Last Day to Join the InterStellar Yarn Alliance!

Sunday was the HomeSpun Yarn Party and we had a FABULOUS time!!!!  Thank you to everyone who came out to Savage Mill — it was great to meet you all, and to talk about yarns and fibery things.  You guys made it so much fun!

And SpaceCadet yarn was popular too.  The booth was packed for most of the day…

spacecadet, space cadet, yarn, sock yarn, knitting, hand dyed
The booth was packed!


We really didn’t expect to be so mobbed — at times the line seemed to extend right out of the booth space itself!

hsyp, spacecadet, space cadet, yarn, sock yarn, knitting
The line!

.And it’s wonderful to get that kind of support, but we were very sorry that our customers had to stand in line so long to buy our yarn.  So, we’ve all talked it through and come up with a couple of ideas that should make everything a bit faster and easier for our customers next year.


Speaking of fast…  The opening time for subscriptions to the SpaceCadet’s yarn club has flown by:  Today is the last day to sign up for the InterStellar Yarn Alliance!!! If you’ve been thinking about it, wanting to do it….  but haven’t made it happen yet, sign up TODAY!  You can click here to read all the details of the club, or click here to go straight to the shop and sign up.   Come on!  We’d love to have you join us!


And finally, we’ve been busy this week getting things organised and getting yarns back in the shop.  There are some in there now, but lots and lots more to go in over the next few days — and lots of new colourways.  Keep your eyes open for them!

(And, just between you and me, if you liked Beguile and Sugared Violets — the chocolate-and-pink and chocolate-and-purple yarns that sold out at Pittsburgh Knit&Crochet — make sure you keep checking in!)

Emptying the Shop!

Don’t panic!  There’s a good reason to empty the shop and it’s only temporary.  More on that further down.  But first, we head out this weekend to Savage, Maryland to be part of the HomeSpun Yarn Party on Sunday, and this place is a flurry of activity getting last-minute prep done.  And I know I mentioned in my last post what a busy time it’s been around here, but I did I forget to mention what an exciting time it’s been?  I think I did..

Profiled on the HomeSpun Yarn Party website

Exciting is not just because of all the prep Homespun, but also because HomeSpun Yarn Party did a feature post about SpaceCadet Creations on their website.  It was such a rush to see our name and our yarns up there with all the other fantastic indie dyers and spinners who go to HomeSpun!

HSYP, homespun, knitting, hand-dyed, indie dyer, yarn


Interviewed on Falling Stitches

And, to add exciting on top of exciting, the designer Ariane Caron-Lacote interviewed me on her blog, Falling Stitches.  I’ve been a fan of her designs for a while, and I was so delighted that she asked me to be interviewed.  Pop over and have a read and, while you’re at it, check out her designs (including my favourite, Dalia).

falling stitches, knitting, yarn, dyer, knit design


Emptying the Shop

I will remove most of the yarns and fiber from the shop while we’re at Homespun (to ensure that we don’t inadvertently sell any of the same yarns twice!), but I will get everything back in again as quickly as possible.  I will probably take the stock out on Saturday night, and then you can look for the shop to be fully stocked again sometime between Sunday night and Tuesday morning.  If there’s something in the shop right now that you really love, grab it now!

And, of course, I will keep the subscription buttons for the InterStellar Yarn Alliance live, so that you join and become a member any time you like!  Remember, there’s less than a week left to sign up for the Yarn Alliance — subscriptions close March 31, 2011!