Shop Update: Nobody Likes Green… or Blue?

You know…  I may be asking for trouble, because nobody likes green, and I’ve dyed four new greens and gone and stuck them in the shop…

Clockwise from top left: Celeste fingering weight yarn in Bluegrass,

Mermaid’s Tail, Steel Leaf, and Nobody Likes Green


Wait…!  You’re confused?  Nobody likes green? Well, that comes from a story that a friend of mine tells, of a time when she popped into her local yarn shop to buy some green yarn to knit a gift for a friend.  But she couldn’t find any green yarn — not any — so she asked where it was.  And the reply came without a moment’s pause,  “We don’t sell green because nobody likes green.

Every time I dye green, I feel like such a rebel.  Or… wait!  Does dyeing green make me a nobody?  It’s so confusing!


And, just in case it’s true and, really, nobody likes green, I dyed some blues too.  Because everybody loves blue…  don’t they?

Clockwise from top left: Celeste fingering weight yarn in Faded,

Gloomy Sky, Blue Horse, and Sing the Blues

5 thoughts on “Shop Update: Nobody Likes Green… or Blue?

  1. Umm, OK, I love all of those. I may have to steal hubby’s cc to get a hold of Steel Leaf and Gloomy Sky 🙂

  2. Hello! I like greens! But I love blues! You have made wonderful yarns! Thanks for a lovely moment!
    Best wishes Teje
    Ps. It’s sure next time I go to by green I remember ‘nobody likes green’!

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