“Just Be Creative!”

Custom orders can be exciting… and daunting.  Dyeing can be an unpredictable process — the slightest change in acidity, temperature, or concentration can create really noticeable colour changes from one dyelot to another.  And it’s just the way life works that those unpredictable changes will always occur on that special order where the customer has a really specific result in mind!

So when a customer contacted me the other week and asked me to dye three custom orders for a birthday celebration for three knitting friends, I had a slight moment of trepidation.   But when I asked her what she had in mind, she put back at my ease: “Just be creative!” she replied.  That I can do!

The birthday girls’ favourite colours are red, purple, and green, and I spent all week letting my imagination run wild on that theme.  I wanted to do a few different colourways of each, and then her choose whatever yarns she liked best.

It wasn’t an easy choice.  Here’s what she picked…


Kristen’s HeartBeat


Jill’s Storm


Natalie’s Steel Leaf


I was having so much fun dyeing and just letting my creativity run free that I rather let it run away with me, and I now have quite a stash of exciting new yarns to put in the shop.  Look for them to start appearing Monday or Tuesday of next week!

5 thoughts on ““Just Be Creative!”

  1. I’m nearly halfway through my sweater with the Heartbeat and it is really lovely. Started out at the bottom with large areas of pooling, then as I decreased for waist shaping it has become really stripey (which I love). I can’t wait to see how the top of the sweater turns out! 🙂

  2. Love all of them! And that big pile on the bottom, I could just dive into it. So glad you had free range to have the opportunity to play and that the ladies were so happy with what they received.

  3. Heartbeat is a perfect name for the first yarn – what beautiful colors. They’re all gorgeous! You’re very talented and creative!

  4. The Birthday Girls couldn’t be happier! Thanks so much for making their celebration so colorful. You did an amazing job. I think we’ve started a trend.

  5. I’ve heard it said that the worst thing about being a small business owner is the customers, and that is also the best thing. How marvelous to have customers with such faith in you and your abilities. The yarns are gorgeous and I’m still in love with the blues, purples and that shot of bright yellow. I can’t get it out of my head!

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