Pattern Roll Call: Win Two Gorgeous Shawl Patterns!

The weather has changed and, while the days are quickly becoming unbearably hot, the evenings are suddenly sublime — soft and warm and silken.  And of course, it is the perfect time to knit.

And I know that last bit won’t make sense to the rest of the world, but you and I both know that summer just begs for luscious yarns, delicate lace, and lovely light shawls that wrap gently around bare shoulders.  Oh yes, summer is perfect for knitting.

But I know lacework is not for everyone.  So check out the Make It Work! shawl by Leslie Thompson (you know her, she’s one of the KnitGirllls from the Knit Girllls podcast!).  What caught my eye first was the beautiful edge shaping — I think looks just like waves washing onto the shore — and then I spotted that it’s got enough short-row shaping and simple lacework to keep you interested without becoming too intimidating.  I love this shawl!

knitting pattern, shawl, knitting, yarn
Images © Leslie Thompson, used with permission

The pattern comes with instructions knitting it in fingering, sport, and worsted weight yarns, and even includes a video to explain the process of short-row shaping and how to pick up wraps invisibly.  With its lovely stockinette crescent, I think it would look amazing in yarn with a bit of sheen to pick up the summer sun, such as SpaceCadet Fingering Yarn in Bamboo, Superwash Merino, and Nylon, in Pink Sun (below left) or SpaceCadet Fingering Yarn in Superwash BFL and Silk, in Plumberry (below right).

yarn, silk, bamboo, knitting, indie dyer, hand-dyed


But if lace is your thing, prepare to fall in love…  This is Adoro, a gorgeous all-over lace shawl from Ruth Garcia-Alcantud.  I love the delicate edging and the beading detail is just beautiful.  This shawl just oozes starlit nights and warm breezes…

lace, knitting, pattern, yarn, shawl
Images © Ruth Garcia-Alcantud, used with permission

The pattern comes with instructions for both laceweight and fingering yarn.  And even though it is simply amazing in that stunning deep red, I’d love to see how delicate it would look in an ethereal colourway such as SpaceCadet’s Luna LaceWeight Yarn in Silk and Merino, in Covetous (below left) or in Translucence (below right).

yarn, lace, knitting, silk, hand-dyed, handdyed, indie dyer


Hey Cool!  Win Both Patterns!

And here’s the best bit…  Leslie and Ruth have very generously offered to give a copy of Make It Work! and Adoro to one lucky winner!  To enter all you have to do is retweet this tweet:

“GIVEAWAY! I’ve just entered to win two shawl patterns from @rockandpurl @theknitgirllls and @spacecadetcreat #RPKGllls”

And then just leave a comment here telling me you’ve done it.

I’ll draw a random winner from all the commenters next Monday or Tuesday, and then let you all know who’s won here on the blog.  So come on in — the summer is warm and the knitting is gorgeous!


The details (they’re eeeeeasy!): Sweepstakes opens when this blog post is published and closes on Sun June 5 2011 at 11.59pm EDT and all entries must be made before the close. All entrants will be verified and must retweet the tweet specified in the above blog post and then leave a comment to that effect on this blog post to qualify, and comments must include the commenter’s Twitter name. Invalid entries will be disqualified. Winner will be announced on this blog within 72 hours of sweepstakes close and must respond within 72 hours or we reserve the right to choose another winner. No purchase necessary. Only one entry per person.  SpaceCadet Creations reserves the right to substitute prizes. Prizes cannot be redeemed for cash. See, that wasn’t too bad, was it?

Delighted to Announce…

I was so excited when Sharon Silverman, crochet designer and author of Tunisian Crochet: The Look of Knitting with the Ease of Crocheting, asked if she could use my Luna Laceweight yarn in a new design.   And I was delighted to dye a brand-new colourway for her to work with.

And now, I am absolutely thrilled to present her stunning Moonmist Shawl and the yarn I’ve created for it, Luna Laceweight in Evening Fog.

© Sharon Silverman, Used with Permission

The Moonmist Shawl pattern is worked out from the center back in one direction and then the other, to create a delicate piece of lacework so light that it fairly floats across the shoulders.

When she first described to me the design she had in mind, I saw it draped delicately over a beautiful evening gown.  I imagined holiday parties, sparkling lights, glasses of champagne…  I wanted to create a colourway as ethereal as the Moonmist Shawl itself…

Luna Laceweight in Evening Fog

As day slips away and the light grows soft, the Evening Fog rises up out of nowhere and gently transforms the world with a veil of translucent blue-grey.

This is over 100g of wonderfully smooshy Luna Lace Weight yarn, a 2-ply blend of Silk and superfine Merino wool that is amazingly light and soft to the touch. Where there are multiple skeins pictured, each is sold separately.

Fiber Content: 20% Silk, 80% Merino Wool
Weight: Approximately 3.6oz / 100g (approximately 1300 yards per 100g)
Colourway: Evening Fog
Care Instructions for the final item: Hand wash in tepid water, Lay flat to dry.

Each item is individually hand-dyed by the SpaceCadet, using professional grade acid dyes which are mixed by hand from primaries. Please be sure to buy enough for your project as the colours may not be able to be reproduced exactly.
SpaceCadet Creations is a smoke-free, pet-free environment.
Please remember that the colours in pictures may vary depending on your computer monitor. The colours in the photos are as accurate as possible.

Scenes from a Fiber Life: Laceweight NeverEnding

With great beauty comes… great danger? Great sacrifice?  We all know that laceweight yarns are beautiful — there’s something inherent in its delicacy, and the luxury of its fibers, and the way it soaks up colour.  Laceweight is beautiful.

And dangerous, as I recently found out.  But sacrifice?  The beauty of laceweight requires sacrifice?  Not for you, dear readers, but it does for me.  Let’s talk about my arms.

My arms are going to fall off.  They ache, they’re sore.  And as much as my eyes love laceweight, my arms hate it.  At 1300 wonderful, delicate, luxurious yards per 100g, it takes a loooooong time to reskein.  I have to sit and turn that skein winder round and round and round and round…

When the dyed skein goes on the swift, it really doesn’t look much different from any other skein.  My arms are blissfully ignorant of what’s about to happen.



But after a few minutes of winding, when my arm is expecting the job to be half done, I look and find there’s only wee bit of yarn on the skein winder…


And so I keep winding.  Round and round and round and round…


And after what seems like forever, I look up and…

.the swift looks as full as it ever was!  HOW can that be?!?

My arms are not happy with me.  My arms are burning and fed up and ready to quit.  It takes some convincing to get them to keep going.


But after a long, long time, the skein winder starts to look lovely and full like this…


And the swift finally starts to look a bit emptier…!


And then just as my arms get to the point where they are ready to fall right off, we reach the end.


And then it’s done.  And it’s gorgeous.  And I hold the finished skein in my hand and look at how all the colours blend together gently and I am in love!  Laceweight is worth it, I tell myself.


Until I lay that skein aside, and pick up the next one and start to arrange it on the swift and my arms realise what’s happening… and they don’t like it.  They don’t like it one bit.