1.. 2… 3… Wait, 1.. 2…

Counting from one to five shouldn’t be tough, but this month I totally stumped my assistants Jade and Amy, and had them counting…  and then recounting…  and then starting over again.

They were bundling the June Mini-Skeins and, for the Ombre & Gradient Mix, the rule usually is that the most intense skein is number one, working to the gentlest skein at number five.  Easy, right?  But this month, I did something a little different.

But first, let me show you the Multicolour Mix.  June always feels like such a bright, clear month — no snow, bright skies, blazing sun — that it felt right to dye clean, clear, happy colourways.  Don’t they make you smile?

The SpaceCadet's Mini-Skein Club, Multicolour Mix, June 2014

Now, which of these do you think I should do as Limited Editions?  The pink and green?  That happy yellow with pops of peach and green? Leave a comment and tell me which ones are calling your name!

But it was the Mini-Skein Club Ombre & Gradient Mix that was giving the SpaceCadet assistants pause…   You see, most months, the Mini-Skeins have a definite start and a definite end, and Amy and Jade know exactly where to start.

But this month, I did something a bit different.  I dyed five skeins that formed a complete circle, and all blended into each other.  So, instead of starting a project at Skein 1 and working through to Skein 5, you could start a project anywhere in the set, and the skeins will still all work together.

The Start-Anywhere Gradient Mix, from the SpaceCadet's Mini-Skein Club, June 2014

Fancy that gorgeous Skein 3?  Start there!  It will blend into Skein 4, which blends into Skein 5, which blends into…  and here’s the trick… Skein 5 blends neatly back into Skein 1.  So you can start anywhere and still work your way right through the full bundle, creating a beautiful gradient effect no matter where you choose to begin.

Such a simple change, and yet it has a really big impact on your project.  And I am so chuffed with the result!  Don’t you just love it?  So tell me, which skein would you start with?

The SpaceCadet's Mini-Skein Club, Ombre & Gradient Mix, June 2014

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