Shop Update: Yarns for a Sleepy Dyer

Sleep, as it turns out, is not optional.  For over a week, I’ve been trying to knock this bug from TNNA on its head.  For ten whole days.  And the bug is beating me because it’s figured out my weakness: I need sleep.

I cannot sleep when I am coughing.  And I am coughing pretty solidly from about 11pm to 4am, when I finally slip into a slumber from nothing more than sheer exhaustion.  But until then,I lie in bed and keep very very still and breathe very very slowly, just willing this cough into submission long enough for me to sleep.  It doesn’t work.

And so, the past ten days have felt like a total loss to me.  Almost nothing done, almost nothing achieved.  *sigh…*  All I want in my bed, and that lovely, dreamy, delicious feeling of just slipping under the surface of sleep…


Is it any wonder that the yarns I’ve put in the shop today are all of the softest, gentlest colours?  Cool blues and sleepy greys that make me think of an inviting bed, of  soft, dreamy light falling through sheer white curtains…

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From left: Estelle fingering weight yarn in Translucence, Goodbye Blue Sky, a Dept of Rocket Science colourway, and Translucence.


KnitCircus Pattern Collection Giveaway

But there’s something far more exciting for the rest of you than going to sleep.   Today is the day that I draw the three winners of the KnitCircus Summer 2011 Pattern Collections!    First, a huge thank you to everyone who participated — I really enjoyed reading your comments and find out your favourite patterns and articles.

And now, the winners are…


Dawn Hays


Congratulations!  You’ve won the complete Pattern Collection from the Summer 2011 issue of KnitCircus!

Please email me at spacecadetcreations (at) gmail (dot) com with your email address (and remind me of your Ravelry name), and I’ll pass your details onto Jaala Spiro at KnitCircus so she can send you the collection.  Enjoy!

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