure whether I’d enjoy it or not.  I mean, I’d never done one before and, to be honest, it was a pretty daunting prospect to meet so many people like that, to put my yarns and colourways out there for them to love or to… walk away from.  I was nervous.

I was also being silly, as it turns out.  We had a BLAST at Pittsburgh Knit and Crochet!  And then again, at HomeSpun Yarn Party — sooooo much fun!  I had no idea how exhilarating it would be to finally get to meet so many customers in person, to get that feedback, to make those connections.  Just wonderful!

Wholesale?  Well, um…

And an even bigger surprise was the requests we got from LYSs for our wholesale information.  What a compliment!  But, sadly, we were so swamped at the time with the shows and custom requests and the launch of the InterStellar Yarn Alliance that we had to say we didn’t have any ready and we’d get it to them as soon we could…

Does it sound like a brush-off?  It wasn’t, honest!  We really were that busy!

But the shows are done (for now) and the Yarn Alliance has launched with the first parcels already sent out… and that means we’ve had a little time to catch our breath and put together a wholesale information packet.  I’ll be sending those out Friday to everyone who enquired about them

Wholesale? Heck yeah!

So you know what that means, right?  It means there’s a chance that SpaceCadet Creations yarns will be coming to an LYS near you, so you can do more than just look at pretty pictures and wonder if it’s the right yarn for you…  You can pick it up and pet it and squish it and snorgle it!  And believe me, it is sooooo much better in person than it is in the pictures!

And if any other LYSs are interested in carrying SpaceCadet yarns, please do pop over to the Wholesale page and let us know!